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Are you seeking how to lower the Herbalife product prices list? If so, I'm glad you have come to Nutrition Geeks. All new preferred members and distributors enjoy a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their products immediately upon signing up. This is a massive benefit to anyone seeking to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. There are two ways you can significantly lower your Herbalife product purchase. The first way is to join as a preferred member. A preferred member is mainly interested in using our products and getting them at the cheapest possible price. In addition, they care about getting their products in the safest way possible through Herbalife itself.

Preferred members pay a one-time fee of $34.95 USD to join. Herbalife will send you your preferred member product pack in the mail a few days after you join. It is filled product samples you can use as well as brochures about our other products. In addition, it is very easy to sign up. All new distributors and preferred members sign up under a sponsor. Herbalife is not sold in stores. So, we as distributors and preferred members (customers) join under a sponsor. A sponsor is a Herbalife distributor. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to sign up today. You are more than welcome to visit our about page if you would like to know more about me.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Herbalife Business?

The second way to significantly lower the Herbalife product prices list is to join as a distributor. Herbalife provides all new distributors with their own website. You can take a look at mine here. Your website will look identical except your countries currency will be present as well a picture of yourself and your contact information. It is a one-time investment of 94.10 USD to get signed up as a distributor. Herbalife distributors enjoy all the benefits a preferred member receives but are also paid for sharing Herbalife products with others.

Herbalife will send your distributor kit in the mail a few days after you join. Your kit will be filled with numerous product samples you can use and share with other people. In addition, it also contains product brochures and other helpful marketing materials to help you expand and grow your business.

Herbalife Product Prices List
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Remember the prices you see listed on the website are retail prices. We as distributors and preferred members get our products at wholesale prices and 25 percent off the suggested retail price you see listed. Would you like to get started with us? If so, click on the button below.

How Much is Herbalife Product?

We have product such as Herbalife liftoff which has a suggest retail price (SRP) of just $20.80 USD. In addition, we have higher priced product such as the ultimate weight loss program which has a retail price of $238.55 USD. Again, these are retail price. Regardless which way you choose to sign up you still receive a lifetime, 25 percent off discount immediately.

Preferred members can earn up to a 42 percent discount on their product orders. All Herbalife products come with volume points. So, the more products you are consuming on a monthly basis the higher your discount will be. Herbalife distributors can earn up to a 50 percent discount on their products. How? Well, once you make the distributor rank of supervisor or higher you can enjoy this massive discount. In addition, we as distributors are paid for sharing Herbalife products with other people.

So, the Herbalife product prices list on the Herbalife website can be significantly lowered. All it takes is a decision to join Herbalife and start receiving your products at wholesale rather than retail price.

How Do I Start My Own Herbalife Business?

The same instructions you'll follow to start your business is the same steps I took to start mine. As mentioned above, all new distributors and preferred members join under a sponsor. Since Herbalife is not sold in stores we all sign up under a distributor. Once you join you can start your own Herbalife home business. You receive all the benefits a preferred member gets but you also get paid for sharing our product line with others.

Herbalife certainly takes care of both its customers as well as its distributors. Distributors earn residual (passive) income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. Have you ever worked a job or currently employed? Well, then you know you have to keep showing up somewhere for a given amount of time to work hard for linear income. Income that is tied to your time. What happens to most employee's paychecks when they cannot work or set sick? You guessed it. It stops coming in the moment you stop showing up for work.

Therein lies the problem with most jobs even if you absolutely love what you do for a living. Your pay is tied to your time. So, what can you do to build more income without having to sacrifice your time? Go into business for yourself. Work smart and start your own independent Herbalife home business. You decide on how much income you are going to make. In addition, you get to look the boss in the mirror and tell him how big your raise is going to be.

How Does Herbalife Business Work?

You significantly lower the Herbalife product prices list but finding the right people. People that are seeking to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. Herbalife is not in 94 countries around the world. In addition, they have been one of the top nutritional supplement companies in the world since 1980.

Here is the bad news. It takes commitment, drive and determination to build a Herbalife home business. You have two choices when you decide to join as a distributor. You can be lukewarm interested and make hobby money or whit hot committed and create life-changing income. It is your choice. The reality is nearly 90 percent of new distributors quit within the first 12 months. Why? Well, a big reason is they are not building their business and do not see income coming in.

You cannot say the wrong thing to the right person and you cannot say the right thing to the wrong person – Eric Worre, entrepreneur

Herbalife is not a pyramid scheme. The company will only pay you when you move or sell product. So, it is very important to find the right people online and offline who want more out of life. Herbalife works if you work it.

How Much do Herbalife Distributors Make?

Herbalife distributors do not have a ceiling on their income. The more people you serve and help the more you are rewarded for it. So, if you are not serious about creating life-changing income you may not want to sign up as a distributor. We have distributors that are making anywhere from a few extra hundred US dollars per month on the low-end to several million US dollars per year.

So, your income level is going to depend on how serious and committed you are. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make but it does require work. Remember, you are the CEO of your own independent Herbalife business. You dictate what your income is going to be based on your actions. Herbalife provides the training and support for both distributors as well as preferred members.

Are you paid for the work your co-workers do at your job? No. You are only paid for the work that you do. Can you do the work of 50 people? 500? 5,000? What about 500,000? No way right? Well, your Herbalife home business can. It doesn't need sleep and rest like you and I. The bigger you build your business the more people are working and expanding your business. This is truly a people helping people business model. It is all based on the success principle of duplication.

Closing Thoughts

The beauty of Herbalife is you can continue work the job you love (or hate) and build your fortune in your spare time. Not interested in starting your own Herbalife home business? No problem. You can still sign up as a preferred member and get that lifetime, 25 percent discount on your future product orders. Not a bad deal right? In addition, Herbalife makes it very easy to convert to a distributor later on if you do desire. I created a video below where I cover how to do this after you sign up.

Regardless which way you join it is a win-win situation. Again, the more people who help to get what they want the more they will help you to get what you want. Where else can you start a business for less than $95 USD and have it pay you literally for the rest of your life? Where is this possible? You don't have to hire employees, lease a building or purchase large equipment. All you need is a desire to share your story and our products with others.

Are you ready to get started? If so, click on the button below.  Welcome to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.

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