Herbalife Levels and How to Win

What are the Herbalife levels? Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company. Their members, also known as distributors, earn product sales commissions and product discounts by recruiting others into their teams.

Herbalife Levels are essential in understanding how the company functions. In this article we'll take a closer look at World Team position as the first team level that Herbalife distributors may qualify for.


Get to Supervisor is a significant achievement in your Herbalife business and begins earning you serious cash. Herbalife provides numerous advantages at this rank including 50% off any future product purchases made for themselves or by others in your team. Furthermore, all ranks beyond Supervisor such as Senior Consultant, Millionaire Team, GET Team President's Team Chairman's Team and Founder's Circle also earn this discount on purchases they purchase themselves.

To achieve Supervisor status, you must reach the required Volume Points during a qualifying month. This means purchasing enough Herbalife products for yourself as well as selling at least 10,000 VP through your downline sales channel – this includes sales to both customers and distributors as part of Personally Purchased Volume and Group Volume sales respectively.

Additional Perks

As soon as you become a Supervisor in the Herbalife levels, you have the potential to make wholesale profit on purchases made by customers and distributors below you. In addition, a 10% commission may also be earned when sales occur with discounts of 25%-35% discount levels or higher. But these profits will only accrue if your sponsoring Supervisor also holds this rank or higher.

Herbalife provides training opportunities and incentive trips specifically tailored to its Supervisors to help expand your Herbalife business and enhance both your personal life. In addition, you can attend Herbalife events as part of its Global Recognition Program and attend Herbalife Global Recognition events!

Success Builder status requires amassing 2,500 VP over three consecutive months and is the highest possible rank without becoming a Qualified Producer. Being in this rank allows you to enjoy 42% discount off future Herbalife products plus earn split commissions; annually requalify at this rank to maintain it.

World Team

Herbalife World Team is the starting point for any distributor looking to join Herbalife, signifying your commitment and ability to sell products at wholesale prices. In addition, this level allows distributors to qualify for Global Expansion Team or GET, which pays out an annual bonus of $500 USD.

To qualify for World Team status, you must achieve 2,500 total volume points within four consecutive months – this can be accomplished either via Personally Purchased Volume or Downline Volume, or even using both. To do this effectively and quickly.

Herbalife distributors can strive for more than the World Team; Herbalife provides several other ranks that allow them to advance, such as Millionaire Team, GET Team and President's Circle. Attainment of these higher levels requires creating an ongoing source of targeted leads – something those with the highest ranks at Herbalife can do by employing tools that allow them to generate an unlimited supply of qualified leads.


Herbalife's Sales & Marketing Plan is an impressive system designed to maximize opportunities for its Members. Based on an innovative compensation model that ensures maximum rewards for effort, Herbalife distributes a percentage of product revenues as retail profits, royalty income and bonuses directly back into its membership pool.

Herbalife Nutrition Sales & Marketing Plan supports this mission by giving people the chance to work at home as independent distributors and generate generous incomes as part of its business model. Each day more people discover Herbalife products.

Herbalife's unique business model has revolutionized how consumers access and purchase nutritional supplements. Their products have earned endorsement from professional athletes, while Herbalife partnered with national Olympic committees to enhance sports performance. Herbalife's flagship products are protein shakes, energy drinks and sports nutrition supplements; plus there's also personal care and skin-care offerings from this world leader in nutrition.

President’s Team

Herbalife provides distributors with an extremely lucrative business opportunity, and earnings for distributors can reach very high levels. Herbalife operates a multi-level marketing system and offers various compensation plans. But some critics allege it to be a pyramid scheme because rewards paid out at higher levels are contingent upon purchases of products made by distributors in their downlines. Herbalife has since revised their compensation plan so rewards for distributors are determined solely on sales of Herbalife products to consumers rather than purchases made by distributors in their downlines.

Reaching the President's Team rank takes considerable work and dedication, but is possible through retailing Herbalife products and recruiting new distributors. There are various incentives provided by Herbalife when reaching this rank such as vacations and bonus payments; key to your success will be retailing Herbalife products as well as recruiting more distributors.

Herbalife offers two ranks within their ranking structure for distributors to join: Distributor and Supervisor. Both rank can be earned by building volume points each month – in this instance you would purchase products wholesale price. Once in either position you would then move up through their ranks in Herbalife as well.

Herbalife levels

After becoming a Supervisor, you can move up the ranks to World Team; GET Team Herbalife; Millionaire Team Herbalife and President's Team Herbalife ranks. These positions require more sales volume and recruitment activity compared to Distributors; however they also qualify you for Chairman's Circle membership and Founder's Circle membership at Herbalife.

Supervisors and those above them in Herbalife's upper ranks – such as GET Team Herbalife and President's Team Herbalife – collect royalty overrides for distributor sales made through distributors in their downlines, making an important source of income. How many overrides an individual receives depends on both how many supervisors there are in his or her downline as well as their performance.

For you to reach the President's Team Herbalife rank, you must generate 200,000 volume points each month from your first three levels of supervisors. As this qualification can be challenging to attain, it is key that you focus on recruiting and building your team in order to attain it.

Founder’s Circle

Herbalife's Founder's Circle is an exclusive group of distributors who earn more than $3 Million per year and represent some of their company's best salespeople. Additionally, these top distributors share in their success with fellow Herbalife distributors through strong teams with deep commitment levels – essential ingredients in creating success at Herbalife! In order to join the Founder's Circle you must meet certain requirements.

At Herbalife World Team, it is necessary to achieve at least 35% Personal Volume (PPV). You can do this by placing an order of 300 Herbalife products with an aggregate Volume Point Value of at least 350 VP by the last order day of every month and paying in full by this deadline.

Once you reach the necessary volume (VP) threshold, Herbalife makes it possible for you to become a Senior Consultant. Their VP calculation relies on purchases made both directly by yourself and those under you in the downline; once sufficient VP have been earned you may use them toward attaining the Senior Consultant level at up to 42% discounts off purchases made in Herbalife stores and online.

Your Herbalife business can grow by sharing the link of your website on social media with family and friends, blog or podcast to promote its products or if you are an experienced public speaker then speaking at local events.

Closing Thoughts

Herbalife has made it their mission since 1980 to assist people worldwide in leading healthier lifestyles by selling quality nutrition and weight-management products and solutions. Today, Herbalife's products reach more than two million distributors around the globe.

No matter whether you join Herbalife as a distributor or customer, success will depend on how much effort and time is invested into its operation. While some Herbalife distributors earn little or no income at all, others make life-changing amounts; all depending on the amount of energy and time you devote to talking about Herbalife with others – the more people you talk to about Herbalife the higher your chances are of succeeding with it!

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