Herbal Life Tea Concentrate Tips & Benefits

Seeking more information about Herbal life tea concentrate? If so, welcome to nutritiongeeks.com. I'm excited you have made it here. All new Herbalife preferred members (customers) and distributors receive a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their orders. Tea has been for centuries an integral part of many people’s lifestyle, serving as a source of an energy boost or immunity enhancer for comfort or just something to sip on at a gathering.

Teas are a great alternative to sugary and caffeinated drinks that are light on the stomach, good in taste, and have natural ingredients to promote a healthy body. Many people take as is or mix it with other ingredients to enhance the taste and feel, but these added ingredients somehow minimize the benefits tea has to offer, and instead of helping the body heal, they play a small part in populating the body further with added sugar, dairy, and more.

Therefore, in recent years, Green tea or Herbal tea gained popularity, which claims to provide numerous benefits in the long run without compromising taste, texture, and instant benefit.

Herbal Life Tea Concentrate Price

Now it is understandable that many people might be skeptical about the advantages of herbal tea and may assume that it is just another tactic of big conglomerates to promote capitalism and profit off people’s desire to have a healthy, happier lifestyle. Hence we drowned ourselves in the pool of information the internet has to offer and tried various brands of herbal tea to gather which ones are the best of the best.

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What is Herbal Tea?

Despite the common misconception, herbal tea is completely different from regular tea; though they have a similar cooking method but their composition, ingredients, intent, and benefits are completely different from one another.

Unlike regular tea, Herbal teas are made up of steeping herbs, seeds, flowers, and roots. They are one of the healthiest drinks that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that ensure short and long-term health benefits.

Herbal Tea has been around for centuries now. In fact, they date back to ancient Egypt and China. Furthermore, are used as part of medicine, such as in homeopathy and natural home remedies. Also, have been proven to help treat colds, strengthen the immune system and boost energy. In addition, relieve internal and external stress and provide anti-aging benefits. Lastly, they are safe to be consumed any time of the day in any quantity.

What Chooses Herbal Life Tea Concentrate?

As mentioned, there are hundreds and thousands of herbal teas that can be purchased with ease and deliver promising results. Herbalife’s Tea concentrate comes in four delicious flavors (peach, lemon, raspberry, and original). Furthermore, it be enjoyed cold or hot. Also it helps with boosting energy, kick-starting metabolism and strengthening the immune system

Herbal life tea concentrate

Herbal Life Tea Concentrate Features

  • The core ingredients of the blend are green tea, orange pekoe, cardamom, and hibiscus
  • The tea consists of caffeine
  • It’s a low-calorie drink (5 calories per serving)
  • It is an instant tea extract drink
  • Available in 4 flavors
  • Comes in a pack of 50 gram

Benefits of Herbalife Tea Concentrate

1.   Improves Metabolic Activity

People often gravitate towards herbal teas/green teas to burn some calories and lose weight. Also, herbal teas are catechins, a type of flavonoid that boosts metabolism. So, Herbal life tea concentrate has caffeine in it. Thus, helps break down fat more quickly and burn 80 calories per serving. Furthermore, it also boosts energy and helps lower LDL cholesterol.

2.   Improves Digestion

A good digestion system is very important for the overall wellbeing of the body, and this tea helps improve digestion extensively. The tea breaks down the fat and pace up the process of emptying the stomach, which prevents indigestion, vomiting, and bloating.

3.   Boosts Immune System

Herbalife Tea concentrate is infused with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that help fight diseases, viruses, and infections. The powerful plant compounds of this tea concentrate also help prevent oxidative damage and reduce chronic disease risks.

Lower Inflammation

4.   Reduces Inflammation

Herbal teas have been used for centuries to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joints. Daily consumption of Herbalife Tea can immensely help to reduce joint and muscle pain and help with all types of arthritis.

It also helps to reduce acne and other inflammation on the skin, making the skin appear smooth, clean, and plumped.

5.   Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Consumed hot, this Tea extract has the properties to calm and relax the mind with just one cup. Drinking it relieves stress, fosters proper sleep, and can be beneficial for people with insomnia over time. This herbal tea concentrate can also act as a safe, mild anti-depressant.

6.   Anti-Ageing

The antioxidants in this tea extract lessen the appearance of wrinkles and ensure delaying the aging process naturally by prevents free radical damage.

7.   Great For Skin And Hair Health

Drinking this herbal tea daily helps to clear the skin and make it glow because of the antioxidants that help improve the lesions, redness, and skin irritation, Moreover it also helps to brighten and lighten up the skin and fades acne scars and pigmentation.

As for hair, the rich vitamins and minerals in the tea help the hair to be grown and reduces breakage and shedding by strengthening the hair shafts. They also add life to the hair and make them soft and shiny.

8.   Medicative Properties

Herbal teas, in general, are known to have medicative properties and have been used to treat cold and flu. Herbalife Tea concentrate has the properties to clear the nasal area, stop coughs, reduce symptoms of asthma, and work as an assistive agent with to reduce allergic symptoms.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boost energy levels
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves pH balance
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Burns fat without exercising

The Downside of Herbal Life Tea Concentrate

1.   Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitation can be caused by using Herbalife Tea; it doesn’t happen to everyone consume it. Due to the use of caffeine in the product, people with caffeine sensitivity may feel their heart race, but consistent use of the product will stop palpitations as the body will be used to be the caffeine intake.

2.   Unpleasant Smelling Urine And Perspiration

Herbalife Tea Concentrate ensures that the body is being detoxed and the intoxicants are excreted either through sweat or urination. It may seem unpleasant, but it means that the product is working, and once the body is at the optimal level, the smell will die down eventually.  

3.   Dry Mouth

It’s a common downside of using any time of herbal tea; as the body is being detoxed. So, it creates excessive thirst, which can easily be curtailed through increasing water intake. So, this is actually a good thing. The more the water is consumed, the better it is for the body to lose weight, look radiant and ensure overall wellness.

4.   Rashes

Another common downside of using any sort of detoxing agent is rashes. Blotchiness on the skin, redness, and irritation are common temporary side effects that are faced because of departing toxins. However, within a span of two weeks, the bloodstreams are cleared, and rashes go away. To speed up the process, exercising helps as sweat is a great channel to release toxins. In the meantime, Aloe-vera or other soothing gels can be applied to counter the irritation.

Who Can Use Herbalife Tea Concentrate?

  • Individuals looking tone their physique
  • People looking to boost their energy levels
  • Individuals looking to lose or maintain their weight without exercising
  • Men and women looking to clear their skin
  • Individuals looking for a nutritional product to cater to the overall wellness of the body

Who shouldn’t use Herbalife Tea Concentrate?


The tea concentrate has caffeine in it for a boost of energy. So, it can cause a short but dramatic increase in blood pressure even if individuals are not suffering from high blood pressure. Hence, people with high blood pressure should avoid it completely has the product may cause more harm than good.


The product promotes faster metabolism activity which helps to reduce weight rapidly. So, it may be hazardous for pregnant or breastfeeding women, Why? The release of too many toxins can make them dehydrated. In addition, it can cause a decrease in milk supply. Thus, since the toxins are released in the bloodstream it can contaminate the milk, making it unhealthy for the baby.

When Should Herbalife Tea Concentrate Be Consumed?

This herbal Tea concentrate can be consumed any time of the day. It is recommended to drink the tea at least after half an hour because their benefits may be decreased or nullified with the agents/ingredients of the tea mix.

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How to Prepare Herbalife Tea Concentrate? 

The tea concentrate is designed to facilitate a healthy weight loss journey and overall wellness of the body; hence the preparation differs depending on the intent of the individual’s consumption.

  1. For a generic yet optimum experience, ½ teaspoon of the tea concentrate can be mixed with 8 ounces of water and can be consumed hot or cold. Flavored ones can also be used for more taste and refreshment. This will help with the skin, weight, immune system, and more.
  • For a more targeted goal such as weight loss, it is recommended to take ½ or 1 teaspoon of the mix with water and have it before breakfast and after every meal. If you don’t like it in a tea format or can’t consume it before or after meals, then 2 leveled tablespoon of Herbalife Tea can be mixed in a 2L bottle and be consumed in the morning.
  • To maintain the weight, ½ teaspoon is recommended to be dissolved in water and drink before breakfast. 
  • If the intent is to reduce or eliminate fat, 1 leveled small spoonful of the tea mix is advised to be dissolved in 500ml of water and is recommended to be consumed while exercising or practicing any time of active tasks such as any sports or a walk.
  • For energy boost throughout the day and mental alertness, it is recommended to mix 1 teaspoon of the mix in 1L water to be consumed throughout the day. It will also work as a healthy substitute for high-calorie energy drinks and sodas.
  • For burning calories, the tea mix should be consumed before work out, stimulating the process of calorie burning and giving the energy to have a more engaging workout. Having it after a workout is advised to further assist in calorie burning.

Closing Thoughts

Herbalife Tea concentrate is a powerful and healthy way to maintain and ensure the overall wellness of the body because of the presence of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other premium quality natural ingredients in the mix.

The best thing about this tea concentrate is that it provides numerous benefits, such as fighting against diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and ulcers, while helping to rejuvenate the body internally, externally, and mentally.

Plus, other than its health benefits, it’s a good drink to chug on throughout the day, which gives a boost of energy and retains it for a longer duration without posing any hidden side effects such as popular energy drinks and sodas, which gives instant energy but eventually leaves in an energy slump plus they have long term effects on the liver, pancreas, nervous system and brain functioning.

We highly recommend Herbalife Tea concentrate as it is carefully designed to not only foster one change but take care of the whole body. It is safe, delicious, and has proven short and long-term benefits for the body without requiring any external help such as workouts or regressive diets.

So if you are looking to treat your body well, getting Herbalife tea would be a wise decision, and the best part small amount of the mix is required to be mixed in the water, which means the product will last longer, and benefit can be acquired throughout irrespective to the dosage/amount.

I hope this post on the Herbal life tea concentrate product has been helpful. Ready to join? Click the button below. Welcome to the Herbalife NutritionGees success team.

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