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Why buy herablife products and get involved in our business opportunity?

Well, the fact that you are at this site tells me you have an interest in nutrition. The Herbalife brand has been around since 1980. The mission of the company is to help people live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

buy herbalife

Are you interested in weight gain? Herbalife weight gain products are some of the best in the nutrition industry. The company has weight loss products, delicious Herbalife shakes, skin care products to name only a few.

All new Herbalife members or distributors sign up under a sponsor. I would be yours if you decide to join today. Below is the information you will need when signing up.

Why Buying Herbalife Products is a Win-Win Opportunity

Herbalife is focused on providing healthier products that will impact peoples lives.

The company also has a lucrative compensation plan for people interested in becoming Herbalife distributors.

A member is someone who is focused on purchasing Herbalife products but may not have an interest in starting their own business with us.

That being said, there are many rewards and perks that come to those who wish to buy Herbalife products. Members enjoy significant discounts on the prices of our products and can sign up for auto-ship.

What this means is you can cancel, change or start your auto-shipments to your home at anytime.

Do you desire to have an additional stream of income coming in? Are you tired of trading life for a highly taxed paycheck? Would you like to finally be financially free and independent?

Well, the Herbalife business opportunity may be of interest to you. That being said and let me be clear, this is not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick-scam.

You will have to work hard to see results. Do you have a belief in delayed gratification? If you have the desire to help other people and want to join something bigger than yourself sign up as a distributor.

Members (those who only buy Herbalife products) cannot earn residual income. Those who decide to sign up as an Herbalife distributor can.

How Much Does It Cost to Sign Up As A Distributor?

$94.10 is the initial, one-time investment. There is a yearly $35 charge to maintain your website that Herbalife provides to you when you sign up.

That is it. The rest is up to you. The $94.10 charge is for your Herbalife business pack the company sends to you. It is filled with product samples, helpful marketing materials and other information to help you build your business.

The process is very simple signing up. Below is a video I created that will walk you through the steps to sign up as either a member or a distributor.

Remember, all new members or distributors must sign up under a sponsor. A sponsor is an Herbalife distributor who works to help guide you in building your business. In addition, the sponsor is there also for members who choose to just buy Herbalife products.

Below is the information you will need to buy Herbalife products or get started as an Herbalife distributor.

Why I Signed Up As Distributor

I am a 2:19 marathoner and have had an interest in nutrition and entrepreneurship since I was a kid. I first started writing about fitness at my running website,

There are many professional athletes who compete for Herbalife. In addition to that, I saw the company has a great mission, products and business opportunity.

You don't need to give up an arm and a leg to start as an Herbalife entrepreneur. It is very simple to sign up as a distributor. If you don't want to start a home based business that is great too.

People can sign up as members and enjoy the wonderful Herbalife product line. Herbalife has an incredible line of nutritional supplements, weight loss and weight gain products to name only a few.

Would you like to get started today as a member or fellow distributor? Simply click on the button below and include in the information listed and join the nutritiongeeks success team. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.

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