Freesky Ebike Review and Benefits

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Freesky Ebike is an adult electric bicycle with a powerful 750W high-speed brushless motor and 48V 15Ah Samsung cell battery, perfect for urban exploration. Additionally, this model comes equipped with 5 riding modes and an LCD smart display backlight to make getting around easier than ever.

This full suspension ebike is built to tackle any terrain imaginable, from sandy beaches to snow-covered mountains.


The Freesky Ebike is one of the finest fat tire e-bikes on the market, featuring a powerful 750W motor that can reach 25MPH for optimal commuting and weekend recreation use. Additionally, its Shimano 7-speed shifter gear and LCD intelligent display make this bicycle easy to operate while its 26″*4.0″ fat tires help conquer any terrain with confidence – both certified by UL and Rohs TuV certify its safety for ride.

The BAFANG motor and large capacity Samsung cells battery make this adult electric bike more cost-efficient and energy-saving than regular bicycles, reaching 35-80 miles of range (depending on your weight and road conditions). There are three working modes to choose from, including Pedal Assist Mode whereby the motor assists your pedaling efforts, Manual Mode whereby you pedal like you normally would, or simply Free Rider Mode which lets you use just manual pedaling without assistance from motor.

The Freesky Ebike boasts not only its powerful motor and large capacity battery, but also a comfortable suspension system and hydraulic disc brakes. The lockable and adjustable front suspension hydraulic downhill fork reduces bumps to prevent injuries or rollovers, while dual rear hydraulic disc brakes offer increased braking performance. Furthermore, this bicycle is easily operated by people of any age or fitness level – making this bicycle suitable for anyone.


VELOWAVE is an international brand committed to offering durable and high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their unique triangular frame design, constructed of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, makes VELOWAVE much stronger than other bicycle frames on the market. Furthermore, their professional customer service and warranty policy stand out as highlights of excellence for this international company.

The Rocky Step-Thru Ebike is an ideal solution for riders seeking an easy-to-ride Ebike with both smooth ride quality and plenty of speed. Its lightweight construction and sturdy components make it easy to handle, while the powerful 750W BAFANG motor can propel riders up to 28 MPH on flat roads. At an extremely reasonable price point and providing outstanding performance, this affordable option makes an excellent addition for daily commutes or mountain adventures alike.



Powerful, reliable and intelligent – The Freesky Ebike is an excellent way to enhance any outdoor experience. Equipped with an LCD intelligent display for monitoring of riding operations easily and conveniently; easily track PAS levels, headlight status, speed, remaining battery power and mileage; plus enjoy its USB port charging your mobile devices while riding!

The LCD intelligent display is easy to read and understand, showing matter and speed limit settings as well as pedal assist levels (PAS). Use the Function button to navigate directly to C values & reset the controller; but please keep in mind that not all controllers have identical default values – please consult the manual when making changes to these.

This electric bike features a frame made of high quality aluminum alloy for added strength and durability, coupled with professional SHIMANO shift gears and non-slippery 26’x4.0 fat tires for a smooth riding experience over long distance travel. The Freesky Ebike provides a smooth, relaxing riding experience.


Freesky adult electric bikes feature a 48V, 15Ah Samsung cells lithium-ion battery which allows riders to cover up to 30 miles using pure electric mode, or more using pedal assist. They also boast lockable front suspension hydraulic downhill fork that helps minimize bumps and avoid injuries or rollovers; and dual front and rear hydraulic disc brakes which provide effective stopping in adverse conditions.

This Ebike boasts a high quality aluminum frame, non-slip fat tires, and 5 riding modes for you to choose from. The LCD smart display lets you monitor essential operations like PAS level, headlight status, speed and battery power – as well as dual hydraulic disc brakes capable of withstanding rainy weather, heavy off-road conditions and long downhill travel for added safety during every ride. Enjoy outdoor cycling without ever having to worry about safety! This Ebike makes the ideal choice!


The Freesky ebike features a high-grade, large capacity battery from Samsung Cells that takes only 4-6 hours to charge fully and offers up long rides, depending on your preferred riding mode. Furthermore, its six layers of protection ensure safety and reliability over 1000 recharge cycles.

The integrated down-tube battery design enables easy removal and charging on/off of the bike, with its built-in safety lock providing additional peace of mind against accidental loss. A smart LCD backlight display provides clear visual indication of your riding operations such as 5 PAS levels, headlight on, speed, remaining battery power and mileage information; in addition, its USB charging port is convenient when traveling outdoors.

If you need a break from pedaling, switch into Pedal Assist Mode. Here, the motor assists with pedaling to reach speeds up to 28 MPH; or use the throttle for quick bursts of speed if needed. This mode can help when climbing steep hills or trying to catch someone up quickly.

Another fantastic feature of this ebike is its suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes, providing you with a safer, smoother, more comfortable ride. The lockable hydraulic downhill fork reduces bumps while dual hydraulic disc brakes offer effective braking; all this allows you to ride safely even in rainy weather, off-road terrain or long downhills – plus its ergonomic seat and grips make holding and controlling your bike even simpler.


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