Herbalife 24 Cr7 Drive Overview and Benefits

Herbalife CR7 Drive is a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution created in collaboration with international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to aid water absorption during prolonged exercise* and maintain endurance performance. *For full list of benefits.

It features a mild acai berry taste without artificial sweeteners, replenishing fluid balance more rapidly than water alone. Plus, this beverage provides four essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Enhanced Hydration

CR7 Drive is an innovative high-performance beverage that contains three essential elements for optimal performance: enhanced hydration, metabolism-supporting vitamin B12, and energy.

Light tasting and refreshing, CR7 Drive sports drink contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners and was developed in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo to offer optimal carb fueling during exercise while helping maintain proper hydration levels. Also providing essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium which have positive or negative electric charges within their bodies such as cells tissues fluids – particularly vital during physical exertion when sweat can remove many vital salts through sweat losses; maintaining optimal levels is thus key for maintaining your hydration!

CR7 Drive contains an exclusive combination of carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions designed to support endurance performance during extended exercise1 and help reduce caloric intake during physical activity2. Packed with vitamin B12 – which promotes regular energy yielding metabolism – as well as thiamin and potassium, as well as NSF certification from an independent laboratory, it ensures no banned substances exist.

Mix one scoop (13.5 g) per 250 ml of water or as directed by your healthcare professional and enjoy one or two servings daily.

Metabolism-Supporting Vitamin B12

Developed in collaboration with professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, this modern sports drink contains three essential components to aid performance: enhanced hydration, metabolism-supporting vitamin B12 and energy. CR7 Drive is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that supports endurance performance during prolonged physical exercise * while providing key electrolytes that replenish those lost during exercise – only 50 calories per serving with 320 mg key electrolytes provided; additionally it includes vitamin B12 which contributes to normal immune system functioning as well as thiamin which reduces tiredness and fatigue*

CR7 Drive is made without artificial flavors or sweeteners and features a light Acai Berry taste – ideal for athletes or anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Herbalife 24's mission is to provide dynamic nutrition that empowers active individuals. That's why our products are designed to deliver carbohydrates, protein and hydration needed by athletes of all levels for supporting active lifestyles and training regimes. Each workout may differ; thus Herbalife 24 has developed products designed specifically to meet each person's individual needs before, during and post workout.


Being an athlete is a lifestyle, requiring personalized nutrition for daily needs. From playing competitive football games to hitting the gym, athletes need products to prepare, train and recover more efficiently.

Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive sports drink was developed by nutritional experts and international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to maximize water absorption during physical exercise, and maintain endurance performance. Low in calories with an acai berry-inspired taste.

Carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions are intended to support moderate-intensity exercise by replenishing lost carbohydrates and electrolytes during sweating. The solution contains four carbohydrates – glucose, sucrose, fructose and maltodextrin – which provide fast energy for muscles and brain alike. In addition, sodium, potassium and magnesium (known as electrolytes ) provide positive or negative electric charges depending on whether they carry positive or negative charges respectively.

Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive contains similar ingredients as Gatorade; however, Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive stands out by being endorsed by an elite athlete and distributed through multilevel marketing distribution system.

One month's supply of Herbalife 24 CR7 Drive can run you between $40 and $60 depending on how it's purchased; discounts are available when purchased through an authorized distributor. Critics allege that Herbalife operates like a pyramid scheme; making more money through new member recruitment than through product sales.

No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners

CR7 Drive is a modern hypotonic sports drink without artificial flavors or sweeteners that provides three essential elements for performance: enhanced hydration, metabolism-supporting Vitamin B12, and energy.

Hydration is provided through a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution specifically formulated to support endurance performance1. Furthermore, this formula enhances water absorption during physical exercise2. Plus, each serving comes in at less than 100 calories so you can easily manage your calorie consumption.

CR7 Drive contains not only a carbohydrate-electrolyte blend but also magnesium citrate, potassium phosphate and sodium citrate as essential electrolytes – these minerals possessing positive or negative electric charges are important in many body functions including nerve activity, muscle contraction/relaxation cycles and maintaining acid/base balance within blood.

Though CR7 Drive may provide excellent hydration, its price can be prohibitive. A month's supply from an Herbalife distributor who sells discounted rates runs about $40; that is significantly more costly than Gatorade (an equal product in terms of performance and hydration), even though Gatorade contains similar ingredients compared with CR7 Drive's unique addition of extra ingredients like B12 and thiamin that don't come standard in its formula.

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