Herbalife Energy Tea Recipes

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Are you searching for information about our Herbalife energy tea recipes? Congratulations. You have landed on the right website. Green tea is one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world due to plenty of health benefits it offers. Herbalife presents green tea in the form of Herbal Tea Concentrate. It is a powerful drink with antioxidants that fights against disease-causing free radicals in our body.

The Herbal Tea Concentrate also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and ulcers. According to a scientific research undertaken at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, it has been found that green tea helps to burn calories. Flavonoid present in the green tea changes our body’s behavior towards a hormone called nor-epinephrine that results in burning the excess calories at a faster rate.

Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate is available in four flavors – original, lemon, peach, and raspberry. All the flavors offer similar benefits with taste being different. They are delicious, healthy, refreshing; and present us with a great between-meal snack.

Herbalife energy tea recipes

There are many ways to enjoy your cup of tea. Tea-preparation can be easy or complicated depending on how many additional flavors you wish to add to it. But whatever way you make Herbal Tea Concentrate, you will surely receive a boost of energy for the day.

Basic Recipe

Add half a teaspoon of Herbal Tea Concentrate to a cup of hot water. Enjoy the warmth of green tea while letting your body absorb all the nutrients.

The Herbalife instant tea also tastes good in cold water in those summer afternoons. Below is some more information about our Herbalife energy tea recipes.

Peach and orange recipe

For a refreshing drink in summers, enjoy a glass of this peach-orange tea.

  • Add a cup of water to your blender.
  • Add half Orange Lift-off, one tablespoon of Mandarin Aloe, and half a teaspoon of Peach Tea Concentrate.
  • Blend and add some ice, blend it again.
  • Your cool energizer is ready!

You can also make this drink in a shaker cup.

Pomegranate Bomb tea

To make a delectable pomegranate bomb tea, follow these steps:

  • Add half a teaspoon of Raspberry Tea Concentrate to a cup of hot water.
  • Add in half Pomegranate Lift-off and a tablespoon of Mango Aloe.
  • Serve it hot.

Berry burst

To get a burst of berry flavor,

  • Add half a teaspoon of Lemon Tea Concentrate to a cup of hot water.
  • Put in a tablespoon of Cranberry Aloe and a teaspoon of Wildberry belly buster.
  • Serve hot.

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Tropical Tea

  • Add half a teaspoon of Original Tea Concentrate to a glass of cold water.
  • Add in half Tropical Lift-off and a teaspoon of cinnamon brown sugar.
  • Add some ice just before serving.

Cherry Lemonade

  • Add a glass of cold water to your blender.
  • Put in half a teaspoon of Lemon Tea Concentrate.
  • Add half Lemon Lift-off and a tablespoon of Mango Aloe.
  • Throw in some black cherries and lime.
  • Blend, add some ice cubes and blend again to serve.

Garnish your lemonade glass with a slice of lime stuck on the top of it and some mint leaves too.

Loaded Berry tea

  • Add a glass of cold water to your blender.
  • Add half a teaspoon of Raspberry Tea Concentrate.
  • Put in half Tropical Fruit Lift-off and a tablespoon of Cranberry Aloe.
  • Throw in some strawberries.
  • Blend, add some ice cubes and blend again.
  • Top it off with some blueberries to serve.

Key Benefits of Herbalife Energy Tea

  • Boosts your energy instantly.
  • Provides antioxidants to your body.
  • Instant and very easy to make.
  • Low-calorie drink with up to 5 calories per serving.
  • Burns calories, a single serving helps you burn about 80 calories doing nothing!
  • Healthy alternative to soda drinks.
  • It is flexible to experiment with all the flavors by adding ingredients of your choice.
  • Pocket-friendly for carrying it along everywhere.
  • Gives you a caffeine boost by providing about 85 mg of caffeine per serving.
  • Improves metabolic activity.

Useful Tips

  • If you are caffeine sensitive, this drink is not for you. It contains a high amount of caffeine to give you an instant boost of energy and increase mental alertness.
  • Include it in your weight-loss diet to satisfy the mid-meal hunger pangs. Forget the junk.
  • Take it to your workplace to avoid drinking high-calorie soda drinks.
  • Include it in your lunch to get a mid-day energy boost.
  • Take it as a pre-workout drink for a power-packed session.
  • Consume it after your workout to increase the rate of calories burning with all your hard work at the gym.

Why Green tea is better than energy drinks?

With Herbalife Green Tea Concentrate, you get an almost equal caffeine boost to your regular energy drinks. You will be receiving all the benefits of any other energy drink with green tea while cutting down the sugar level. So, no more added pounds! Instead, green tea is proven to help you lose weight healthily.

Another serious concern related to energy drinks involves the use of a lot of additives. One such additive is taurine that keeps a check on the count of free radicals in your body. According to nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, “ Taurine can be more of a sedative than a stimulant, so it could actually slow your brain’s activity rather than speed it up.” Therefore, an energy drink might not truly make you energetic. Herbalife Green Tea Concentrate, on the other hand, does not have such additives.

Closing Thoughts

Green tea has the power to provide us energy but it is released into our bloodstream slowly. This helps to retain the energy boost we receive for a longer duration. Energy drinks, however, releases sugar into our bloodstream instantly to increase the attentiveness of our brain. Such instant release dies down sooner and all we are left with is an energy-slump at our workplace.

Dr. Lucy Chambers, senior scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, says that, “Green tea contains polyphenols, such as flavanols and flavonols, which fine-tune the functioning of cells and can protect against chronic health problem.” In the long-term, therefore, green tea takes care of your health while there are no such known facts about energy drinks. In fact, energy drinks can have adverse long-term effects on your liver, pancreas, brain and nervous system.

Herbalife makes our lives easy by providing us an instant solution to all our health-related concerns. With so many delightful options to choose from, it becomes easy for us to include energy teas to our daily diet. Using your imagination, you can also create a unique and flavorful tea recipe. So, bring that innovator on!

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