Herbalife Business Opportunities | Why Join?

Are you seeking more information about Herbalife business opportunities? If so, welcome to nutritiongeeks.com. There truly has never been a better time than now to join the Herbalife family. All new distributors (Herbalife home based business owners) and preferred members (customers) receive a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their orders. So, we bypass having to pay retail prices for our product orders. Furthermore, we get our products at wholesale prices up to 50 percent off. I will explain how below. Herbalife is now in 94 countries around the world and is continuing to expand. There truly has never been a better time than now to join Herbalife. The company is far more than just the worlds no 1 nutrition company. It is also a business vehicle that has the potential to help you to get to where you want to go.

Herbalife offers all new customers and opportunity to start their own Herbalife home based business. It is a one-time investment of $94.10 USD or the equivalent to you in order to do so. Are you not interested in being a Herbalife home based business owner? No problem. You can join as a preferred member (customer) for a one-time fee of $34.95 USD. The vast majority of people who join Herbalife do so as a preferred member. There are others who want to go into business for themselves and become distributors.

Can You Really Make Money with Herbalife?

Yes. It is not impossible to earn residual income as a distributor. Of course, I, nor Herbalife, can guarantee that you will make any money as a distributor. Results will vary from each individual. So, your income potential really is going to come down to the amount of people you share Herbalife with. Herbalife provides all new distributors with their own website. You can take a look at mine here if you wish. Yours will look similar to mine but will have the currency of your country shown on it. I am in the united States of America so prices on my site are in USD. All new distributors and preferred members need to sign up under a sponsor, myself included. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to get started with Herbalife.

You can visit the about page if you would like to know more about my background if you wish. Herbalife has a wide assortment of products to enjoy and share with other people such as…

  • Teas
  • Energy drinks
  • Aloes
  • Protein shakes
  • Protein bars
  • Breakfast bars
  • Weight loss and weight gain products
  • Eye and hair care products
  • Brain health products
  • Pre and post nutritional supplements

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started with Herbalife?

As mentioned above, the one-time fee to start your own Herbalife home based business as a distributor is $94.10 USD. Of course, not everyone is going to be interested in being a distributor. In fact, the vast majority of people prefer to start with Herbalife as a preferred member. Preferred members are not paid for sharing Herbalife products or our business opportunity with other people. That being said, they can earn anywhere from 25 and up to 42 percent discount on their product orders. Also, Herbalife makes it simple for preferred members to convert later to be a distributor. It is a one-time fee of $59.95 USD in order to do. I have had team members on my own team who have done this. So, that is an option that is always available to you if you wish to convert later.

Herbalife Home Based Business

Herbalife distributors earn residual (passive) income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. No, it isn't simple and yes, it will take time and patience in order to do so. That being said, if you are willing to be consistent and persistent you will become a successful Herbalife distributor. Would you like to get started with Herbalife? If so, click on the button below. You will be taken to our membership page where the exact steps to join are listed.

Can We Earn Money from Herbalife?

It comes down to the amount of people you are willing to talk to. Again, Herbalife provides people their own website. So, if you are routinely sharing Herbalife and your website with people online and offline your chances for success will rise. The way you earn money with Herbalife is using the business success principle of duplication. Does your employer pay you for the work your co-workers do? No. You are only paid for the work that you do. Can you do the work of 50 people? What about 50,000? No way right? Who could? You and I need time to rest and sleep. Well, your Herbalife home based business can. Herbalife has already built the system for us as distributors. They ship the products to your customers and distributors for you.

Find a way to serve the many for service to many leads to greatness – Christ

Also, they handle all of the accounting for your business for you. In addition, the company is never late on sending you your commissions either. Again, the amount of residual income you earn each month is going to come down to the amount of people you serve. Herbalife distributors also do not have a ceiling on their income. So, there is no limit to the amount of income you can generate. The success of Herbalife business opportunities and those that join them comes down to the amount of people we serve.

How Much Commission Do You Make on Herbalife?

We have distributors who are earning little to no money. In addition, we have others who are earning life-altering income. So, the amount of commissions you ultimately make each month comes down to your monthly sales volume. All Herbalife products come with product volume points. The more people that join your business the higher your monthly sales volume is going to go. The reason for this is there simply is more people using and sharing Herbalife products with other people. Herbalife is a people helping people business model. The men and women that join your business as a preferred member get their products anywhere from 25 and up to 42 percent off. Remember, we as preferred members and distributors get our products at wholesale cost. So, we bypass having to pay the highest prices for our products.

The people that join your business as a distributor get to build their own. They, too, get to build residual (passive) income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. What happens to the average employee's paycheck who gets laid off? Does their employer continue to pay them regardless if they work or not? Of course not. Therein lies the problem with all jobs even those we think we love. Our pay is tied to our time. The moment we stop showing up for work is the moment the paycheck stops coming in. The beauty of the Herbalife business opportunities is that you can still work your job and build your fortune in your spare time. So, you don't have to change up your routine in anyway. Furthermore, you work as little or as much on building your business as you like.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on the Herbalife business opportunities has been helpful to you. Also, that you now have a better understanding of the many benefits that come from joining. In addition, that you know now how much it costs to join this magnificent company. Remember, you are not an employee of Herbalife when you join as a distributor. You are the CEO of your own independent Herbalife home based business. Not ready to join as a distributor just yet? No problem. You can still win big as a preferred member. Also, convert later to be a distributor at anytime.

Are you ready to join the Herbalife family? If so, click on the button below. Welcome to the Herbalife NutritionGeeks success team. I know you are making a very wise decision for you and your family.

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