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Coolers are essential pieces of equipment for camping, fishing trips and backyard BBQs alike; however, not all coolers are created equal.

Some ice retention solutions can hold onto the frozen goodness for 5-7 days while others fail. Luckily, there’s one brand offering premium ice retention at an economical price point.

Keeping Your Drinks Cold for Longer

For anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and wants to ensure that their drinks remain cold for as long as possible, a Kooler Cooler is an ideal solution. Not only can these coolers keep beverages cold for long periods of time but can also store food and other necessities.

Kooler Coolers are compact portable coolers designed to easily fit in your trunk or back seat and transported easily from one location to the next. Each Kooler can hold up to 30 12-ounce cans and 20 pounds of ice, and feature watertight construction so your drink stays cold for longer. In addition, each model boasts molded drink holders, rope handles, and flag holder to complete its portable cooling capabilities.

There is an array of Kooler Coolers on the market, each designed for specific uses and budget constraints. Some models are insulated while others feature extra plastic layers to help maintain cold temperatures longer. It is important to select an ideal cooler based on your specific requirements and budget constraints.

Reliable and Sturdy

No matter where your outdoor adventure may lead you, a sturdy cooler with excellent insulation is an absolute necessity. The Creek Kooler makes an ideal companion on any journey thanks to its lightweight build and its unique shape; both elements make this product easy to transport along.

Keep your food and drinks chilled longer with an insulated cooler. Nutrition is key and a legitimate cooler can keep your food and drinks cool on the go. Rotomolded coolers have become much more efficient in recent years; however, to maximize efficiency you need to know how best to load and use it.

To maximize ice retention, it’s best to opt for large blocks of ice instead of small cubes. This will extend its shelf life and help limit how often you open your cooler; each time warm air enters it can melt the ice faster; therefore only open it when necessary and close it immediately afterwards. ORCA coolers consistently outperform big name brands like Yeti, RTIC, and Ozark Trail in terms of ice retention tests; their wide selection of sizes and colors even includes licensed models for your favorite Collegiate team, NFL team, or MLB franchise.


Saving You Money

Kooler Coolers can save energy and resources when used to transport food or drinks, making them perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating and grocery transport. KoolerGel The Ice Extender can be used with your cooler to help retain ice longer, while packing your cooler so that most of its contents lie at the bottom and KoolerGel can be packed into its center portion to increase ice retention.

Quench’s sustainable water solutions enable companies to save on both bottled water costs as well as disposal and recycling fees, while simultaneously decreasing sick days caused by waterborne illnesses by providing employees with clean drinking water – leading to higher productivity and lower operating expenses overall. Contact a Quench account manager now and discover more ways to save with our water cooler solutions!

Easy to Use

KoolerGel products provide an easy, cost-effective way to keep drinks colder for longer, without resorting to buying bags of ice. You can mix KoolerGel yourself or purchase pre-mixed in bottles that maximize its cooling power – you’ll even save energy, fuel, and electricity by doing it quicker! Compared to using ice, chilling with KoolerGel takes significantly less time compared to keeping coolers ice-cold!

KoolerGel, created by Steve Glass and available as a scientific formula, is designed to extend the lifespan of ice. Simply mix water with KoolerGel gel before freezing for use as normal; its best feature being its ability to be reused year after year.

Save Time and Money

No matter if you are a homeowner or business owner, our Kooler Coolers can save time and money by helping to chill beverages on demand, freeing up refrigerator space for other perishables, and providing customers with their desired drinks quickly. These rapid beverage chilling appliances are particularly handy in restaurants, bars and dormitories where space may be at a premium. They can easily fit inside coolers for on-demand refrigeration needs.

KoolerGel products make purchasing bags of ice more cost-effective and save you time when planning events, saving both money and effort in doing so. You can cut your ice cost by as much as 50% using our easy-to-mix extenders that meet the specific needs of your coolers’ environment, saving both money and time spent buying it! Invest in some now for a seamless event planning experience!

We carry an impressive selection of insulated can coolers that will keep your beverages cold for much longer than traditional can coolers, even in direct sunlight. They’re great for parties, tailgating and other outdoor events and come equipped with both neoprene and polyurethane foam options that can be customized with quirky sayings or advertisements to make an unforgettable statement at your next gathering.


As with other high-end coolers, the Creek Kooler is constructed using rotomolding technology. This technique involves combining an insulation shell with plastic injection molding processes, creating an extremely durable yet premium looking product with unparalleled ease of use. Yeti and other top-tier cooler manufacturers use similar manufacturing processes but often incur greater expenses due to an increase in plastic usage during production.

Though the Creek Kooler may not be as thick or heavy as a Yeti, it still feels durable enough for most purposes. With its large, durable handle that makes carrying it even when full comfortable and the large rope handles covered by nylon guards to further ensure they are more relaxing, this cooler boasts attractive solid color designs as well as features like bottle opener, latch and drain port – ideal features to complement its solid color design and black gripped material on its lid that pairs nicely with bottle opener and latch mechanisms and drain ports.

Closing Thoughts

Inside the Creek Kooler there’s plenty of space for food and drinks storage, while its versatile hulled shape lends itself well to many uses. Tether it to your boat for beverage delivery or use it at the beach or pool as a beverage barge while relaxing! Plus it makes camping easier as you can easily tow it behind your vehicle or use it to transport equipment directly to your campsite!

The Creek Kooler may not have as high an ice retention as other similar coolers; to combat this issue it may be beneficial to pre-chill the cooler before use; doing this could increase its ice retention by up to 40%! Likewise, packing it so the heavier items are on the bottom while your KoolerGel and ice is concentrated at the top will further maximize its ice holding ability.

Overall, the Creek Kooler cooler is an exceptional hard-sided choice designed for outdoor enthusiasts and is sure to meet most needs. Though more costly than competing products, its superior construction makes this option well worth its price for anyone seeking something durable to store food and drinks while keeping them cool for days on end.



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