Herbalife Weight Loss Program Instructions

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herbalife weight loss program instructions
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Shapeworks is Herbalife's weight loss-plan. What it does is replaces two meals a day with our delicious Herbalife shakes. You need to buy the shake mix, herbal tea concentrate and protein shake.



2 scoops of the Formula 1 Shake Mix along with 6 to 8 ounces of non-fat milk

1 scoop of personalized protein powder along with fruit and ice. Furthermore, mix a half tea spoon of the Herbal tea concentrate with a cup of cold or hot water.

10am: enjoy another cup of tea and a small snack.


Lunch you will have another Herbalife shake, add oatmeal or some fruit for variety. Remember, herbalife shakes come in various flavors so you have many options.

3 p.m.

Have another cup of herbal tea concentrate and a small snack.


Consume a healthy meal that includes two cups of cooked or raw vegetables and protein and 1 cup of multi-grain starch. Lastly, ensure you continue to hydrate well with water.

Additional Herbalife Weight Loss Information

Additional Herbalife weight loss program instructions are to invest in the Herbalife cell activator and multi-vitamin. Herbalife multi-vitamins are taken 3 times a day. In addition, you may want to check out the Herbalife Cell Activator as well.

The Cell Activator helps your body to absorb the vitamins more efficiently. Herbalife Total Control increases your body's metabolism helping you to burn more calories throughout your day.

Additionally, it works to sooth digestion and increase your energy. Cell Activator includes herbs and green tea and should be taken three times a day with your breakfast, lunch and mi-afternoon snack.

Other weight loss considerations would be to invest in Herbalife Thermo-Bond. It helps you to lose weight by making you feel full. Lastly, Herbalife Snack Defense is another great option that can be taken at anytime. It works to stabilize your blood sugar and does not contain caffeine.

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