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Herbalife nutrition products for skin whitening have been clinically-proven to leave you with more radiant and glowing skin in just seven days – without added Parabens or Sulfates!

Herbalife SKIN offers an excellent range of anti-aging products, such as Hydrating Eye Cream, Line Minimizing Serum & Daily Glow Moisturizer. Additionally, there is also an assortment of detoxifying clay masks.


Herbalife SKIN products are specifically formulated to make your skin appear younger and healthier, using an effective combination of Vitamin B3, antioxidant vitamins C & E, aloe vera concentrate and botanical ingredients – free from added parabens & sulphates; dermatologically tested; creating results in as little as seven days. Choose between products like Daily Glow Moisturizer, Energising Herbal Toner or Line Minimizing Serum from this range of offerings.

The Polishing Citrus Cleanser is an all-natural face wash designed for normal to oily skin types that is free from drying alcohols or harsh cleansers, suitable for normal-to-oily complexions. Made with jojoba esters to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while leaving skin feeling soft and fresh – complete with its signature orange fragrance with subtle grapefruit undertones!

Herbalife SKIN Energising Herbal Toner is an alcohol-free toner suitable for all skin types that helps restore moisture balance while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Sulfates and parabens are free from this product while natural extracts work to remove any excess oil that accumulates on the surface of skin.


Herbalife nutrition products for skin whitening like Herbalife SKIN Line Minimizing Serum is an advanced multi-active serum designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while increasing smoothness, luminosity, and glow in your skin. A lightweight moisturiser, it can be applied morning and evening on clean skin before applying Herbalife SKIN Replenishing Night Cream; and contains vitamins B3, C&E antioxidant vitamins plus chestnut seed extract.

Herbalife SKIN Replenishing Night Cream is an exquisite, luxurious cream that provides much-needed moisture to your skin at night. Packed with Shea butter, Vitamin B3 and botanical oils and extracts to hydrate your complexion naturally – its beautiful natural orange fragrance with subtle grapefruit notes makes it irresistibly appealing.

For optimal results use with the Ultimate Herbalife SKIN Program that includes all four of these products plus two additional ones designed to achieve healthy-looking softer, smoother, radiant skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles!


Herbalife has developed an extensive skin care line for their customers that includes cleansers, toner and serum products as well as eye products such as scrubs and masks for eyes as well as moisturizers and creams to address various skin concerns such as dryness and dark spots. Their 7-day results kit helps determine if it's appropriate to their individual needs.

Cleansers are effective at clearing away dirt and oil from the surface of the skin, but may not reach deep into pores to eliminate stubborn makeup residue or buildup buildup. Toners on the other hand are capable of penetrating deep into pores to effectively eradicate these buildups while also helping balance pH levels to shrink pores while prepping your face for serum or moisturizer usage.

A toner is an effective solution for treating acne-prone skin as it contains ingredients to combat bacteria and inflammation. Many toners also possess astringent properties that tighten skin tightening sebum production thereby eliminating shiny, greasy patches from developing on your complexion and keeping pores clear of excess oils.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, toners can also help relieve it as they contain soothing ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera and witch hazel. Not only can this soothe redness and irritation on the surface but they will leave your skin soft to touch as well.

Finally, toners can also help brighten your skin. Their ingredients may help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation for even and younger looking skin tone as well as dark spots and dullness resulting in an illuminated glow.

Herbalife skin care products feature convenient pump-activated bottles for ease of use. You're able to dispense exactly the amount needed every time! Plus, Herbalife products use natural ingredients that are good for skin health – free from sulfates, parabens, alcohol and artificial fragrances; no animals were tested either.


Herbalife provides an extensive line of herbalife nutrition products for skin whitening designed for all skin types. Their products contain an ideal mix of Vitamin B3 and antioxidant vitamins C and E, in addition to aloe vera extract and other botanicals derived from plants – clinical tests have proven these products deliver optimal daily results within seven days, such as smoother and softer skin as well as diminished fine lines and wrinkles.

Herbalife offers one of the finest cleansers around with their Soothing Aloe Cleanser, made up of aloe vera and other natural ingredients to gently cleanse without stripping your skin of its moisture. Incorporating jojoba beads and fruit oils for extracting impurities from pores while leaving skin feeling soft and smooth; additionally it features antioxidant protection against free radical damage.


Herbalife offers another fantastic product in their Berry Scrub that exfoliates skin surfaces to rid them of impurities and help control excess sebum production, while simultaneously helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with gentle scrubbers to effectively clean skin without irritation.

The Herbalife Skin Mini 7 Day Result Set is a perfect option for anyone searching for an all-encompassing skin care regime that works well across skin types. It comes equipped with soothing aloe facial cleansing gel, daily skin-brightening moisturizing cream, firming eye gel and hydrating night cream; making this set affordable yet leaving skin feeling hydrated and radiant.

Herbalife also offers supplements that can be used to maintain healthy-looking skin, such as their Vitamin Mask series in Asia Pacific markets like Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan Macau Malaysia Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan & Thailand. Each mask contains vitamin C as well as other ingredients including Jeju Sea Salt and Jeju Rice Extract to promote radiant complexions.


Herbalife understands that your delicate eye area requires special care, which is why they developed the Healthy Skin Eye Gel as a product to assist. It improves appearance while helping keep it moisturized – all thanks to an exclusive blend of herbs and extracts which work together for beautiful glowing skin.

Herbalife products for whitening also feature serums designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, providing those looking to look younger with greater confidence a boost of youth in just seven days. OurSKIN line products have been clinically tested to produce visible results within this timeframe, including their Optimum Antioxidant Serum with ingredients such as chestnut seed extracts and peptides that will restore your youthful vitality.

Herbalife Skin Energizing Herbal Toner is another product from their Skin Brightening collection that's ideal for brightening skin. Formulated without parabens and sulfates, it contains herbal extracts, fruit enzymes, aloe vera extract, vitamin E and antioxidant vitamins to target dull or sensitive skin while beginning your skincare regime with ease. Ideal for sensitive skin types as a great place to start.

Closing Thoughts

Moisturizers are an integral component of any skincare regime, and Herbalife offers several different kinds to meet any individual's individual needs. From products designed specifically for dry skin and moisturizing creams, to night replenishing creams with special formulas tailored specifically for sensitive or problem skin types – Herbalife has something suitable for every skin type.

Herbalife nutrition products for skin whitening can help improve your skin tone, texture and appearance in many ways; one key element is keeping it hydrated with moisture-retaining products like the Herbalife SKIN Optimum Antioxidant Moisturizer which has proven its worth by helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving its softness, smoothness and brightness.

Herbalife has developed an effective solution specifically tailored for acne-prone skin – the Herbalife SKIN Acne Solution Range contains salicylic acid which helps control oil and purify the complexion while helping prevent breakouts by controlling oil production and purifying pores. For anyone struggling with acne, this range should be an essential staple.


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