Herbalife es Malo. ¿Lo es?

where can I buy Herbalife products

Are you wondering “Herbalife es malo“? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. Make sure you hit the translator button to translate from english to Spanish. Herbalife is what you make of it. We all have a choice in life to make good or bad decisions. The majority of us were taught to work hard for money. How many hard working people do you know that are living paycheck to paycheck? Why are so many highly educated, driven and motivated people living this way? They were taught a poor philosophy including myself. We were never taught to go into business for ourselves or how to generate passive income. So, when I read that people think Herbalife es malo it tells me not everyone has done their homework, respectfully.

Herbalife generate $4.8 billion US dollars in global sales in 2019. In addition, the company has ben around since 1980 and has helped untold amounts of people to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. Has it made its mistakes? Of course. What business is perfect and has never made one mistake? Let's be realistic. That being said, Herbalife is a legitimate business. Herbalife not a pyramid scheme. The only way preferred members (customers) and distributors (independent Herbalife home business owners) generate revenue is if they sell product. So, you can make the choice to do little in the way of building your business and you will earn little.

Herbalife Membership

Herbalife membership lasts for 12 months. So, we as distributors and preferred members need to pay a yearly membership renewal fee of $15 USD. Furthermore, this is a very small investment to have to make considering the numerous benefits that come with joining the company. All new preferred members (customers) and distributors (independent Herbalife business owners) need to sign up under a sponsor. Herbalife is not sold in stores. So, we all sign up under a distributor. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to get started today. You can visit our about page if you would like to know more about me.

That being said, you can also choose to take your business seriously and generate life-changing income. It is a personal choice that we as distributors need to make regarding our businesses. Of course, Herbalife nor I can guarantee you will make money as a distributor. The amount of income you generate on a monthly basis will come down to your work ethic, motivation and will to succeed.

Why Do People Think Herbalife es Malo?

Well, there are a variety of reasons that can be reasons why people may think Herbalife es malo. Is it? Let's cover some of the most reasons why Herbalife is bad.

  • High-priced products (you can save up to 50% off your products)
  • Pyramid scheme (is it not)
  • Only those at the top of the compensation make the most money (not true)
  • You have to pay for a lot of products to move up the compensation plan (not true)
  • Products don't work (everyone is different so find what works and disregard what doesn't)
  • Distributors do not make any money (those that don't work do not so this is correct)

These are only a few of the reasons. Did you know that distributors who make it to the rank of supervisor get a 50 percent discount on their products? Preferred members, although are not paid for sharing Herbalife products with other people can still earn up to a 42 percent discount on their product purchases. Of course, this higher discount will depend on the amount of products you are consuming each month. So, the more products you are using the more Herbalife rewards you for your loyalty. We as distributors and preferred members get our products at wholesale rather than retail prices. Herbalife is not bad but it also isn't for everyone either.

Does Herbalife Have Side Effects?

You always want to consult a Physician before starting any products or exercise routine. Herbalife products are not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness or disease. We all are different and will have various symptoms using any types of products. The key with Herbalife is you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Find the ones that work best for you and disregard the ones that may give you side effects. Remember, toxicity builds up in the body easily. The body will produce different symptoms when you eradicating free radicals, heavy metals and oxidative stress from the body.

So, symptoms you may or may not experience can often times be your body getting rid of those unwanted toxins. You always want to follow the instructions on the Herbalife product packaging. Herbalife is 100 percent committed to the safety of their customers, distributors and product line at all times.

Herbalife Business Opportunity

The company has a very lucrative compensation. That being said, Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme. The only way Herbalife will pay you is if you sell product. The great news is that you don't have to do all of the work yourself. The key is to find the right people online as well as offline who are seeking to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. They are most certainly out there too. I am an example of one. No one had to sell me on Herbalife. I was already seeking what the company had to offer and I certainly never felt that Herbalife es malo.

We all have a choice in this life. We can live average, good or great. My focus was to be free from…

  • A mortgage
  • Rent
  • Worrying what something costs
  • Debt

I knew I had to change the vehicle I was traveling in from a tricycle (job) to a Ferrari (Herbalife home business). So, I had to take action myself. Remember, for every 1 person that says Herbalife es malo there are 1,000 who will see the good and massive opportunities that are contained within the company. Furthermore, there has never been a better time to join Herbalife. Would you like to get started with us? If so, click on the button below.

Herbalife Distributor Cost

There is a one time investment of $94.10 USD to join Herbalife as a distributor. In addition, the company provides all new distributors with their own website. You can take a look at my Herbalife website here. Yours will have your countries currency, your name, photo and contact information on it. So, you can share your website link with people online on your social media platforms. Did you know there are over 1 billion people on Facebook? Furthermore, you can also talk with people offline about Herbalife products and the business opportunity in person.

You cannot say the wrong thing to the right person and you cannot say the right thing to the wrong person – Eric Worre, entrepreneur

You don't have to pay for a lot of products to move up the compensation plan which is why some people say Herbalife es malo. In fact, I joined without purchasing any products. Remember, you are paid and get promoted to a certain extent on product volume you generate. That being said, the higher you go in rank as a distributor you also have to become a leader. The real money is teaching other leaders who to lead and get their team members to lead their businesses and so on.

How Do Herbalife Distributors Get Paid?

Herbalife distributors get paid by working to build their team of preferred members and distributors. The reality is about 87 percent of Herbalife distributors make little to no money. Why such a high percentage? Is this a reason why people may say Herbalife es malo? Perhaps but here is why. These distributors are lukewarm interested and not 100 percent committed. I will be up front, blunt and honest. It takes work to build a legitimate monthly income as a distributor and most people quit far too soon. They are not building their business, do not see income coming in, get discouraged and quit.

People would do better if they knew better – Jim Rohn, entrepreneur

The Herbalife distributors who are making legitimate monthly incomes are 100 percent committed to success. They already know that the alternative is working a job for the next 30 to 60 years. The beauty of the Herbalife business opportunity is you can continue to work your full-time and part-time job and build your fortune in your spare time. So, the more product volume you generate the higher your income goes. It is all based on the success principle of duplication. You will never be able to do by yourself what you can do within a team. Remember, the more people you help to get what they want the more they will help you to get what you want.

Herbalife will send you your distributor kit in the mail a few days after you join. Your kit will be filled with product samples you can use and share with other people. In addition, it will also contain helpful marketing materials to help you grow your business as well as brochures about our other products.

Herbalife es malo
Photo Credit: Herbalife
(Distributor Kit)

Is Herbalife Expensive?

This is one of the other reasons why some people say that Herbalife es malo. The suggest retail prices listed on the Herbalife are far higher for non-members. That being said, they can be far lower if you take action and join either as a preferred member or as a distributor. The one-time investment to join Herbalife as a preferred member is $34.95 USD. Preferred members are not interested in starting their own independent Herbalife products or getting paid for sharing them with other people. What they do want is to get their products at the cheapest possible price and in the safest method available which is directly from Herbalife.

Can You Really Make Money With Herbalife
Photo Credit: Herbalife
(Preferred Member Product Pack)

Once you join you will be able to login to Herbalife and order your products directly from the company. Herbalife preferred members as well as distributors get a lifetime, 25 percent discount immediately upon joining the company. As I discuss throughout this post they can also earn up to a 42 percent discount depending on the amount of products they are using each month. So, the more products you are consuming the more the company will reward you for your loyalty. Distributors on the other hand can earn up to a 50 percent discount on their products. Furthermore, they also start earning higher commissions, additional bonuses and qualify for free international trips paid for by Herbalife. Herbalife es malo? Is it? I don't think so.

How Do I Start Selling Herbalife Products?

The first step is to join Herbalife as a distributor. Again, the easy steps to join Herbalife are listed to the right of this post. You will need to scroll up to view them. Furthermore, you can also find them listed on our sign up page in the navigation menu at the top of this website. You can find people online on your social media accounts to share the Herbalife products and business opportunity with. In addition, you can also share them with people offline in person.

When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe then you will be successful – Eric Thomas, entrepreneur

Herbalife is one of the new network marketing companies that does not require its distributors to be on auto-ship. Auto-ship is an easy service available to both distributors as well as preferred members (customers) that allows you to have your products shipped to your home automatically each month. Of course, you can start, stop, cancel, re-start or change the products on your auto-ship at anytime.

Would you like to get started with us? If so, click on the button below.

How Can I Get Herbalife Cheaper?

Two ways

  • Get serious about building your independent Herbalife business as a distributor and receive up to a 50 percent discount on your products
  • Join as a preferred member and earn up to a 42 percent discount on your products

The reason why many people think Herbalife es malo is they want things easy. Results don't come overnight. Products don't work? What about you? Are you actively getting out the door each day and taking care of your body? Furthermore, you are burning more calories than you are taking in? If not, Herbalife products won't work and nor will any other products work. Herbalife products are there to support us in our personal care and skin care needs. The nutritional supplements available to use work to assist us in our daily exercise routine.

Herbalife nor I can guarantee you will get results either a preferred member or as a distributor. It all comes down to your level of excitement, commitment to excellence and desire to do more than just getting by.

Is Selling Herbalife Worth It?

Herbalife works if you work Herbalife. Results do not come to anyone overnight. That being said, they will come to those who are persistent and consistent in their daily actions. In terms of product use always consult a Physician and never use products that don't sit well with your body. Herbalife is not only a great company with outstanding products but a way for ordinary men and women to generate extraordinary wealth. What would an extra $1000 USD per month do for most families around the world?

Linear income is one of the worst forms of income there is because it comes at a heavy price, ones life – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

Closing Thoughts

There are far too many people trading their time (life) for a highly taxed paycheck where they are not even paid first. Who gets paid first? The government in some form of crazy tax. What you want to do is making money work hard for you rather than you having to work hard for it. This philosophy was rarely taught and this is one of the many reasons why so many people around the world are living paycheck to paycheck. Linear income is tied to your time. What happens to the employees paycheck the moment they get sick or cannot work? Does their employer continue to pay them? No. Their income is tied to their time.

So, you have to make a change and you can do that today. Are you ready to start building your passive income stream? Are you willing to put in the work and commit to yourself? Join as a distributor. Not interested in starting your own Herbalife business? No problem. Join as a preferred member and earn that lifetime, 25 percent discount on all your future product purchases. Would you like to get started? If so, click on the button below. Welcome to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.

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