Nordictrack Elite 900 Treadmill Review

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Are you looking for more details about the nordictrack elite 900 treadmill? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

Nordictrack Elite 900 Treadmill stands out as one of the more advanced treadmills on the market, boasting features like rotating screen, inclines up to 40% and decline training, higher capacity than other models in its price range, as well as rotating screen.

At iFIT, they also offer an expansive membership that features on-demand workouts in exotic locales around the globe as well as immersive virtual races and other engaging activities.

1. iFit

Nordictrack’s Elite 900 Treadmill is one of their more advanced treadmills, capable of virtual training through the iFit app. This workout platform boasts an expansive library of classes in categories like yoga, strength and cardio to suit various fitness levels and equipment types; real life events are recorded and divided up into stages and series so runners can virtually participate in races such as Boston Marathon. Closed captioning for many classes options.

With its HD touchscreen display and industry-leading 40% incline and five percent decline settings, this treadmill can help athletes of all levels train. Its QuadFlex cushioning has been specifically designed to reduce body impact when exercising; furthermore it comes with a 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty for your peace of mind.

Although the treadmill itself provides ample workout applications, in order to take full advantage of all its best features you’ll need a subscription to iFit – depending on which plan you select you can access trainer-led workouts, metric tracking, scenic routes and other fun stuff! If you already have an iFit account through another NordicTrack or ProForm product the Elite 900 treadmill includes one month of subscription service as an introduction (this service costs $38 monthly; both an Individual and Family plan are offered).

2. iFit Family

The Elite 900 treadmill stands out as one of the most innovative machines available, featuring an HD touchscreen display, industry-leading inclines from 5–40 percent and virtual training through iFit. Remember, nutrition is vital for your success as well.

iFit is an interactive personal fitness program that lets you follow trainer-led workouts on both your treadmill and in the app, along with access to its huge library of treadmill workouts (HIIT, strength training, yoga etc). NordicTrack Elite buyers receive one free month with this subscription; cancel anytime after.

iFit Family can offer multiple advantages, one being its ability to add up to four secondary users to your account and allow all of you to train together and track each other’s progress over time. For athletes this can be invaluable. Furthermore, this app also helps track fitness level over time which makes goal-setting much simpler!

iFit also features destination workouts, giving you a travel experience without leaving your own home. The Elite treadmill features an amazing decline option of -5 percent – impressive for home machines! Not to mention its spacious tray built into the console for water bottles or phones as well as Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your own headphones or heart rate monitor.


3. iFit Live

iFit Live is an app that enables users to train with trainers from all around the world. It boasts an expansive library of workouts that include studio fitness classes, strength training, and bodyweight exercises, plus features from ultramarathon runners and former Olympians who serve as experts.

The iFit app is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other fitness equipment, both iOS and Android compatible devices. Furthermore, heart rate monitoring via Bluetooth is supported, as is automatic adjustment to match instructor-paced workouts; tracking progress as well as offering suggestions to enhance training can all be found within its platform.

Users can connect their treadmill to iFit Live via an iFit adapter and membership, sold separately; both provide several advantages that make them worthwhile investments. With iFit Live’s motivational power and consistent training regimen, users can reach fitness goals more effectively.

Nordictrack’s Elite 900 treadmill is an excellent way to enhance home fitness. Equipped with all of the essentials a quality machine requires, such as a powerful motor and long running belt, as well as full-color console with built-in AutoAdjust feature and 30-watt sound bar for music streaming and iFit Live workouts, as well as cooling fan for cooling comfort during tougher workouts, it makes an excellent addition.

4. iFit Studio

No matter where your fitness goals lie – whether that means scaling Mount Washington or simply starting to workout again – iFit Studio can assist in meeting them all. Their trainer-led classes, led by world-class instructors, adjust your treadmill’s incline, decline, and speed for each terrain-based class to help meet them all.

Nordictrack’s Elite 900 treadmill stands out with its high-definition console screen, perfect for viewing Google Maps or movies and shows. Furthermore, its extra-long track length and QuadFlex cushioning makes running comfortable for runners of all levels.

The console screen displays stats like speed, distance and calories – plus its backlit design makes reading it from almost any angle easy.

Add an extra dimension to your workouts with iFit Studio’s virtual trails. Using Google Maps as a basis, this app shows what’s around during your run; just tap on any trail you wish to follow and your treadmill will adjust automatically for a more realistic workout experience.

The Elite 900 treadmill features an integrated speaker system for music playback, is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones and heart rate monitors, has a USB port to charge mobile devices, and a large HD display that makes viewing your saved iFit workouts simple.

5. iFit Coach

NordicTrack’s iFit Coach service is one of the most compelling features offered by this manufacturer. A virtual trainer will accompany you during your workouts on any NordicTrack equipment you choose – such as treadmills or bikes – adjusting incline and speed accordingly to match whatever terrain is being worked upon. It’s a great way to add some extra help with workouts while simultaneously staying motivated!

The iFit app boasts a comprehensive selection of classes that you can take, spanning strength training, running, yoga and beyond. However, it’s essential to do your research first to make sure this app offers exactly the workouts that meet your needs – for instance if barre or HIIT classes are more your style there may be other apps which provide better choices than this one.

If you’re on-the-go and in need of an effective workout, iFit’s app is an invaluable way to stay accountable to your fitness goals by tracking stats. By seeing just how far you have come since setting out on this fitness journey, iFit serves as an impressive motivating force and provides personalized workout plans based on your individual goals.

6. iFit Track

With iFit Track, you can connect an iFIT compatible fitness tracker to your NordicTrack treadmill and use it to monitor daily health conditions and keep track of workout data that helps track progress towards reaching fitness goals.

One of the great features of iFit Track is its ability to automatically adjust speed and incline settings during workouts, helping you keep pace with your trainer without manually making changes yourself. Furthermore, its cooling fan helps dissipate metabolic heat created when exercising at higher intensities.

Tracking workout stats on iFit Track is another useful feature, providing an excellent way to monitor progress over time and be inspired to continue working hard. Plus, social sharing allows you to share workouts with friends!

iFit connects seamlessly with the Elite 900 treadmill for workout tracking and monitoring, offering up to 40 percent inclines with its 32-inch rotating Smart HD touchscreen and long cushioned deck for a smooth running experience. However, its nonfoldable nature means it may not be ideal for those wanting something they can store away easily.


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