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Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of the multinational wellness corporation ‘Herbalife. Herbalife is the worlds no 1 nutrition company and sells health drinks and weight-reduction products.

Virat Kohli, for the Indian cricket team, is definitely a promising find. Hailing from Delhi, Virat is a right-hand batsman, and also a right-hand medium-fast bowler. He was noted as captain of the India Under-19 team. Under his guidance, the squad went on to clinch the memorable U-19 World Cup victory in Malaysia in 2008. It's considered to be an offensive player with a calm head. While very new to the cricket arena, Virat Kohli has already won his spot as a mature cricketer.

Is Virat Kohli Brand Ambassador of Herbalife?

Batting at his favored No. 4 spot, he's capable of hitting big scores. Kohli made his first-class debut for Delhi in the 2006-07 Ranji Trophy and in January 2008 he was named captain of the Indian U-19 squad for the 2008 World Cup. It was here that he shone and went on to become only the second U-19 captain of India to carry home the World Cup, spearheading India's undefeated campaign in Malaysia. He was part of India's one-day series in Sri Lanka in August 2008 and the Champions Trophy to be followed in Pakistan.

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Recent events

His deal with Pepsi was about to be extended when he said no to them. Similarly, a few Fairness Cream brands approached Kohli for endorsing their products. His answer? No. It is assumed that Kohli is exclusively opposed to items that encourage bigotry such as fast food/drinks that are bad for health such as Pepsi.

Kohli's Cornerstone management firm has not released a statement. That bing said, an insider who has collaborated with Kohli to evaluate product endorsements has disclosed that Kohli has said no to Pepsi Why? Well, because he does not drink it himself. So, the unnamed insider shared with PTI:

Virat also no longer endorses equal creams or items of that kind. Also, Virat has risen through ranks by virtue of talent and hard work.

Products of justice that attribute one's performance to the skin tone are something that goes against the ideals for which Virat stands.

Who is the No 1 Nutrition Company in World?

The CWG gold medalist paddler Manika has joined the organic nutrition and wellness brand Herbalife Nutrition as an ambassador to promote health awareness and healthy lifestyle awareness. In comparison to various synthetic health supplements on the market, Herbalife Nutrition approaches dietary issues and healthy active lifestyles through an organic and holistic approach to good health as a way of life. Herbalife has been the leading nutrition company since the mid 1980's.

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Herbalife Nutrition has revealed its partnership with the Manika Batra Table Tennis Star in the capital. In addition, Herbalife Nutrition has always promoted the value of nutrition in producing a healthy athlete. “We aim to reiterate our commitment to making the country healthier and happier with Manika,” said Herbalife Nutrition India Vice President and Country Chief Ajay Khanna. They announced the association of the brand with Manika. Manika joins Indian sports stars Kohli, Saina and Mary Kom as an athlete sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition. Long before the formal announcement, Manika expressed her excitement that she was part of the Herbalife Nutrition Group.

Closing Thoughts

She said, “I've always believed that keeping fit starts with eating well, determination and self-confidence, and Herbalife Nutrition's powerful ‘Healthy Active Lifestyle' message to ‘Make the Planet Healthier & Happier' has always inspired people to live a healthy life. It's an absolute honor to be part of the family of Herbalife. It emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet that is just as important as preparation and hard work. Through this partnership, I look forward to raising consciousness about healthy living and wellness.”

The first Indian girl ever to win an Asian Games table tennis trophy, Manika hit the headlines with her gold medal at the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast Commonwealth Games earlier this year. Also, the first Indian girl to have a Commonwealth table tennis gold purse, Manika was also recommended for this year's Arjuna Prize. This relationship continues to champion Herbalife Nutrition's vision of healthy nutrition, total health and the whole sports performance brand. Herbalife Nutrition is a multinational nutritional supplement, weight loss, sports nutrition and personal care brand with its own manufacturing unit and health awareness network in India.

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