How Much Herbalife Shakes Cost?

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Are you wondering how much Herbalife shakes cost? If so, we are glad you are here and hope this article helps you. Cost plays an important role in all our buying decisions. Low or high cost does not matter, but what really matters is the ‘justifiable cost’ of a product. If the item is able to provide you the worth equivalent to the amount you spend on it, the price is surely justifiable. If, on the other hand, you can derive the same benefits from a cheaper product, you should no longer purchase the high-cost item. After all, we all work hard towards earning those bucks, why should we pay extra to receive the same results?

What Herbalife Shakes Are

The Herbalife shakes are not supplements rather they are meal-replacements. They are not an additional burden on your pocket. The amount that you would have spent in purchasing your meal is the cost of Herbalife shakes.

Each Herbalife shake-mix container contains about 30 servings and costs around $40. That equates to a cost of under $1.50 for a meal. One $40 Herbalife container will last for a full month if you are planning to replace a single meal. If, however, you wish to replace two of your meals with this healthy shake, you will be spending just $80 for a month.

$80 a month seems to be a reasonable amount for two daily meals. Moreover, you are saving on your grocery bill by swapping it with this meal-replacement shake.

How Does Herbalife Shakes Justify Their Cost?

As mentioned earlier, a product needs to provide enough benefits to balance the amount spent with the benefits received. To know how Herbalife shakes justify their cost, we need to test them on a few aspects:

Costs involved

You can always reach out for junk food for a few cents just to fill up your stomach. But, for nourishing your body with healthy food, you will have to shell out some good amount of bucks out of your pocket. It involves a lot of money and effort in growing natural and organic stuff and their costs tend to be higher due to these inputs. With broccoli, beans, tomatoes costing more than $1 for half a kg, one is bound to lean towards unhealthy options for a satisfying meal.

On the contrary, Herbalife Nutrition brings you a nutrient-rich meal at the cost less than $1.50. That is the amount you pay for an unhealthy burger or a pack of fries.

Time and Effort involved

In today’s busy world, we are hardly left with any time to spend with our loved ones. As time equates to money, it has become almost impossible to take care of our own and our family’s well-being. Cooking healthy meals demand a lot of time and effort on your part. Starting from the purchase of groceries to washing, cutting, chopping, blanching, boiling, and what not! The cooking process becomes really complicated and time-consuming. Even the preparation of a small and simple breakfast will demand your half an hour. Forget about preparing a scrumptious meal!

Herbalife breakfast meals provide you an instant option to save all your time and effort. You just need to mix the shake-powder to your regular glass of milk for enjoying a tasty breakfast. With carefully-picked ingredients, it delivers a glass full of health to you and your family. Also, you are left with more time to spend with your family and to carry out your daily tasks.

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Value Delivered in Nourishment

When you try to derive all your daily nutrient requirements from your regular grocery items, you have to combine a lot of them to make a nutrient-dense meal. Obtaining your protein from soy, calcium from beans, iron from oats, fiber from chickpeas, and so on requires combining all these ingredients to make a healthy dish out of them which should be delicious too. You are sure to receive nourishment though, but will have to pick the best ingredients for all the vitamins and minerals your body demands.

Herbalife Nutrition makes your job easy by providing you with their meal-replacement shakes. The scientific research conducted by the brand allows you to pick up the best herbal products to meet the nutritional requirements of our body. It is rich in protein and provides up to 21 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Such high nutrient content requires a lot of grocery items, if cooked by our own selves!

Ease of carrying

Carrying a lunch-box to your office is fun but having left with a cold and stale food spoils that fun. What if your office hot-case or microwave stops functioning suddenly? All that effort you put in the morning for preparing your food went down the drain!

Herbalife Nutrition completely understands our busy lifestyle and find ways to improve our health considering all the constraints we face. It made the packaging totally handy, so we can easily carry it with ourselves to places.

Stop eating the stale food or the junk one from eateries on your way. Take care of your health everywhere you go.


Cooked food spoils faster than its uncooked form. Bacteria find its way to your food immediately after cooking due to increase in moisture content during the process. When you do not consume your food hot, immediately out of the oven, bacteria starts growing slowly over the meal. Depending on the humidity levels of the place you live in, the food spoils completely in two to four hours of its preparation. Apart from the bad experiences of the stale-food consumers, this fact is backed by the science as well.

Herbalife has developed Formula 1 shakes by drying up all the moisture of its constituent herbs to retain the freshness of the product. All measures have been taken to keep the nutritional value of the powder intact. So, you can be sure of consuming a bacteria-free meal in your lunch. It is a meal as fresh as a home-cooked meal even when consumed away from your place.

Wise Words

People might call Herbalife shakes costly but do you ever think before paying for the foods that cost you your health? We spend huge amounts on unhealthy double-cheese pizzas without thinking twice and when it comes to paying for our health, questions start arising. Neglecting our health can cost us our lives. Therefore, investing in healthy food is a wiser option.

Closing Thoughts

So, how much Herbalife shakes cost? We hope you now know the prices are reasonable and the benefits are far better. Would you like to get started today with Herbalife? You can be an Herbalife customer and save significant discounts on your product purchases or sign up as a distributor. Distributors use and share Herbalife products and earn residual income for doing so. Remember, all new Herbalife members or distributors must sign up under a sponsor. Click the button below. Make sure to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID number as shown below.

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