Can Herbalife Be Taken During Pregnancy?

Can Herbalife Be Taken During Pregnancy

Are you wondering can Herbalife be taken during pregnancy?

Before diving into the details of Herbalife products and can they be taken during pregnancy or not, let us see what Herbalife is. Herbalife is a brand that has many products ranging from supplements, energy bars, mineral tablets, multivitamins, and meal replacement shakes. All of their products are related to health and fitness.

Furthermore, these products are very effective when you want to lose your weight, want to improve your nutrition intake, or if you want to enhance your care. These products work in their manner and highly depend on how you take them.

During pregnancy, women should increase her diet as she is not just consuming for herself anymore, there is another human for which she needs to eat. According to research, a pregnant woman should consume about 2500 calories in a day that is 400 calories above the recommended value when you are not pregnant.

In addition, the increased calorie adds to the growth of the child. It does not matter which Herbalife product you use to increase your protein and mineral intake, but the health of both the mother and child is important. Thus, let's discuss, “Can Herbalife be taken during pregnancy?” 

Pregnancy Diet

Consumption of any supplement of multivitamins should help the mother to reach per day calorie needs. Herbalife diet shakes and Herbalife Protein shakes are safe to consume during pregnancy if they are taken as an additional snack rather than a meal replacement. However, there are different Herbalife products that vary in different needs.

That being said, most of the people use Herbalife products when they are trying to lose weight. Dieting is never recommended during pregnancy as it can badly affect the mother and the baby in case of malnutrition. If you take this to add calories in your daily diet, then this will surely help both the lives to be healthy and strong.

Herbalife Protein shakes, Herbalife Formula 1 Mix, and Herbalife weight management supplements are allowed to take during pregnancy. But unless you are not using them as a meal replacement to fulfill the calorie content. Your daily diet and intake should go on, and these Herbalife products should only add to the nutrition that you are taking. However, you should consult professional health and experts before taking or leaving all these Herbalife products and should also ask about their effect.

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Herbalife Line of Products to Take During Pregnancy

Herbalife makes different kinds of products for people of all ages and gender. Their products are not restricted to men, women, and children. Herbalife makes products to support and enhance the nutritional diet of men, women, and children. But in this case that we are talking about, certain products are specially made for women.

In addition, the metabolism of women and body are different for men, they need extra nutrition as they are not as physically strong as men. The question is, “Can Herbalife be taken during pregnancy?” So, let us discuss different kinds of Herbalife products that women can consume during their pregnancy.

Herbalife Proteins

Consuming more protein during pregnancy can help mothers and their children to grow healthy and strong. It is not possible to consume the amount of protein that is needed during pregnancy by normal meals. So, Herbalife protein products can help the mother to reach that amount of protein.

Considering protein, there are many Herbalife products that are specially for protein; these include Protein Drink Mix, Protein Bites, Personalized Protein Powder, and high protein iced coffee.

In addition, it does not matter which product you intake, what matters is that these products add to the safety and health of both mother and children. These Herbalife protein products have a very little amount of carbs in them, so you can take them without being confused.

Herbalife Immune Health

A pregnant woman needs to keep her immune system strong as she is carrying a baby with her. In the worst cases, anything can happen if the immune system of a pregnant woman is weak. To boost up the immune health of a woman, Herbalife has different sorts of products.

These products come in many forms such as Snack Defense, Schizandra Plus, Roseguard, and Immunity Essential. All these products strengthen your immune system by providing zinc, vitamin C and D. One of the most important things about these products is that they are made with non-GM material and have no artificial flavors. This ensures that Herbalife cares for people.

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Specialized Supplements for Women

Besides providing all the products full of protein and multivitamins, Herbalife ensures the well-being of a pregnant woman. However, a woman’s body is very different from a man, especially during pregnancy. A lot of things in a woman’s body change before and after pregnancy.

Remember, Herbalife has created products that are specifically for women as they need extra nutrition during their lives due to hormonal and body changes. Herbalife products for women's health are Woman’s Choice, Tang Kuei Plus, New Mom For Wellness, and Xtra-cal.

These products aim to support the health and mental performance of women and to comfort them during their hormonal fluctuations.

Other Herbalife Products

Besides all the products mentioned, other products include protein bars, snacks, and hydration products. The use of these products is highly recommended if you want to boost nutritional intake.

However, DO NOT use these products as a meal replacement or diet during pregnancy as it can affect the health of both the mother and child. Herbalife products can be taken during pregnancy only if it is treated as an added snack, and the woman does not rely on them entirely to complete the daily calorie or protein intake.

Further, some products that contain caffeine are not recommended for pregnant women. Overall, it is better to consult a nutrition expert. Ask for his advice on which products to take during pregnancy.

Is Herbalife Safe to Take During Pregnancy?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Herbalife is, “Can Herbalife be safely taken during pregnancy?” This question should arise in the mind of anyone conscious and careful about the health and safety of a mother and her child. This is a serious thing to think and ask about, as most of us use these products in our daily lives.

Furthermore, it is better to be safe than sorry. There are many reviews and stories about pregnant women; how they used Herbalife during this period and what effects it had on them and their babies. After reading many reviews, here is a single success story of Herbalife. It improved the health and mental conscience of a woman and her child during pregnancy.

According to a family who uses Herbalife products in their daily lives. The woman got pregnant. She was advised to continue her Herbalife product. Not just a single pregnancy but multiple pregnancies went by. She stuck to the Herbalife product as it was helping her to complete the diet and protein intake. Most Herbalife products are safe to take during pregnancy.

They cannot only help mothers to complete their nutritional intake, but they also help to build a strong immunity system for the child. Not only the parents, but their children since they started to eat are consuming Herbalife products. Herbalife products are very beneficial to human health. They improve the energy and immune system of a human.

Expert’s Advice

As we know that Herbalife products vary from vitamins to supplements, but all these aim to reduce the loss of a human. Weight loss is not recommended for pregnant women. Losing weight during pregnancy can be very dangerous and can affect both their lives. The only way of ensuring a good and proper diet is to take a fully balanced diet that consists of everything. However, shakes and supplements may add to the protein and vitamin intake of a pregnant woman but only if it is consumed as an added diet and not as a meal. The company advises all the consumers of Herbalife products to consult with their nutritionist before consuming any product during pregnancy.

Most of the Herbalife products are safe to consume for both the genders equally. However, some products are not recommended for pregnant women. These products also have a warning stating that it is not suitable for pregnant women. All of these products that are not recommended to pregnant women have caffeine in their composition. This is the reason that some of Herbalife products are not recommended to pregnant women.


Can Herbalife be taken during pregnancy? It is an important question if you are an addict or you use Herbalife products in your daily life. There are so many Herbalife products, ranging from protein, supplements, immune health care, and other fitness and health products. Pregnant women should consume a proper diet that is full of nutrition. They should never rely on Herbalife products to complete their source of diet.

These Herbalife products are only recommended if you can take them as an added meal and not as a meal- replacement. Because Herbalife focuses on reducing weight, and this can have a significant effect on pregnant women and her child. So, it is better that you consult an expert or nutritionist before taking any Herbalife product during pregnancy because it is a sensitive matter.

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