Herbalife 30 Day Challenge

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Are you ready to take on the Herbalife 30 day challenge? There are people all over the world meeting their weight loss goals from this challenge.

You have come to the right place. One of the my favorite parts of being a fitness coach is to help others reach their goals. I've been a distance runner for the past 28 years. That being said, I, too have battled to meet my own weight and fitness goals too.

You are more than welcome to visit the RunDreamAchieve YourTube Channel if interested in running and fitness. My job below is to share some beneficial information about the Herbalife 30 day challenge with you.

Components of The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 day Herbalife shake challenge is mainly focused on starting off by taking a picture of yourself on Day 1.

Furthermore, the goal is to be able to see the before and after transformation you will be making. The Herbalife shake challenge works to you consume 3 shakes per day in the place of 2 meals.

Depending upon the program you choose, you will receive a healthy Herbalife meal for either 1 a day for 30 days or 2 meals per day. Follow the meal plan, eat healthy snacks, avoid sodas and juices and drink only water.

Share you before and after pictures and we'll feature you here at NutritionGeeks. Exercise is not mandatory with this challenge but obviously is highly recommended.

Remember, you want to burn more calories than you are consuming. It isn't easy to make the adjustment but I know you can do it.

Who Is The Challenge Ideal For?

  • People with limited time within their schedules but has the tenacity to see their goals become reality
  • Brand new to exercise and looking to create a foundation of coordination and strength
  • People that struggle with eating healthy and looking for guidance and a proper plan to
  • Athletes that are already fit and seeking a more strategic method of producing better results

Your Strategic Plan

Between Day 1 to Day 14

  • work out 4 days a week. 3 days will focus on bodyweight exercises with the 4th day focused on cardiovascular conditioning

Between Day 15 and Day 29

  • Train 5 days per week. 4 days you will be focusing on bodyweight exercises with the 4th day focused on cardiovascular endurance.

How do people get results with this challenge? Focus on 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent cardiovascular endurance. If you want to lose weight fast and gain confidence run longer.

Remember, the key is being patient and persistent. Results come from staying focused on your routine and not swaying from it. Nothing comes over night but you obviously want to create change in your life.

Become A Member of the Herbalife Family

You can easily do that by signing up as an Herbalife member or distributer. An Herbalife member saves 25 percent on all Herbalife products the moment they sign up as does a distributor.

Distributors simply share Herbalife products with others and earn residual income. You have to remember you are only paid for the work you do at a job, not for the work others do. So, there is far more leverage in investing in a business vehicle that will take you where you want to go.

The Herbalife 30 day challenge is powerful because you create leverage over your health. You are in win-win situation signing up with us. If interested click the button below to get started. Remember, all new Herbalife members need to sign up under a distributor.

Ensure to include your sponsors' information listed below upon check out. You can also visit our Herbalife membership page for a visual walk-through of how to sign up.

30 Day Challenge Routine

The 30 day Herbalife challenge routine is set up like this


  • Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water every morning to cleanse your digestive system
  • Drink 2 Formula 1 Herbalife Shakes at noon and in the evening. Each shake should be 3 flat spoon fulls of nutritional shake mix taken with 400mL of water or 200mL of skim milk. If you choose to use a blender while using the Formula 1 Herbalife shake mix make sure not to blend for more than 5 seconds. The reason being is you may damage the nutrients contained within the mix
  • 30 minutes after drinking a shake take 1 Cell U Loss tablet


  • Take a Cell U Loss tablet 15 minutes before your lunch with 200mL of water
  • Focus on eating a healthy lunch of vegetables, protein and fruits
  • You can choose to have an Herbalife shake in the place of dinner if you so desire.
  • Focus on not drinking too much water after 8 PM in the evening to avoid water retention


  • Drink a 400mL blend of Formula 1 shake mix
  • Focus on consuming 3 flat spoons worth of the F1 shake mix with 400mL of water, 200mL of skim milk + water or 200mL of water with 200mL of the juice of your choice.

Remember, upon checking out ensure to include your sponsors ID and last three letters of your sponsors last name listed below. I'm here to help succeed and want to support my readers in meeting their fitness and weight loss goals.

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