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PerforAre you looking for more details about the life fitness x9i elliptical? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

Life Fitness’ NordicTrack Incline Trainer (X9i) provides low-impact cardio workouts for serious walkers and joggers who desire an efficient low-impact cardio experience. Incline training burns more calories than flat training while toning legs – its unique incline/decline capabilities cannot be found on many treadmills.

To move an elliptical machine, either disassemble it or purchase a heavy duty furniture dolly. Be sure to collect any screws or bolts that become detached during disassembly and store them safely in plastic bags so as not to lose them during disassembling processes.


The x9i combines health club quality ellipticals with home models for an effective workout at less impact. Engineered for smooth and fluid stride motion with its dual offset crank linkage system and Life Fitness’s patented digital heart rate monitoring technology (which displays your real-time target heart rate on its console), this machine gives you plenty of options to stay in your target zone – including built in handlebar grip pulse sensors as well as wirelessly connecting through Bluetooth chest strap (sold separately).

The wide belt on the x9i is large enough for power walking strides, featuring Reflex cushioning to reduce impact. To help make training as comfortable as possible, the console comes equipped with dual AutoBreeze workout fans which automatically adjust their speeds according to your intensity – keeping you cool and comfortable even if running or taking full walking strides at higher incline settings.

Perfect for Runners & Walkers

For runners or walkers looking for an additional challenge, the x9i comes equipped with 40% inclines and 6% decline. Incline settings burn more calories while decline feature can target different leg muscles in different ways than flat walking would do.

A 7″ HD touch screen makes iFit workouts and the Internet accessible with enhanced WiFi connectivity, featuring smartphone compatible charging port and two 3″ speakers for added entertainment.

Life Fitness trainers have developed 44 built-in programs that are preloaded onto the console, designed by Life Fitness experts to address a range of fitness goals from calorie burn and incline training to speed and intensity training. Also built into the console are iFit trainers with sample workouts included to get you started on exercising with them. iPod compatibility and tablet holder support allows you to stay connected while exercising; making this machine an excellent option for busy techies looking for ways to stay engaged during workouts.



Life Fitness x9i provides users with 18 pre-programmed workouts that offer users a wide variety of training options. Five of these workouts, known as HeartSync workouts, automatically adjust intensity depending on heart rate feedback to help users stay within their target heart rate zone and burn more calories while strengthening cardiovascular systems. Remember, nutrition also plays a vital impact on your athletic performance.

Elliptical resistance levels can be adjusted manually or using pre-programmed workouts; additionally there’s an easy to use console featuring a large display showing interactive chemical per hour counts as well as distance, RPM speeds, workout profiles etc.

Elliptical trainers combine the cardiovascular/muscular benefits of running with low impact walking for a total body conditioning exercise. Users stand on foot pedals and grab handles, moving their legs in an elliptical motion as they push back and forth against resistance generated by a motor resistance resistance of an elliptical machine’s resistance motor resistance system – this workout helps improve overall cardiovascular health while burning calories while strengthening leg and buttock muscles.

Life Fitness ellipticals feature an innovative dual-crank offset system to deliver a smooth, fluid stride without points of friction – commercial grade technology you won’t find on many other ellipticals! Plus they boast comfortable ergonomic consoles with plenty of storage room for water bottles or books!


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