Herbalife Immune Booster Review and Benefits

Seeking more details about the Herbalife immune booster? Immune Booster contains EpiCor, an award-winning whole food fermentate ingredient scientifically shown to support healthy immunity*, for daily protection.

Add one sachet of powder to 150 ml of water and mix until fully dissolved, before enjoying one glass a day as part of a balanced and varied diet.

Refreshing berry flavour.

Immune Booster, formulated with EpiCor, the world's premier whole food fermentate ingredient scientifically proven to promote immune health, can assist your immune system.* Keep it functioning at its peak with this food supplement drink designed to support its daily work.*

This product provides the immune system with key vitamins and minerals necessary for its normal function, including Vitamin C and D, Selenium and Zinc. Infused with Elderberry herb and boasting a refreshing wild fruit taste. Packed in 10 individual sachets that make for easy travel companionship.

Smart Nutrition for Your Immune System Winter months bring colds and flu symptoms such as runny noses, headaches, weakness and other discomforting signs and symptoms to many. By supporting your immune system with appropriate nutrients you can help stave off these common ailments from becoming serious illnesses.

Herbalife Immune Booster can provide your body with essential essentials it needs to stay healthy and strong, including EpiCor, which acts like an immune-enhancing multivitamin supplement*.

Additionally, this food source contains several other key vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining optimal immune system functioning, including:

Vitamins & Minerals

Are You looking for ways to add more vital micronutrients into your daily diet? Check out Herbalife's Formula 1 shake – it contains 24 different vitamins and minerals and will ensure that all of your daily micronutrient requirements are met.

Herbalife24 Sports Line Our Herbalife24 sports line can help any level of athlete prepare, train and recover like an experienced pro. Whether jogger or competitive athlete alike can rely on it.

High in key vitamins and minerals.

Immune Booster, our powdered food supplement drink that features key vitamins and minerals essential for normal immune system functioning – such as EpiCor, vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Selenium and Zinc – will support it on its journey every day.

The immune system is particularly susceptible to oxidative stress caused by diet and lifestyle factors. Therefore, it's vital that we consume sufficient antioxidants such as vitamins C and E in our bodies in order to combat oxidative damage.

Our bodies produce antioxidants naturally, while they can also be obtained through food sources. That is why we advise taking daily multivitamin food supplements like Herbalife Formula 1. In addition to its proven weight loss properties, this food supplement contains high concentrations of micronutrients like vitamins A and C as well as D, zinc and selenium for maximum benefit.

Our tailored nutritional plans ensure you receive an appropriate balance of essential nutrients for optimal body functioning. In addition, we offer additional products like Herbalife Immune Booster and Roseguard designed to support health and wellbeing for optimal wellness in the body.

Immune Booster is a berry flavored food supplement featuring key vitamins and minerals essential for immune system health, such as EpiCor(r), which has been scientifically demonstrated as being beneficial. Convenient sachets of Immune Booster make them great companions when traveling or when on-the-go.

Add one sachet (3.7 g) of powder to 150 ml of water and stir until fully dissolved, before taking daily, preferably with meals.

Available in practical portion packs.

Immune Booster is an easy and convenient way to provide our immune systems with the support they require, offering key vitamins and minerals like EpiCor, which has been scientifically shown to work, in addition to key vitamin C, zinc, and selenium supplements that contribute to normal function such as vitamin C and zinc. Plus, with handy portion packs available it's always ready when we need it.

Tea-selling nutrition clubs are sprouting up like mushrooms across the nation, most affiliated with multilevel marketing (MLM) company Herbalife that sells protein powders and shake mixes. Many nutrition clubs use Herbalife ingredients in their beverages or tea blends while recruiting customers as distributors, who then resell these products to others–known by Herbalife as “downlines.”

Dr Gratton heads Herbalife's Medical Affairs & Education unit and works closely with Distributors worldwide to ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of our products and ingredients. He serves on Herbalife's Nutrition Advisory Board and has published multiple articles related to health and wellness topics. His research centers on diet-induced obesity while working directly with individuals on customizing Herbalife products that match individual goals – this product should be consumed alongside meals as part of a balanced and varied diet, and as an energy boost when exercising!

Ideal for on-the-go.

Our immune systems are complex networks that work tirelessly and silently behind the scenes to keep us protected against bacteria and viruses as well as stress-induced illnesses. One way we can support them is through diet and keeping up with general healthcare updates.

Immune Booster is a powder dietary supplement featuring EpiCor, a scientifically tested yeast-based ingredient. Additionally, this product boasts high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals which may support normal functioning of your immune system, such as Vitamin C and D as well as Selenium and Zinc – perfect for on-the-go supplementation! Also available as convenient individual serving packs that make this convenient product perfect.

Herbalife Immune Booster can help support optimal immune health, enhance respiratory comfort and support your microbiome – all while protecting its integrity. Packed with echinacea and 1,000 mg of Vitamin C – an antioxidant clinically shown to be effective when taken early during illness – Herbalife's unique formula offers complete coverage in one convenient supplement.

Herbalife's Best Defense supplement provides another wonderful choice. Formulated with echinacea and vitamin C to strengthen natural resistance against common infections, it should be taken at any sign of infection, before entering crowded environments, or any time you need additional immune support. I hope this post on the Herbalife immune booster has been helpful.

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