Herbalife Start Up Cost Tips

Herbalife sign up cost

A lot of people are curious as to what is the Herbalife start up cost. Of course, there are those that are interested in just being customers and others that are seeking to be distributors. There are numerous benefits to getting started with Herbalife.

The startup cost for Herbalife as a preferred member is $34.95 USD. Herbalife will send you your preferred member product pack that is filled with product samples and other helpful information. There is an annual membership fee but it is only $15 USD. The same goes for distributors.

The price to sign up as a Herbalife distributor is $94.10 USD. This includes the business builder pack the company sends to you. It, too, is filled with product samples and other essential information on how to grow your home based business. The fees to sign up with Herbalife are also one-time investments and are not recurring.

So, they're certainly benefits to getting started with Herbalife. All new preferred members as well as distributors earn a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their future product orders. Would you like to get started with us? If so, click on the button below. Remember, all new distributors as well as preferred members (customers) need to sign up under a sponsor. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID. You can also visit our sign up page which also walks you through the steps.

How Much Does it Cost to Sign Up as a Herbalife Distributor?

This is a common question I am often asked here at Nutrition Geeks. I started with the company as a distributor. I figured why not get all the benefits of a preferred member (customer) as well as get paid for sharing the products. It is win-win decision for anyone regardless which way they choose to sign up.

The one-time investment of $94.10 USD you'll pay to become a Herbalife distributor is a minimal cost. It takes 6 figures to start most major franchise businesses and other brick and mortar business. You don't have to hire employees to start your own Herbalife home based business. There are no utility bills you have to pay and it is far easier to start.

That being said, it takes work. Money is not going to fall in your lap. You can choose to treat your Herbalife business as a hobby and earn hobby money or as a legitimate business. The highest earners like those within the Herbalife Chairman's Club are earning close to or over a million US dollars per year, residually.

Find The Right People

This is not a get rich quick scheme nor is there anything unethical about it. If you don't move or sell product you will not be paid. So, you have to think outside the box and be willing to put in the work. The reality is 90 percent of Herbalife distributors quit within the first 12 months. I was all in and didn't even need anyone to try to sell me on the business opportunity.

I've been an athlete my entire life and knew Herbalife has been a dominate company within the nutritional markets. I was seeking out what Herbalife had to offer from the start. Yes, I did sign up under a sponsor just like you will with me if you choose to get started. All new distributors or preferred members need to sign up under a sponsor. A sponsor is simply a Herbalife distributor.

Are you ready to get started and start building residual income? If so, click on the button below. If you'd like to know more about me before you move forward feel free to visit our about page. I'm here to help you succeed regardless if you sign up as a preferred member or as a distributor. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID.

Do People Really Make Money Selling Herbalife?

Herbalife works if you work it. Yes, people do make money selling Herbalife. I am proof of it. That being said, I continually work on and offline to build my Herbalife business. The company doesn't send me commissions every month just because I can run fast or am a distributor.

I am actively working to build my Herbalife business. The highest income earners within this company treat their business seriously, not as a hobby. Of course, you can treat yours as a hobby and earn hobby money if you wish. So, the choice of how much income you generate is dependent upon how much work you put in.

There are far too many distributors quitting too soon. They don't see income coming in and there is a reason for it. They have no customers or distributors under their organization. You have to seek out and find the right people.

Are You The Right Person?

You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person and you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person – Eric Worre, entrepreneur

I was one of those “right” people Eric mentions in his quote above. My sponsor didn't sell me on Herbalife. No one did. I was actively seeking what Herbalife had to offer from the start and I knew about their success for a long time.

My goal was to sign up as a distributor. I figured why not get all the benefits of a preferred member and get paid at the same time? Of course, I fully understand that not everyone who reads this post will want to sign up as a distributor. The majority of people that sign up with Herbalife get started as customers. They want to enjoy the lifetime, 25 percent discount they receive on all their future Herbalife product purchases.

How Do I Start My own Herbalife Business?

The process is simple. You sign up under a sponsor and follow the instructions listed to the right of this post. You can also scroll up and click on “SIGN UP” in the upper navigation menu.

The easy, step-by-step instructions you'll follow is the same process I followed when I signed up. The only difference between you and I is you'll know and have a relationship with your sponsor. Furthermore, I'm certainly here to assist my preferred members and fellow distributors anyway I can.

Remember, if you are fully committed to building your Herbalife business you will succeed. That being said, if you are merely interested, sign up and do nothing you will not see the results you desire. It takes time, patience and focus to build a Herbalife business.

How Do I Sell Herbalife Successfully?

You find the right people. There is no longer any excuse not to be successful in Herbalife. There are endless amounts of people on and offline who want to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

Herbalife provides all new distributors with their own website. Furthermore, you can share your website link with people on your social media platforms or casually in person. In addition, the support system the company provides is world-class. You have access to your back office where you can login and track your sells, rank promotion status and commissions.

It is a simple process the company has already built for distributors. So, it is a decision you have to make whether you are going to be average, good or great. You can't be one foot in and one foot out and expect residual income to just fall on your lap. There is work that is involved. Remember, you're never alone and can be successful doing this.

You can take a look at my website here. Yours will look similar after you sign up. Again, you may not be interested in being a distributor. Perhaps, you simply want to be a customer and enjoy the 25 percent discount. You win as well.

How Do Herbalife Distributors Get Paid?

Herbalife distributors are paid on the 15th of each month. So, the sales you made in April will be paid to you in on the 15th of the following month, May in this case. The more preferred members or distributors that join your business the higher your income potential goes.

Remember, this is a people helping people business model. Everyone wins with Herbalife. New preferred members get a huge discount on their product orders. Furthermore, distributors get the same benefits and are paid for simply sharing Herbalife products with other people. It is a win-win situation for everyone

Closing Thoughts

Are you an employee currently? Well, you know that you work for linear income. Income that only comes by way of you trading life (time) for it. The moment you cannot work or get sick is the moment your paycheck stops coming in. So, building a Herbalife business is a smart decision. Why? You are building residual income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once.

The reality is most of us have not been taught how to work for ourselves. Also, one income stream, a paycheck, is how most people have been taught to live. The facts are most have too much month left at the end of their money. Herbalife provides ordinary people the opportunity to build extraordinary wealth. That being said, these are for the people with eyes to see and ears to hear and that actually put in the work.

Are you ready to get started either as a preferred member or as a distributor? Click on the button below. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID. Do you have additional questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page which should be of help. So, the Herbalife start up cost is low and well worth it. Welcome to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.

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