How Often Should I Drink Green Juice?

Have you asked yourself how often should I drink green juice? Our body works like a clock, it runs 24X7. Just as a clock needs chemical energy from the battery cell to keep itself running, our body also needs fuel to keep going. And food is the only source from where it gets the required energy indirectly. All the ingredients of the food gets broken down when digested and provides energy to the body. And quite often than not, our body misses out on one or few of these necessary ingredients. In a general sense, it lacks a complete diet.

Organifi v/s supplements or multivitamins

Organifi is a whole food which has a full range of all the nutrients that a body needs to keep it functioning properly. That said, this green juice is not a supplement as there is nothing synthetic or unnatural in it. Neither it is single nutrient specific or has few major nutrients as is the case with multivitamins. Organifi is a complete food in itself, simply in a powder form.

how often should I drink green juice

Should I take it often or occasionally:

As said, Organifi is not any supplement which is generally taken only when your body is deficient in a specific nutrient. The moment the body gets replenished  in it, its intake is stopped as it might have side effects. But Organifi is not any synthetic supplement.

When Organifi Should Be Taken

1.)  I need to keep my body healthy.

And that is practically every day. As our body functions without taking a day off, the addition of green juice to the routine would help it in its proper functioning.

2.)  I need energy to carry out life processes.

All the life processes of the body are fueled by energy and that energy comes from various nutrients and minerals present in food. But does the food we eat has everything our body needs? If the answer to this question is ‘don’t know’, then the green juice is surely a known problem solver.

3.)  I want a strong immune system.

And this is what protects the body from all kinds of infections, viral or bacterial. Having a strong immune system is a prerequisite of never falling sick. And eating a balanced nutritional diet is a must to have a strong immunity. With Organifi a part of the routine, a balanced diet will be taken care of by the expert green juice. So, asking how often should I drink green juice is a legitimate question. Our goal is to help provide tips and answers.

4.)  I want to keep diseases at bay.

And nobody likes to fall sick. Falling ill is only the after-effect of a poor or imbalanced diet. We fall ill only when we are deficient in one nutrient or the other. Our body is a complex system needing many minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. But the green juice has all of them packed in one shot.

Detoxify the Body

5.)  I want to reduce oxidative stress.

Regular functioning of the body puts it in a condition where there are more free radicals (waste material) in the body than antioxidants. This situation is called oxidative stress. It hampers the overall health and proper functioning of the body. To come out of this condition, a full spectrum food like Organifi is required.

6.)  I want relief from acid reflux.

There is too much acidic content in our daily food choices. Not going far till hard drinks, but having a simple cup of coffee causes the acid reflux in the body. It can only be balanced out with the non-acidic or more so, alkaline food content and the Green Juice is 100 percent alkaline.

 7.)  I want to crave less for junk food.

When our body gets all the nutrients it needs, the unhealthy cravings stay at bay. Thoughts of having that junk would never cross the mind if we have everything that our body needs and the green juice has it all; the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

8.)  I need a glow without any cosmetic procedure.

To have that natural glow on your face, flush those toxins out of the body completely. How? By having a diet which is not acidic. Toxins are the acids that harm the cells, including skin cells. Add the Organifi green juice to your daily diet and keep flushing those toxins regularly.

Weight Control

9.)  I need to monitor weight.

The general misconception about weight is that you only need to lose it. But many of us are quite underweight and need to gain a little to achieve that healthy fat ratio in the body. The fat of the body needs to be at a balance, neither more nor less. And it is possible only when the body is functioning to eliminate the excess fat or synthesize more fat if needed. All this is possible only when the body gets a complete diet. So, how often should I drink green juice is commonly asked for a reason. Men and women are seeking better health. Lastly, adding the green juice to the diet ensures the body stays balanced.

10.)  To minimize hospital visits.

Trips to the doctor has become a part of  all of our lives. To name a few, it is very normal to go to; the dentist for teeth related problems; ophthalmologist for eye diseases; orthopediatrician for bones related problems; oncologist for cancers or even a general physician for routine check-ups. All this because we are unable to comprehend the meaning of a complete diet. Making Organifi green juice a part of routine will surely result in lesser trips to those doctors.


Deciding whether you should take Organifi daily or not is like deciding whether you should eat food daily or not. It is a whole food. Our body needs so many nutrients we know (and many of them, we don’t even know), remembering even top 20 and adding them to our diets is almost impossible. And not mentioning those nutrients, we don’t even know exist.

Here the need of a whole food like Organifi is justified. To top that, if that complete food is natural, organic, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, 100% vegan and USDA approved too, it couldn’t be easier to get to a state ‘Healthy body has a Healthy mind”.So, if you asking how often should I drink green juice we hope this article has helped to answer that question.

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