Lanshan 2 Pro Outdoor Tent Review

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3F UL Gear’s Lanshan 2 Pro tent has gained widespread recognition among ultralight backpackers for its generous storage capabilities and solid construction – perfect for use during typical 3-season conditions.

At an attractive price point, this pack sling also makes an attractive proposition for hikers who wish to reduce pack weight without spending a fortune. You can purchase one for less than $200 which makes them the ideal companion when traveling through remote places or hiking long distances.


This Lanshan 2 Ultralight Tent is the reincarnation of its popular predecessor and an excellent choice for backpacking treks. Although similar in structure and features to its original counterpart, this version provides additional room and weighs less. Furthermore, its fabric strength has been increased and additional features added compared to its predecessor for improved functionality.

This tent features two doors and plenty of room to store sleeping pads or gear in its vestibules. Easy to pitch, it includes a lightweight stuff sack for transport. Furthermore, its weight is slightly reduced than that of its Lanshan 2 counterpart.

It features 15D silnylon on top and more robust 20D sil-nylon at its base for durability, similar in style to Gossamer Gear’s “The Two” or Zpacks Duplex; though slightly shorter on the inside with additional headroom for taller hikers.

Each side of a large vestibule tent provides additional storage space that is ideal for camping with multiple people and saves valuable floor space in the tent body. Plus, access is much simpler compared to traditional tents with only one door!

This tent is extremely straightforward to pitch thanks to quality webbing loops and tensioning straps, making setup effortless. You can pitch it with or without an inner tent, and takedown is also straightforward. Constructed of silicone-impregnated nylon (silnylon), seam sealing must be manually performed prior to rainy weather use for best performance; this process can easily be completed at home.

This tent comes without poles but can easily be set up using two hiking poles. When packed down into its 10L stuff sack, this ultralight tent weighs only 2 lbs – perfect for backpackers, hikers and wild campers looking to cut weight while staying within budget!


The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 Pro ultralight tent stands out as an impressive ultralight tent, weighing only 915 grams for its two-person model. This low weight makes the Lanshan 2 Pro one of the lightest backpacking tents available on the market today.

As an example of its weight comparisons, a typical 3-season tent by Z-Packs weighs 1155 grams including poles; thus the Lanshan 2 Pro weighs approximately half as much. That represents significant savings in pack weight for thru-hikers trying to lighten up their packs as much as possible.

The Lanshan 2 Pro tent is constructed using stronger materials than its standard model to further reduce weight. 20D Sil-Nylon covers both its fly and floor for improved lightweight functionality; 15D was previously used. Furthermore, waterproof coating has been applied to ensure long lasting use under harsh weather conditions.


As with any lightweight tent, there are some areas in which you can further reduce its weight through simple modifications. For instance, replacing aluminium pegs for titanium ones will save weight as well as prolong their lifespan while increasing their lifespan and decreasing maintenance requirements.

One way you can reduce weight is by not using the included stuff sacks; using your own will not only cut weight and save space when packing up your tent.

Although not as durable as other lightweight tents, the Lanshan 2 Pro tent remains an attractive choice for thru-hikers looking to reduce pack weight without compromising protection. Plus, at only $69 it makes an economical option for backpackers who prioritize affordability over performance.

While reading product specifications is one way of getting an idea of how a tent will perform, reading reviews from actual hikers provides more accurate reflection of its value and utility. That is why we curated reviews of the 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 Tent so you can see what other hikers think of this lightweight tent.



The Lanshan 2 Pro tent is similar to its standard counterpart but features significant weight savings thanks to a weight reduction of nearly half-pound, making this tent perfect for thru-hikers who value lightweight protection from the elements while maintaining pack weight reduction. While not as lightweight as Dyneema or DCF tents such as Zpacks Duplex, Lanshan 2 Pro costs far less and helps save significant ounces when hiking long trails where every ounce counts.

Pitching this tent is easy enough for beginners to learn and follow, similar to Gossamer Gear’s The Two or Zpacks Duplex tents. First, peg out all four corners using stakes (that look similar to MSI groundhog stakes) provided in this kit; once done, set your trekking poles at 120cm either side of tent peak; insert handle of one pole into reinforced pad near top of tent door before peg out guy line to maintain pole’s uprightness and peg out guy line to keep this tent pitching process moving along smoothly.

Once all this is completed, it’s time to bring in the inner tent. You will find that this shelter contains quality webbing loops on all four sides that make attaching clips easier; once connected you can tighten any corners or guys lines as required using silnylon material which may prove tricky at first but eventually it should become second nature.

Notably, this tent does not include glue for seam sealing; therefore you will be required to manually seal its seams yourself before using it in rainy weather. Although this task is relatively quick and simple, doing it will make this tent much more waterproof than otherwise would be. Additionally, there may be places along the rainfly ridgeline or side pullouts with extra stitching that should also be sealed with tape to create waterproofness.


Lanshan tents have gained immense popularity among ultralight backpackers over recent years. These tents provide ample space and comfort for two people at an extremely reasonable cost point.

The 3FUL Gear Lanshan 2 Pro tent is an upgrade from its standard model and offers several improvements, such as stronger fabric, an integrated inner tent, and improved seam sealing. Furthermore, this version weighs slightly less – perfect if you need a lightweight shelter in extreme conditions!

Pitching this tent is relatively straightforward and can be completed with one person. There may be a learning curve involved at first, but once mastered it should take no more than five minutes on average. This tent features high-quality waterproof materials such as 20D Sil-Nylon fly and floor material which has proven itself far more durable than older PU options typically offered by major outdoor gear manufacturers in recent years.

Closing Thoughts

Though it might not offer as much durability as more costly tents on the market, Lanshan 2 Pro tent is well-made and built to withstand years of outdoor adventure. Its impressively lightweight build and cost-saving value make it an excellent option for hiking trips that aim to save money.

The Lanshan 2 backpack is an ideal solution for thru-hikers who wish to reduce pack weight. It will significantly alleviate strain on your back and allow you to hike further and faster.

The Lanshan 2 Pro tent is an exceptional 2-person tent that packs down small and can be set up by just one person, making setup quick and effortless. Similar in size to Zpacks Duplex tent, but half its weight, more affordable, with ample head height for tall hikers and room for two sleeping mats side-by-side; its vestibules also make this tent great for keeping gear dry during rainstorms.


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