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What is the cost of Herbalife marketing kit? This is a common question we often get here at Nutrition Geeks. The good news is the price is very reasonable and is also a one-time investment.

There are two ways to join Herbalife. You can sign up as a preferred member or as a distributor. Preferred members are not interested in starting their own Herbalife home-based business. That being said, they do want to use Herbalife products. What is the benefit of joining Herbalife as a preferred member? New customers save 25 percent on their future products for life. So, they win.

The second way to join Herbalife is as a distributor. Herbalife distributors earn commissions for using and sharing Herbalife products. This is the only difference between preferred members and distributors.

What Is The Cost of The Herbalife Starter Kit?

The cost of Herbalife starter kit for preferred members is $34.95 USD. Again, this is a one-time investment, not ongoing. So, the Herbalife joining fee is very low and comes with it many benefits. One, you save 25 percent on all your future product purchases. In addition, the more products you purchase the higher percentage you earn up to 50 percent.

What is the cost to sign up as a Herbalife distributor? It is a one-time investment of $94.10 USD. Both the preferred member kit and distributor marketing kit come with Herbalife product samples, brochures and helpful information to help build your business.

So, are you ready to get started today with Herbalife? If so, click the green button below. Remember, all new Herbalife distributors and preferred members must sign up under a sponsor. You can follow the easy, step by step instructions on our membership page which also walks you through the process.

Why Sign Up With Herbalife?


Leverage simply means doing more with less. Herbalife has been one of the leading nutritional supplement companies in the world since 1980. Did you know that 78 percent of the American population are living paycheck to paycheck? How can so many hard working, highly-educated, disciplined men and women barely be making ends meet?

The reality? We all have been taught to work hard and to work for someone else. Were we ever taught how to make money work hard for us and to work for ourselves? The reality is most of us have been taught to rely on one source of income, a paycheck. That being said, you surely can make money by working a job that you love or hate. The question is will that job love you back? The Herbalife marketing kit price is a one-time investment that will continue to pay you for years. The success principle of duplication is the reason why. How? There are more people that are working and you earn a percentage of their work.

What happens to the paycheck when you cannot work or get sick? Does it continue to come in? Is it automatically deposited into your bank account whether you work or not? We know the answer to these questions is no. People are slowly realizing that one source of income is not enough. So, they are choosing to make a wise decision and start their own Herbalife home-based business.

Why Start A Herbalife Home Based Business?

You start to work smart.

Employees work for linear income. Income that only comes in by you trading your time (life) for it. As mentioned above, the moment you stop showing up for work is the moment your paycheck stops coming in. Herbalife distributors work to earn residual income. Income that continues to come in whether you work or not.

That is leverage.

This is a people helping people business model. The more people you help the greater your reward will be. In addition, the more preferred members and distributors that sign up under you the higher your income potential goes. Can you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year non-stop? Of course not. We all need rest. That being said, your Herbalife business can.

You may love your job but you are only paid for the work you do at a job. In addition, we all have limited ourselves to the work we can do in a 24-hour period. Lastly, we'll never be paid what we are worth at a job whether we love or hate we do “for a living”.

Linear income is the worst form of income one can earn because it comes at a heavy price – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

So, are you ready to take control over your health, time and finances? If so, click the button below. Remember, all new Herbalife preferred members and distributors must sign up under a sponsor. Input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID.

Residual vs Linear Income

Linear income is dependent upon you being present at your place of employment to be earned. The moment you cannot work or get sick is the moment your paycheck stops coming in. Therein lies the problem with most jobs whether you love or hate what you do for a profession.

Your pay is tied to your time. Also, you start over from square one the next day and you repeat the process over and over. What is there was a way to continue to work the job you love or hate and build a second, passive income flow? Herbalife as a business is one of the wisest decisions you can possibly make.

There is plenty of money to be made but limited time. How many people do you know that have leverage over their time? How much leverage do you have over yours? So, you can see that the cost of Herbalife marketing kit is minimal when you look at all of the benefits that come with joining.

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, Herbalife also provides each distributor with their own website. Here, take a look at mine. Yours will look identical. You can share your website link with friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers. In addition, you can share it on or offline.

Again, the more people you help the more you are rewarded for your work. As you business grows the more leverage you create. As mentioned above, you are only paid for the work you do at a job. You are paid for the products you purchase as a Herbalife distributor. Lastly, you are also paid for the purchases your preferred members and distributors make as well. That is leverage.

So, are you ready to get started? Are you ready to start working with leverage and take control over your health, time and finances? If so, click the button below. As mentioned above, all new distributors and preferred members must sign up under a sponsor. I'm excited to have you as a member of the NutritionGeeks Herbalife success team.

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