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How Do I Start My Own Herbalife Business

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Herbalife is a Multi-Level Marketing company known for their Quality Products. A new distributor should invite people to try these products; this will help distinguish serious users from casual visitors.

Start building your Herbalife business by selling products retailed by Herbalife and recruiting others into this opportunity – that is how to make money with Herbalife!

Product Sales

Herbalife's Product Sales component of their business plan involves selling its products directly to consumers, recruiting new distributors and retaining customers and downline distributors. Distributors are encouraged to retail the products themselves or resell them at wholesale discount. Nutrition Clubs, home parties or events hosted by distributors as well as promotional material distribution are great ways for distributors to promote the Herbalife business while recruiting, retaining, and building independent representatives through Herbalife's generous compensation plan make Herbalife distributors invaluable resources in direct sales today.

Product Sales are tracked using a system known as Volume Points (VP). Each time someone buys Herbalife product, their Associate receives an allotted number of points which are used to calculate earnings and bonuses – this includes both Personal Purchase Volume (PPV) and Downline Volume Volume (DLV), plus counting towards Royalty Overrides for supervisors.

Herbalife provides an attractive work-from-home business opportunity with flexible hours that fits seamlessly into your life, an international community of like-minded individuals, and top-quality products backed by science – used by millions worldwide. Herbalife is publicly-traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and one of North America's top 50 e-commerce companies.


To earn commission on sales, it is necessary to become an authorized Herbalife Nutrition Distributor and reach 500 personal volume purchases (PPVs). Once this threshold has been achieved, all future orders placed can be discounted between 35%-42% off retail pricing.

Becoming an Herbalife distributor means starting to generate income immediately! An average distributor can make between $7,800 – $9,400 in retail sales and residual income per year – equivalent to full-time weekly earnings of approximately $350 – $450.

Herbalife business is structured in levels, each offering specific qualifications and income streams. Your first level of downline are Distributors you sponsor personally who in turn sponsor other Herbalife Distributors; once you reach Senior Consultant level you can also earn commission on sales from these distributors as well as yourself plus earn a percentage of sales of TAB (Turnover Acquisition Bonus) teams!


Herbalife business plans require recruiting as an integral element. To maximize profits from Herbalife products and services, individuals who want to make a profit must build an expansive network of distributors who purchase and sell the company's products to earn commissions. Herbalife provides recruiting training programs and seminars, along with access to an assortment of tools and resources designed to help distributors succeed with their businesses.

Since 1980, Herbalife is an international multilevel marketing company that distributes nutritional supplements and weight loss products worldwide. Herbalife distributors often possess strong passion for health and wellness; as brand ambassadors they act as ambassadors while growing their businesses while earning commission on personal sales as well as from recruitment of new members. With operations in over 90 countries globally and the ability to tailor its products according to local cultural and dietary needs.


Herbalife products are developed using nutritional science and designed by its own team of scientists and researchers, who utilize external experts and institutions for validation purposes. Herbalife boasts an impressive track record and its products can be found at numerous retail outlets worldwide.

Two thirds of distributor rewards must now be tied directly to sales to end-users while only one-third may be tied directly to recruitment efforts. Herbalife remains popular with investors and boasts an avid customer following, boasting more than 60% growth over the last year. Daniel Loeb, an activist hedge fund manager who recently took an eight percent stake in Herbalife stock predicted it could rise between $55-$68 per share – this would represent a considerable premium over its current price of $12 per share.

Downline Management

Herbalife's business model relies heavily on downline management as a key aspect of Distributor success. Herbalife uses multilevel marketing, meaning each Distributor can earn commission on sales of the distributors they recruit into their organization – so training and supporting your team effectively becomes essential if you hope to sell more Herbalife products and advance in Herbalife's Compensation Plan.

Herbalife's success rests upon its ability to sell high quality nutritional products at a competitive price. To do this, the company designs its own products through an in-depth testing and research process, working closely with external institutions to validate the safety of supplements it sells. Furthermore, Herbalife works towards building its own distribution network that allows it to ship its products worldwide quickly.

Herbalife Business Plan

Herbalife's Compensation Plan relies heavily on its Matching Volume requirement, which requires Supervisors to meet a matching Personal and Total Volume threshold when sponsoring downline Supervisors into Supervisor positions. If their Matching Volume falls short of meeting this benchmark, they will not advance further in the Compensation Plan.

Herbalife Distributors can earn a Production Bonus that ranges from 2% to 7% of monthly team sales, when they submit the TAB Team Production Bonus Acknowledgment form and adhere to all requirements. To receive this reward, it must be properly filled out.

Herbalife's Discount Scale allows its Distributors to increase their discount as they progress through its compensation plan. Once Senior Consultant levels are achieved, Distributors are eligible to purchase products at either 35% or 42% discounts respectively.

Herbalife products are designed by its own Research and Development department utilizing nutrition science principles. Herbalife prides itself on offering a variety of weight management, targeted nutrition and energy and fitness solutions tailored to suit individual needs across different cultures and dietary preferences worldwide.


Herbalife provides its distributors with various training programs and seminars to help them succeed, including product training, sales training and business management training. Furthermore, the company provides them with an online platform where they can access information, place orders and communicate with their downline members.

Herbalife acknowledges the significance of nutritional science, employing a team of scientists to research and create products designed to support weight loss, nutrition, and overall well-being. Furthermore, Herbalife collaborates with external experts and institutions in order to validate its products and claims, while its global reach allows it to meet different consumer needs as well as adapt products according to local cultural and dietary preferences.

Closing Thoughts

Becoming a Qualified Producer takes hard work and dedication, but is achievable. In order to qualify, one must earn 2,500 Volume Points through both Personal Purchase Volume (PPV) and Downline Volume (DLV), fixed points that a distributor earns with every product purchase from Herbalife.

Reaching Millionaire Team requires even higher product volume sales, which will open the doors to residual income on a regular basis. To reach this level, a large team of distributors who are actively building their Herbalife teams must also join yours – the larger your team grows, the higher will be its earnings potential.

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