Kingsmith Walkingpad R1 Pro Review

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Are you looking for more details about the kingsmith walkingpad r1 pro treadmill? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

With its 180-degree foldable body and 0.11m2 storage space, this treadmill fits nicely in any corner. Perfect for people wanting to exercise at home or the office.

This light treadmill offers three control options, such as remote control, the KS Fit app or by user position when in auto mode.

Foldable 180 Degrees

As opposed to previous versions of WalkingPad, A1 Pro features a more silent brushless motor than its predecessors, saving indoor space while being quieter during operation. Plus, safety handrails with soft foam attachments make for even safer use!

WalkingPad R1 Pro’s platform can also be folded vertically when not in use, saving space in your home while not getting in the way of daily activities. Plus, this convenient device can even be stored upright in small corners of your house to provide optimal storage options and exercise options. Plus it connects seamlessly with Mijia App and smart TVs allowing more entertainment options and exercise possibilities!

Intelligent Foot Control Speed

The Kingsmith Walkingpad R1 Pro treadmill provides users with an easy, portable exercise option that ensures safe, healthy exercise sessions in an accessible fashion. Its innovative foldable platform enables it to occupy less space when folded vertically; additionally, the low noise motor makes this treadmill perfect for night use and its accompanying KS Fit app allows them to customize workouts and track progress over time.

This treadmill boasts an innovative and patented design that allows users to control the speed with their feet alone. Utilizing pressure sensors that detect foot drops or posture changes, and automatically adapts acceleration, deceleration or constant speed changes accordingly – freeing your hands up so you can focus on your workouts instead.

Another notable aspect of this model is its safety clip, which stops the machine in case of an accidental or unintended fall. Easy to use and with multiple settings available for your workout preference. LED display with large running belt which supports users up to 230 pounds as well as wear-resistant non-slip surface and EVA soft layer providing cushioning effect are among its many other great features.


The R1 Pro treadmill features an ergonomic folding design for easy storage, and three ways of controlling its speed: manually with a remote control or through the KS Fit app; automatic mode that adapts its speed based on speed and step count is also an option.

Although designed for WalkingPad treadmills, KS Fit can also be used with other brands of treadmills. However, to register with R1 Pro overseas will require having a Chinese mobile number available – this is due to it being a domestic version of C2 with lower pricing and therefore no international usage is available.

The WalkingPad is an ideal piece of exercise equipment for anyone with limited time to exercise but who still wishes to maintain fitness. Featuring advanced foot sense technology that enables users to control their own pace without using remote controls, its quiet motor makes it suitable for late night workouts when children are asleep.


KS Fit App

The KS Fit App is an intelligent software program that enables users to efficiently manage their Kingsmith fitness equipment. Users can set training plans at home using this application, sync exercise data with Apple Health via HealthKit for tracking progress and use this on both iOS and Android phones.

The R1 Pro is an upgraded version of the WalkingPad A1. Utilizing a brushless motor with foot-sensing speed control, the experience becomes safer and more enjoyable. Furthermore, its design makes it more space efficient – perfect for small homes and rented apartments; additionally it includes a safety clip to prevent potential injuries.

Foldable platform can be stored vertically to maximize floor space savings while saving energy, making this an excellent option for people living in small or crowded spaces and easily moving to another location when not needed. Also equipped with an intuitive remote control interface which simplifies operation – perfect for those having trouble bending down to perform daily activities.


As with the A1 Pro, the R2 is an ideal option for anyone seeking an easy way to increase their exercise at home. Lightweight and easily foldable for storage purposes, you can take it wherever you travel! Furthermore, its built-in fan and LED display offer additional comfort during workouts.

This treadmill is an ideal option for individuals looking to do light exercises at home but don’t have the time or ability to make their way to a gym. With manual, automatic, target mode settings as well as child safety lock features it ensures safe exercise sessions for you and your little ones!

The KS Fit app allows you to easily customize the settings on your machine, track your progress and review workout history. Plus, it has personalized training advice designed to help you meet your fitness goals! It even has a sleep mode which automatically shuts off after a specified amount of time in order to prevent overuse; plus KS Fit even offers warranties as an added perk!


The new DuerOS upgrade provides multiple control methods for Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro: remote, KS Fit app or foot sense. In addition, multiple safety protections including novice speed limit, child lock function, automatic standby protection and overload protection are provided as standard features. Furthermore, its aluminium alloy frame improves durability and stability, with an anti-slip running belt reducing impact on knees when exercising.

The KS Fit app makes personalizing your fitness plan easy and keeps track of your progress and suggests new exercises to challenge you. Perfect for busy individuals without time for gym memberships; its lightweight and compact size make it easily store away under a desk or closet in any home or office, plus its whisper quiet operation can easily fit into living rooms or bedrooms alike.

This model stands out from its counterparts by folding up into itself to reduce its footprint, making it perfect for small homes and apartments, or folded flat for storage under beds or sofas when traveling.

The R1 Pro features are similar to its predecessors. It boasts a curved LED display on its front side that displays exercise data such as exercise time, distance covered, operating speed and mode in operation. Furthermore, there’s a security clip and handle to help prevent falls, while it can even connect to mobile phones for entertainment and connectivity.


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