How Does Herbalife Business Opportunity Work?

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Are you wondering how does Herbalife business opportunity work?

Herbalife was launched in 1980 as a nutrition and health management company. Today, as we see, it is a global company that is working in over 90 countries. It is not easy for a company to expand their business this wide. This takes a lot of market planning and hard work. Herbalife is one of the world's biggest multi-level marketing companies in the world. It utilizes the network of people and promotes its products differently.

Multi-level marketing means that Herbalife is allowing anyone who wants to come on board with the company and earn some money. This can be part-time as well as full time according to one’s choice. The idea behind Herbalife's multi-level marketing is very simple; you use their products and advise people to use them too. You can provide the product to your friends and family as a distributor of Herbalife products. Although it sounds very simple, it's not. It takes a lot of time to build a network and gain the trust of people. Many people ask, “How does Herbalife business opportunity work?”, let us get into more details.

Why Herbalife Is Providing Business Opportunity

Before answering the question, “How does Herbalife business opportunity work?”, it is better to know why Herbalife is providing this opportunity to people. Herbalife is creating business opportunities as it will benefit the company and those who work with them. It is a win-win situation. All that Herbalife wants from you is to build a downline. A down line is the name of a strategy in which you invite your friends to join under you as a Herbalife Distributor. The more people you can recruit, the more down line you have and more money for you to earn. Ask your friends to invite their friends and the chain goes on.

People Helping People Business Model

This business opportunity is benefiting the company more than the distributor because they need to buy their products and gain VP (volume points) by staying active. No matter if the product is selling or not. The distributor will have to buy the product if he wants a commission or wants to make a profit. In some cases, this business opportunity is very beneficial to people, but it takes a lot of time and hard work. Once you have built a team and down line, it is very easy for your network to gain VP and get a commission on the products.

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Why Herbalife Products Are Not Available in Shops?

There are reasons why Herbalife products are not available in shops. The first reason is very simple and straight, it gives the distributors leverage and opportunity to make their way into the market. If Herbalife products will be available in markets, then who will buy from these distributors. According to Herbalife and other MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies, it is cheaper to sell directly to people rather than selling it in traditional shops. But according to marketing experts and reviewers, it is not a good marketing strategy. But as long it works, who cares for what the experts say.

There is another reason for the unavailability of these products in shops who will buy the products. As long as the company does not promote its products, nobody will buy it. MLM is another way that the company saves money over the advertisement. No one needs an advertisement when people/distributors all over the world are promoting the products face to face. In this way, the company is selling its products in bulk to their distributors and also saving money on advertisements.

How Does Herbalife Marketing Plan Work?

Let's answer the question, “How does Herbalife business opportunity work?”. Herbalife follows a simple yet effective marketing and business plan. The company wants distributors all over the world that can promote and sell their products. The company will provide distributors with products at a discounted rate. The level of discount depends on the size of the network and the number of volume points. You can contact the company if you want to be their distributor but bear in mind, it is not as easy as it looks. It is far more complicated than it sounds. However, there is more in-depth knowledge about how this marketing plan works.

Now, to be a distributor you need to be active by generating a minimum quota that is as volume points of VP. This means that you need to be active in buying Herbalife products. Each product has its VP, and as big as your team gets, you can generate a high VP. Herbalife provides their distributors 25% discounts on all the products. Buying more products and generating more VP will result in getting more discounts from Herbalife. The maximum discount a distributor can get is 50 percent once they make the rank of supervisor. But if you become inactive and fail to generate VP, then you can say goodbye to any commission that your team has created.

How Can You Make Money with Herbalife?

According to experts and reviewers, making money as a distributor of Herbalife is very easy and simple. All you need to do is join the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team. Once you have signed up you can purchase your products directly from Herbalife. Tell your friends and family about the product and ask them to forward the message to their friends as well.

The company also provides you with your own website you can share on and offline. You can take a look at mine if you wish. Yours will look identical.

However, there are many ways in which a distributor can make money out of Herbalife products. You can find your customers and sell them products at a retail price, and you can also qualify for getting incentives from the company for buying more of their products. However, according to many types of research and study, people say that the retail price is the only way that one can earn money from Herbalife products as people do not receive any type of incentives from the company.

How Can You Take Advantage of This Business Opportunity?

You can only take advantage of this opportunity if you are good at motivating people because to be in that particular group of people that earn hundreds of dollars monthly. You need to build a team. A team that can gather more and more people, sell them products, or get them on the team. Either way, it will benefit you and your team. It is not only about building a team, but it is also about maintaining it. You will need to recruit members for people who leave your team.

In this field of work, many people quit as it takes time to get to a position where you start to get commission regularly. According to research, 48.5% of Herbalife distributors quit the business. But overall, the company is really happy with it as 5% of distributors grew that year. However, it requires patience and hard work if you want to take advantage of this business opportunity. Nothing works overnight, and you have to work hard and fight hard to be among the best earners in the business.

Is This Business Opportunity Really Worth It?

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some quick money, then it will probably not work. However, the facts state that less than 2% of the distributors earn more than 100 dollars a week, but it does not include the time, hard work, and expense they have spent on selling the product and building the team. The only profit that distributors get is in terms of the retail price. Nothing is paid beyond that by the company although they say so about providing incentives. Experts have spent many hours researching the profits and losses of distributors, and they have come to a point where they can conclude that besides retail profits that distributors are getting, over 98% distributors are losing their money.   

Expert’s Opinion

According to experts and reviewers, it is possible that you can make money with Herbalife, but it is very difficult. However, the facts are not in favor of the company as only a few distributors are making a significant amount of money. Other than that, distributors are losing money as they have expenses and all kinds of difficulties. People are making money, no one can deny this fact, but there are only a few people. A smart human being will look at the numbers and facts before getting into such business. Speaking about facts, experts do not recommend going on this path.

Closing Thoughts

Herbalife is a very famous company globally about its nutritional and weight management products. They are very effective in losing weight and getting a vitamin and protein full diet. However, besides providing these products the company provides a business opportunity for people to earn money. Therefore, people ask, “How does Herbalife business opportunity work?”. The company offers the distribution of these products to every individual that wants to. It works in a very simple way; the company uses multi-level marketing. The company provides discounted products to distributors that they can sell on the retail price and get their profits. But as simple it may sound, it is not.

Residual Income = Freedom

The proportion of the discount depends on the size of your team and volume points. Each product has its volume point. The more you buy from the company the more discount you can get and eventually make money on it. However, it is not easy and takes much time in developing networks and customers that will buy from you. According to experts, this opportunity will take time to develop and this is the reason most people quit early, as they are looking for immediate return, but this does not work in this way.

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