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Are you interested in becoming an Herbalife NZ preferred member or distributor? Herbalife has been dominating the nutrition industry since 1980. In addition, there are many other benefits that this company provides to its customers.

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Think about it. When was the last time Wal-Mart or Target helped you become financially free? These are major companies here in the united States of America. Herbalife products not only help you to leverage their your health but can also provide financial stability.


Well, there are two ways to join Herbalife. You can sign up to be an Herbalife NZ preferred member or a distributor. A preferred member is someone who may not have interest in starting their own business but does want to use our products. A distributor wants the best of both worlds.

He or she not only wants to use and consume Herbalife products but also want to share them with other people. Are you ready to become a New Zealand Herbalife distributor or member? Click the green button below and input the information listed below it.

Remember, all new Herbalife New Zealand preferred members and/or distributors need to sign up under a distributor. Input the listed information below during your check out.

Become a NZ Herbalife Member or Distributor

It only costs $94.10 USD or 140 NZ dollars to become a Herbalife NZ distributor. This is a one-time fee. In addition, Herbalife does not require its distributors to maintain a specific amount of products on auto-ship like other companies.

Of course, it is important to still be on auto-ship as you will need products for yourself and to share. That being said, perhaps you have no interest in starting your own Herbalife New Zealand home-based business.

There are still many benefits that come from signing up to be an herbalife nz preferred member as well.

One of the biggest perks is you can save anywhere from 25 to up to 50 percent discounts on herbalife products. This is a massive reduction in price of our world-class nutritional supplements.

Interested in gaining weight? You may want to check out CR7 Herbalife 24 Drive or Herbalife 24 Hydrate.

Steps to Sign Up As Herbalife New Zealand Member or Distributor

One of the easiest ways to sign up is to follow the steps in the sidebar to your right.

If you would like to see the step by step process check out our Herbalife membership page. Lastly, you can watch the video below which also covers these steps.

Remember, all new NZ Herbalife preferred members or distributors need to sign up under a sponsor. A sponsor is an Herbalife distributor.

If you are ready to get started simply click on the button below.

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