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Are you seeking more information on the Herbalife 24 Hydrate price in India? If so, I'm glad you have come to Nutrition Geeks. I'm in close contact with many preferred members and distributors who are from India. These working professionals are a part of the Nutrition Geeks Herbalife success team.

The prices of Herbalife products will vary depending on how you purchase them. For example, if you choose to sign up today as a preferred member you receive a 25 percent lifetime discount on our products. The Herbalife joining fee to sign up is a one-time investment of $34.95 USD. The company will send you your preferred member product pack filled with sample products, brochures and other information.

People that don't choose to sign up have to purchase our products at retail prices. Thus, they pay the most. Preferred members often times do not have interest in starting their own Herbalife home-based business. That being said, often times, choose to sign up later and start earning residual income.

So, are you ready to get started with us? If so, click on the button below to get started. Remember, all new Herbalife distributors and preferred members must sign up under a sponsor. Also, you can visit our membership page that also walks you through the process.

The Herbalife 24 Hydrate Price in India Can Be Zero

Is it worth it to start a Herbalife home-based business?

This is a common question we often get asked here at Nutrition Geeks. My answer? A resounding, yes. Why? You start working smart. The prices of Herbalife products can be drastically lower by signing up as a distributor. How does eventually earning your products for free sound?

The Herbalife 24 hydrate price in India can be free. How? Well, Herbalife works if you work it. This is not a “pyramid scheme” as they say here in the states. You only are paid when you sale product either by your own purchases or by way of your customers and fellow distributors.

Here is the bad news. It takes work. Yes, you can generate up to a 50 percent discount on your products as both a preferred member and distributor. The preferred member earns higher discounts based on the amount of product they purchase. The distributor, if he or she is diligent, can produce more commissions. Thus, as profits go up they can eventually earn their products for free. How? They have more income coming in than they are spending on Herbalife products. Make sense?

Do you work a job? If so, you know you work for linear income. Income that only comes in by way of you trading your life (time) for it. The moment you stop showing up for work is the moment your paycheck stops coming in. Therein lies the problem with most jobs even if you love what you do for a living. Your pay is tied to your time. What happens to your income if you cannot work or you get sick? You guessed it. It stops coming in.

Job vs Building Your Own Herbalife Home-Based Business

So, how does one overcome that issue? Start a Herbalife home-based business for yourself. Start working smart. The beauty of Herbalife is you can continue to work the job you love (or hate) and build your business part-time. Can you work 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Of course not. No one can right? Well, your Herbalife business can. How? This is a people helping people business model. The more people you help the more you are compensation. In addition, as your team builds your building more leverage.

You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person and you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person – Eric Worre, entrepreneur

Are you paid for the work other people within your company do? No. That being said, you are paid commissions for products sales not only you generate but also that of your customers and distributors. You earn a percentage of the work they do as well by way of sales made. So, are you ready to take action and start to work smarter? If so, click the button below to sign up as a preferred member (customer) or distributor (business owner). Remember to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID.

How Much Does It Cost To Start My Own Herbalife Business?

The one-time investment cost is $94.10 USD. Again, this is not an on-going cost. Your level of success as a Herbalife distributor is how well you build your team. Remember, you have to first give before you get with Herbalife. Herbalife as a business is one of the smartest decisions you could possibly make.

You earn residual income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. How? The more people you find that are interested in what you have to offer the higher your income potential goes. Why? You are providing a service someone else is seeking answers to. Furthermore, there are many people who just want to be customers. So, their objective is to buy Herbalife products online at the lowest cost possible.

Furthermore, others are seeking to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Did you know that 78 percent of the working population in the united States of America are living this way? 7 out of 10 working employees in the UK are chronically broke. What is going on? Well, we all have been taught to rely on one source of income.

Never have a ceiling on your income. Wealthy people never have a ceiling on their income and have multiple income flows – T Harv Eker, entrepreneur

Also, people are realizing that one source of income, a paycheck, is not enough. So, they take action and because they take action they start seeing what residual income can do. Furthermore, they start working smarter rather than harder. There are plenty of hard working people in India and around the world who are broke. My goal is to help you see what you are capable of with Herbalife.

Closing Thoughts

Can you do the work of 20 people? 200? 2,000? How about 20,000? Of course not. That being said, your Herbalife home-based business can. Also, the company provides its distributors with their own website. You can share your website link with people on and offline. In addition, these people can be friends, family, co-workers or complete strangers. Here, take a look at mine. Your website will look the same but you will be able to add in your photo and contact information.

You don't make winners, you find them – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

I think the quote above is critically important. What you want to do is find people that are seeking information about the Herbalife 24 hydrate price in India. Furthermore, find the people that truly desire to have more leverage over their time, finances and health. There is a massive difference between someone that is interested and someone that is committed. Which one are you?

So, are you ready to get started with us? If so, click on the button below. Remember, all new Herbalife preferred members and distributors must sign up under a sponsor. I'm glad you have taken the time to read this post and I welcome you to the Nutrition Geeks Herbalife success team.

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