Gel Herbalife Aloe Vera Product Overview

Looking for more details about gel Herbalife aloe vera? Aloe vera has quickly become one of the go-to ingredients in beauty and health products, known for promoting skin hydration and clarity.

Research suggests it may help ease sunburn inflammation, while research into other applications – including psoriasis and constipation — has been mixed. While widely used as topical treatment, it can cause diarrhea in certain individuals.

Product Description

Aloe Vera and skin conditioning botanicals come together in this light fresh gel for instant moisture, leaving skin noticeably smoother and softer after using this fragrance-free solution. Plus, its anti-chapping, itching, and roughness fighting capabilities help alleviate chapping, itching, and roughness issues on dry skin!

Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel is an easy and non-greasy way to soothe skin after shaving or sun exposure, leaving it refreshed and soothed. Free from fragrance, parabens and sulphates as well as added colorants – this non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into skin for fast relief! Perfect after shaving as well as for sun damaged areas!

The Herbal Aloe range consists of six products specially created to leave skin looking and feeling silky smooth from head to toe.

At Aloe Vera USA, we use only the purest, highest quality Aloe Vera available, grown and harvested under ideal growing conditions in Mexico, then gently processed to preserve all its naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and beneficial properties.

After being blended with natural plant extracts and gentle cleansers for gentle cleansing purposes, our Herbal Aloe Concentrate is then filtered, pH adjusted and pasteurised before being used to make Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel and Hand & Body Lotion products; other ingredients in these products include Olive Oil, Shea Butter rich Shea Butter as well as soothing botanicals which nourish skin nourishment all with fresh clean scent and gentle formulas suitable for daily use.

Key Benefits

This lightweight gel contains Aloe vera and other botanical ingredients to moisturize and sooth skin without adding parabens or sulphates to its formulation. Fragrance free.

Ideal for soothing dry and itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well as helping reduce redness from sunburn, this product helps repair and restore its natural elasticity while its powerful antioxidant properties slow premature aging by neutralizing free radicals that damage cells, wound healing properties that may help reduce scarring, wound healing properties that aid wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits which help promote health skin, wound healing capabilities that could reduce scarring or reduce scarring, stretch mark improvement by shortening length and width over time – making this product truly valuable indeed!

Herbalife Aloe Concentrate Mango Flavored is a low kilojoule beverage made with premium-quality aloe vera that makes for a delicious way to stay hydrated, providing refreshing beverages or replacing soft drinks and high sugar juices as replacement beverages. Perfect for both adults and children when mixed according to label instructions.


Supplements such as Megafood can be taken daily in addition to leading a healthy diet and fitness program, making them suitable for breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate is produced using carefully chosen leaves harvested by expert farmers who grow it under optimal growing conditions, then washed, sanitized and ground for juice production before it is filtered with food grade activated charcoal to remove any laxative components called aloin, then pasteurized, bottled, condensed into concentrate form for sale to customers and distributed as beverages or taken internally via topical application or oral consumption – one reason customers love and recommend Herbalife products among friends and family*. *


This fragrance-free light gel, packed with Aloe Vera and skin-nourishing botanicals, helps moisturize and comfort skin of all types without parabens or sulphates – perfect for all.

Herbalife Aloe Soothing Gel provides your skin with vital hydration, soothes natural irritations and decreases redness caused by dryness – the perfect product for men and women who desire healthy-looking skin from head to toe.

Aloe Vera used in this product is obtained from expert farmers who cultivate their plants under ideal growing conditions and harvest only the highest-grade leaves, before being carefully washed, sanitized and ground to extract juice – after which, it is filtered to remove any aloins, pH adjusted, pasteurized and condensed into this refreshing beverage.


Herbal Aloe Concentrate makes an effective thirst-quencher when mixed with water, offering both hydration and digestive support. It makes an ideal alternative to high-calorie beverages and can support your goal of drinking 2 liters of fluid daily.

Gel Herbalife aloe vera has also been found to possess antioxidant properties, believed to reduce free radical formation in the body and thus slowing down aging processes. Furthermore, its emollient qualities help maintain soft and supple skin.

Hemp oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize stretch marks, while its wound-healing abilities may assist with speedier healing of minor cuts, scrapes, or burns. Finally, this diet is rich in vitamins A and C – two antioxidants essential to maintaining healthy skin cells – as well as minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium that aid normal functions for maintaining young-looking skin. All of these essential nutrients contribute to keeping skin looking vibrantly youthful.


Aloe vera (or gel tree, Aloe barbadensis) is a flowering plant found predominantly in subtropical and tropical locations. This flowering plant can be used to treat various conditions including burns, wounds, sores, arthritis and itching; furthermore it's thought to possess antioxidant properties as well as helping control diabetes by managing blood sugar levels more effectively.

Studies have demonstrated that Aloe plant gel can help alleviate symptoms associated with psoriasis and other skin ailments, including ulcers. One double-blind trial with moderate psoriasis patients found it helped improve skin texture while decreasing itching; another trial with mild to moderate cases produced similar outcomes; these effects lasted longer than placebos while treatment was safe.

Closing Thoughts

As part of its inner leaf gel, mucilage-like substances believed to form inner leaf gel can also soothe inflammation and itching, improve digestion and decrease constipation. Small amounts of latex (known as pericyclic tubule) may also help treat oral sores or painful gum conditions like oral lichen planus when applied directly onto affected areas; oral ingestion should be avoided due to potential toxicities that have been linked with kidney failure in humans.

Aloe vera plants contain chemicals in its pericyclic tubules which, when mixed with other substances, may create dangerous reactions when consumed orally. Oral exposure has been linked with hypokalemia and kidney failure; also consumption of unprocessed aloe latex may result in stomach pains and diarrhea.

Consumer products containing Aloe vera typically use decolorized whole leaf extract, which has been filtered to remove cancer-causing chemicals and poses no health risk. However, some products contain non-decolorized whole leaf extract which has not been filtered and may cause cancer; California residents should be wary of such products, which could fall under Proposition 65 warnings. Therefore it is wise to carefully read each supplement label and avoid purchasing products not certified by either U.S. Pharmacopeia or another reputable certifying body. I hope this post on gel Herbalife aloe vera has been helpful.

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