How Often Should You Drink Green Juice?

How often should you drink green juice? It depends on the individual to be honest. Green juice is not a supplement. The health industry can be very confusing sometimes, especially for those who are just beginning to nourish their bodies. They are in a learning phase of taking care of themselves from within. Meanwhile, they are flooded with a whole range of health supplements and multivitamins which claims to be ‘best’ for their bodies. But along with them are hundreds of conditions: ‘How & When to take it’.

how often should you drink green juice

Then comes a huge array of never-ending and always pending queries; when you should take the supplement; before brushing or after brushing your teeth; is after breakfast the perfect time?; empty stomach or not; or worse, should you take the supplement before pooping or after it. You get so demoralized with all the do’s that you choose the don’t; you simply decide, ‘don’t take this supplement anymore’.

When Can I Take Green Juice?

Green juice is not a supplement or any multivitamin pill, neither it works like one. It is a whole food. A whole food never comes with any condition of sorts as it is not a medicine. Supplements or multivitamin pills are advised to be taken along with a meal for a very valid reason; they don’t contain anything and hence derive their nutrients from your food. But the green juice has everything in itself your body needs from food. That is why it is called a ‘whole food’ as it is a complete food in itself. You can simply take it like any other food as and when you like.

How Often Should You Have It?

As it is a complete food in itself, you can make the Organifi green juice a part of your daily routine. It has all the essential nutrients a body needs to function properly. Add it to your bowl anytime, you will have the requirements of the body fulfilled. You do not need to follow any hard or fast rules of having it only with breakfast or lunch. Every time is a perfect time to sprinkle it on your food and fulfill the daily nutritional requirements of the body. So, how often should you drink green juice depends on your daily activity.

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Still thinking how often is not too often?

Top Reasons To Consume Organifi

To fulfill the daily needs of the body.

You need food to keep your body functioning and what better food than a green juice. It has all the vital nutrients and minerals to give fuel for the various body processes and that too, in an all-natural form. It has no added synthetic ingredients like supplements.

If you are a gym buff.

Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then you definitely need a complete food daily to repair those muscles after a good workout. Adding this green juice to your daily routine would make your body recover faster from the loss of those electrolytes during exercise.

If you are constantly on the go.

If you are traveling a lot and tend to accidentally skip meals, taking Organifi would cover up for that daily loss. Just have a shot of it by mixing it in water, the body just get everything it missed.

If you are meeting many people.

If you happen to meet many people due to the nature of your work or as apart of your routine activities, there is always a chance of catching an infection from any probable sick person. Even worse, if you happen to be into nursing profession, a strong shield to protect yourself from germs is needed. Organifi provides you that shield.

Additional Reasons To Consume Organifi Green Juice

If you fall sick.

If falling sick more often is a part of you now, your body is surely missing out on something. The regular intake of this green juice will supply the body everything it needs to stay healthy.

Recovering from a surgery or Chemotherapy

When the body recovers from a surgery, it not only needs the usual supply of the whole foods but also the extra nutrients and minerals to work on the injury. More so, in case of chemotherapy or any such radiation therapy, the body is in its most unhealthy state due to the harmful radiation it just braved. Organifi gives that boost of minerals and all the essential nutrients which help the body to recover and ultimately replenish everything it has lost.

To strengthen a weak immunity

A regular intake of the green juice will help to strengthen your otherwise weak immunity. How? The phytochemicals in plants are known to strengthen the immune system if consumed regularly.

Strong Bone and Teeth

Have weak bones and teeth?

Daily calcium intake ensures strong bones and teeth. Many so-called health experts would suggest that you take calcium supplements. But they never tell you that if taken in a supplement form, body extracts that calcium not from your food but your bones only. To let the calcium be extracted from your food, you need Vitamin K along with it. And Organifi never deplete anything from your body, it just replenishes it.

Need energy boosting shots

If you happen to be the one who is so busy that you are short of time to get your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can have this green juice by making a shot of it. Leave the rest to Organifi as it is an expert in giving your body exactly what it needs daily. How often should you drink green juice? We recommend at least one glass per day.

Maintain Focus on Your Health

While dealing with general health issues

If your body is dealing with general health issues like fluctuating blood pressure, inflammations, breakouts, poor digestion, poor sleep patterns, over-dependence on drugs (medicinal or recreational), chances are that your body is lacking in more than one nutrient. Organifi’s functioning as a whole food is all you’ll need to get all of them fuss-free.


Our body is a machine that is constantly running. It never stops or takes rest. And when we are sick or recovering from an injury, the machine needs extra care not only to keep itself running but also to recover itself from that extra wear and tear it just went through. Organifi has everything our body needs to help it function in a healthy manner and to sustain it. So, still wondering how often should you drink green juice. We hope this article has been helpful in answering that question.

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