Herbalife Nutrition Price in India

Herbalife nutrition price in India

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What is the worlds no 1 nutrition company?

Herbalife Nutrition is a globally renowned MLM company. They introduced their nutritional health-based products in 1980. They aimed to ameliorate nutritional habits with great testing. These products are manufactured after conducting thorough research. These researches benefited people to get an appropriate balance and healthy nutrition.

About Herbalife Nutrition:

Herbalife nutrition guarantees quality products, and it is dedicated to make people healthier and happier through proper nutrition and give them a chance to improve their lifestyle.Herbalife is a company that has changed people's lives around the globe with its products since 1980. The global company offers top-quality products that are sold in more than 90 countries. Herbalife supports the Casa Herbalife program and Herbalife Nutrition Foundation to provide quality nutrition to children and natural disaster victims in need.

So, Herbalife products are based on proven nutrition science. Furthermore, Herbalife is fully committed to its customers and distributors. The products of Herbalife nutrition are not sold in stores but through distributors and on different online websites. Herbalife products can be ordered online from anywhere in the world. Remember, your Herbalife nutrition price in India can be far lower by joining.

Herbalife Product Options

The major components that Herbalife nutrition consists are;

  1. Weight loss protein shakes.
  2. Protein bars
  3. Herbalife tea
  4. Herbalife aloe
  5. Vitamins
  6. Sports hydration
  7. Formula1 nutritional protein shake
  8. Soy-based meal substitutive shake

How to confirm that the Herbalife is original?

To confirm that Herbalife nutritional products are original, 5 things needed to be confirmed;

  1. Every Herbalife nutrition product has a specific QR code placed on the front side of the product box. QR codes depict the authentication of the product.
  2. In addition to this, a bar code is also mentioned at the backside of the product box. The unique bar code is used to confirm the actual price of the product.
  3. A distinctive Herbalife brand’s monogram or logo is always to be found inside the product’s cap. It can only be seen by removing the product’s cap. 

Is Herbalife trustworthy?

Herbalife is certainly a legitimate business and are selling genuine products to their customers who, in fact, desire to use them. 90% of the customers who buy their products are not Herbalife distributors. Instead, they are the people who want to drink their shakes.

What are the side effects of Herbalife nutrition?

However, the Herbalife nutrition program has some advantages. It also has very few drawbacks. For instance;

  • Herbalife products are highly processed.
  • They may make you hungry.
  • They might be expensive.
  • Herbalife supplements might result in liver damage as the products contain Biotin, soy lecithin, hydrogenated oil, and soy protein. These are a few compounds that are used in manufacturing these products.
  • Some customers are very sensitive to these products. So, it is their responsibility to consult a physician before consumption.

Does Herbalife Make you Money?

In accordance to Herbalife, of those who received earnings from Herbalife is around 50% less than US$ 370 for a year. At the same time, 10% make a total amount of $6,965 USD per year. That being said, only the top 1% can make more than $108,802 USD. So, you can make money as a distributor but you need to be motivated.

All new customers and distributors need to sign up under a sponsor. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to get started with Herbalife. You are more than welcome to visit our about page if you would like to know more about me. Also, new members receive a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their products. So, it certainly pays to join the company.

Herbalife business plan

The Herbalife business plan involves a unique strategy through which a buyer can become a seller and initiate his own business.

  • They offer an opportunity to earn money by sell products and recruiting new people for the company.
  • In India, the majority of the people are working as Herbalife associates.
  • Researches revealed that only 1% of associates earn 90% of rewards. The fact is quite shocking.  

Price History/Background

In 1980, the company launched its first product with the name Formula-1. Furthermore, the product is very powerful in reducing body fats effectively. From the years 1980-2010, the company spread its branches to more than 80 countries. It has been recognized as a health supplement brand worldwide. So, the Herbalife nutrition product business was significantly higher in the years 1980 and 2015. Still, the business is rapidly growing.

Are there any differences among independent retailer’s prices?

Several independent retailers’ offered Herbalife nutrition products at variable prices. So, why not get your Herbalife nutrition price in India at 25 percent cheaper than the retail price? How? Well, you join either as a preferred member (customer) or as a distributor (Herbalife home based business owner).

How much a 3 days trial of Herbalife nutrients cost?

Various distributors have offered the Herbalife nutrition 3 days trial course. They offered this course in different price package. Customers rate their views with stars. The soul health life provides a better product at a reasonable price. 

What comes in the Herbalife starter package?

  1. It is comprised of 4 main ingredients with variant weight.
  2. Healthy meal replacement shake mix (750 g pack)
  3. Multivitamin Complex (includes 21 essential micronutrients)
  4. Cell activator
  5. Herbalife tea concentrate (50 g)

How much a Herbalife nutrition starter package costs?

An entire Herbalife nutrition starter package cost ₹54,162. The individual product price is as follow;

Price list of a Herbalife nutrition starter package

Remember, these are retail prices. We as distributors and preferred members get our products at wholesale prices. All new distributors are provided their own website when they join. You can take a look at my Herbalife website here. Yours will look identical to mine. The only difference is your currency will be in rupees.

Product nameRetail price (₹)
Piña colada (1 pack)9,027.00
Café latte (1 pack)9,027.00
French vanilla program9,027.00
Dutch Chocolate (1 pack)9,027.00
Wildberry (1 pack)9,027.00
Cookies and cream (1 pack)9,027.00

What is the monthly cost of the Herbalife nutrition package in India?

Herbalife Nutrition has a wide variety of products. For a weight loss plan, the package will cost you approximately ₹3,500 to 9,000 per month.

How Do People Get 50% Off?

Only a supervisor can be entitled to get a 50% discount on every order. To get an off, a supervisor must re-qualify annually. As soon as 4,000 points are achieved in one volume month. Then further orders can be purchased at a short-term discount. Even as a qualified producer, they are authorized to 42% off on every order.

Herbalife supplements to be expected to cause more impairment than good.

Researches indicated that mostly Herbalife nutritional supplements advertised have no health advantages but certainly have harmful effects. Often, the products enhance possible effects with no clinical confirmations.

Are they approved by FDA?

The entire Herbalife food and supplement products and facilities are subjected to food development authority’s (FDA) assessment. Furthermore, the Herbalife Company acts in accordance with and is regulated by some ministries of food and health standard agencies.

Concluding remarks

The Herbalife products should only be purchased from the authentic, license holder official distributors. The genuine products must be chosen before buying. Otherwise, it may cause serious life threats.

Herbalife products can get at a reasonable price by signing up for membership. The preferred membership can only provide a discount on Herbalife products. The discounts may vary from 10 to 50%, based on consistent purchasing per week, month, or year.

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