How To Use Organifi Green Juice

Seek how to use Organifi Green Juice? Using Organifi juice is as simple as drinking a glass of water. You just need to add a scoop of it into your glass of water to get an alkaline body. But if you are the one who tends to be creative with everything you get hold of, you can try some interesting ways to use the Organifi green juice powder. You will still get benefited from the plethora of health benefits it offers.


Add it to the Salad dressings

Salads are a favorite of all health-conscious people. We tend to personalize them with our favorite dressings and experiment a lot with our very own innovations too. Adding a scoop of Organifi green juice to the salad dressing enhances the nutrient content of the dish as a whole. It also adds a nice flavor to the salads. Add it to your creamier salad dressings made out of avocados for a tastier dish.

Get baking with it

Add a scoop of green juice powder to the pancake batter to get a healthier version of cake. If you are the one who do not like greens at all but determined to get the health benefits they offer, baking is your savior. Make a quick mug cake with a scoop of Organifi for your breakfast or your late-night hunger pangs. You will receive all the nutrients of organifi without even realizing that you are consuming it. So, get baking now!

Make a dip out of Organifi

Dips are a great way to add more greens to our diet. Add some Organifi to your favorite dip to add to your good health. Whether it be a spinach dip or a cheesy one or our favorite hummus, Organifi mixes well with each. Try it out with any of your favorite and tell us how do you like it?

Get some healthy gummies

Gummies are an easy snackers for busier people. Making green gummies out of Organifi helps you take your superfood wherever you go. Add it to the fruit gummies for added health benefits. Your portable superfood will be ready in no time!

Mix it in the cereals

If you love to grab a hot bowl of quinoa every morning, you must try adding a scoop of green juice powder to your bowl. Add a crunch of almonds and a burst of sweetness from honey to enhance its taste. Make a cereal bar out of Organifi and carry it to your workplace. A portable snack packed with a boost of nutrients is the best one can ask for!

Add Organifi into Soup

Soup it up

Adding a scoop of Organifi green juice to your favorite soup enriches it with nutrients. Mix it just after you turn the heat off to keep the nutrient quotient high. Blending the green powder with the ingredients of no-cook soup is the best way to get some extra greens.

Make an Organifi chocolate

Prepare a chocolate bark with a superfood added to it. You will never regret eating an extra bite! Add some natural sweetness of fruits like cherries or bananas to avoid adding processed ingredients to your chocolate. You can also opt for the addition of dates for natural sweetness. Add a scoop or two of Organifi green juice and consider adding a crunch from your favorite dry fruits. Your guilt-free chocolate is ready!

Mix Organifi up With Energy Bites

Homemade energy bites

Get creative and ditch the store-bought energy bites and energy bars. Make some energy bites for your lunch box or for after workout meals. Mixing up some almond butter, cacao nibs, dates, coconut flakes, and Organifi green juice powder gives you a batch of superfood bites.

Make an Organifi smoothie

Morning smoothies add a boost of health to our diets. Making a green smoothie out of Organifi packs more nutrients into the drink. Add your favorite fruits and vegetables with a scoop of Organifi green juice to the blender to get a satiating smoothie.

Add a scoop to the mousse

Adding greens to desserts is a good way to get a healthier dish while enjoying the taste of it. Mix a scoop or two of Organifi green juice in your favorite mousse to add a punch of health to it. The strong flavor of chocolate goes really well with the spicy flavor of green juice. Making a chocolate mousse, therefore, would be the best choice.

Add it to the curries

If you are the one who loves to make a curry out of your favorite ingredients, you can consider adding a superfood to it too. Add a scoop or two once you switch the flame off and give it a good mix. Your nutrient-rich curry is ready to serve!

Closing Suggestions

Make an Organifi bread

Consider baking a bread with a scoop of Organifi green juice. It will not only increase its health quotient but also add a tinge of green to it. A spicy and flavorful bread will be ready for you to eat up. You can also add some herbs of your choice to give an extra punch of flavor to it. You can always consider an Herbalife shake as well.

Get a flavored water

Mix Organifi green juice with coconut water to get a flavorful drink. Also, you can try adding some lemon wedges to a glass of water before you add a scoop of wellness to it. Try adding it to your favorite juice flavors be it orange or pineapple. You will be adding a spice to your juice and turning it into a superdrink!

Just be creative

Organifi green juice is your health companion and you just need to find ways to add it to your diet. Getting creative with your ideas and ingredients is a way to get more out of such a good source of health. If you are determined to get healthier, don’t let anything get in your way.

A pro tip on the use of Organifi green juice

Refrigerate the large pack after you open it and consume it within 90 days. Though the Green Juice GO packs do not require any such refrigeration. So, if you're wondering how to use organifi green juice we hope the above mentioned options were helpful.

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