Herbalife Shop: How To Get Started

One of the best decisions you make is to start your own Herbalife shop. Are you tired of getting paid and seeing nearly 50 percent of your annual income going to taxes?

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Do you know the IRS code is not written for employees? Who is the highest taxed people out there? You guessed it. You and I. It doesn't cost and arm and a leg to start your own business with Herbalife.

In fact, the cost is a mere $94.10. There are no minimum product purchase requirements like we see with other companies that utilize network marketing as their advertising source.

Your job is to invest in the business pack that costs that price. Herbalife sends you your business pack within only a few days of your signing up.

What is Needed To Start Your Herbalife Shop?

Well, the process is rather simple. I have outlined this process in detail in the below video.


What all potential new members or distributors need to know is this.

We all sign up under a sponsor whether we are interested in just buying Herbalife products (members) or starting an Herbalife business (distributor).

Below is the information you will need when signing up so write this down.

Why Start An Herbalife Store?

Obviously, you already have an interest in nutrition otherwise you wouldn't be here at nutrition geeks. There are numerous products to share with Herbalife. My personal favorite are our delicious Herbalife shakes.

I already know you are a determined man or woman who is seeking to take their health and lifestyle to the next level.

We all sign up for various reasons. I signed up as a distributor because I love what the company stands for, their products and the business opportunity.

Additionally, it provides leverage for people who are seeking better health but also who are seeking financial freedom/

Let me be clear. This is not a scam or get rich quick scheme. If you don't put in the work or have a desire to learn this business model perhaps this isn't for you.

It is not a pyramid scheme either. Distributors are only paid if they move product, period. You are paid on the sales of products you make. Your income potential is entirely dependent upon the level of work you put into it.

Herbalife nutrition was an easy decision for me. I am a 2:19 marathoner and have been interested in fitness and nutrition now my entire life. I first started writing online about fitness at rundreamachieve over 7 years ago.

No one sold me on Herbalife. A former Army teammates who just so happens to be the Guam national marathon record holder (2:31) peaked my interest in joining.

That being said, I signed up under another distributor who served as my sponsor. Remember, as stated before whether you are focused on being a member or a distributor we all sign up under a sponsor who is a distributor. Below is the information you will need to sign up if you so choose to today.

Closing Thoughts To Start Your Herbalife Shop

We all have our reasons for creating our own Herbalife shop. There are people who are tired of relying on one source of income. In addition, others are seeking to leverage their time or supplement their income.

You may want to do this full-time and quit your full-time job. Let me be the first to tell you that if you want this badly enough you will be able to do so.

It will require work on your part. Herbalife provides every new distributor with their own website. You can share your web link on your social media outlets, websites or blog. We were not put on this earth to trade our lives for paychecks only to give it all away to banks, bill collectors and credit card companies.

Lastly, you can share our products and your Herbalife link in person with other people in your community.

There are so many opportunities available with Herbalife. Free trips are afforded to those who perform and other bonuses for rank advancements with the company.

That being said, all of it requires diligent, focused and determined work. Nothing is going to be handed to any of us. If you truly desire to start your own Herbalife shop click the button below for the step by step process to do so.

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Become an Herbalife Distributor

Build your own successful wellness business and take control of your life.