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Are you looking for more details about the Nordictrack elite 900 treadmill? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

NordicTrack treadmills tend to be more costly than competing brands – yet offer outstanding features, like spacious running surfaces and powerful motors.

This model features a full-color HD console that pivots open for trainer-led runs and sessions using the iFit platform. Additionally, it boasts industry-leading incline up to 40% and decline up to five percent – perfect for workouts!

1. iFit

The Costco Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill boasts many impressive features. It has a 60-inch running track with QuadFlex cushioning to reduce joint stress and can reach 12 MPH, featuring an inclines up to 12% for intensive cardio workouts. In addition, iFit makes virtual classes from trainers across the country available – an excellent way for people who prefer training without leaving home!

iFit is designed to work with NordicTrack equipment and other brands using similar technology, offering an expansive library of treadmill, bike, rower and elliptical workouts as well as yoga, strength, HIIT and mental health classes such as audio-guided meditation. You can track calories burned during class as well as time elapsed and it can even rate intensity level using data from a Bluetooth connected heart rate monitor during it.


Notably, iFit workouts cannot be fast-forwarded; rather, listen carefully as your instructor leads you through each exercise. Therefore, before purchasing a treadmill with this capability it would be wise to review some workout videos to see if you like them; additionally Nordictrack offers an exclusive offer with their purchase that provides a 30-day subscription of iFit Family subscription for free!

The iFit app offers multiple search and filter options to assist users in discovering workouts. Search options include trainer, workout type, intensity level, body area targeted and continent. Filters are useful when trying to meet a specific exercise goal while simultaneously exploring its vast library.

SmartAdjust is another amazing feature of iFit that helps keep workouts motivating – when using treadmills or ellipticals equipped with this integration, the instructor will prompt you to change speed or incline settings; SmartAdjust then automatically adjusts your equipment so you can keep up with them – keeping pace with an instructor can keep you motivated through your workout sessions.


2. iFit Live

As is true of most Nordictrack treadmills today, the Elite 900 is fully compatible with iFit’s online workout program and can take part in live studio workouts with trainers as well as trail runs around the globe from your own treadmill. When participating in these classes your treadmill will automatically adjust its incline to match up with virtual route terrain – an option you can disable at any time should you prefer running manually without trainer interaction.

Signing up for an iFit subscription comes free with most NordicTrack and ProForm exercise equipment (a value of $39); older machines may also have it added at a small fee. iFit goes beyond traditional workout apps by streaming interactive studio trainer-led workouts directly onto Nordictrack treadmills, incline treadmills or rowers – offering unparalleled training results!

Trainers provide motivation and instruction during these workouts, offering tips and tricks to push you beyond your current fitness levels. Sessions of iFit Live vary between yoga, strength training and many others – beginners or experts alike can select sessions accordingly.

As well as live workouts, iFit treadmill workouts come pre-programmed with thousands of pre-set speed and incline settings that don’t require an instructor. There are even workouts with pre-determined workout speeds that don’t need an instructor!

The Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill is an attractive choice, yet some features may lag behind that of more costly options in this price range. While its 10 year frame warranty and 1-year labor guarantee may cause some concern among buyers, the Elite 900 remains an excellent choice for anyone seeking top-of-the-line performance with access to an iFit coaching membership for one year.

3. Tracking

Tracking your workouts has never been simpler! Choose from either the 32-inch or 22-inch HD touchscreens and enjoy having access to your stats to stay motivated while seeing how you’re improving.

Experience studio classes and global workouts like never before on Nordictrack treadmills equipped with an impressive -5-40% incline range, perfect for streaming Studio Classes and Global Workouts from expert iFIT Trainers – stream them live to optimize every workout and maximize every incline range from Global to Studio Workouts! With access to classes like Hot Studio Yoga or Zumba Fitness you will never run out of ways to maximize every workout session.

This Costco Nordictrack Elite 900 treadmill boasts features and functionality not found on other treadmills. With huge incline/decline capacities, this treadmill makes for great strength training as well as cardio workouts.

With a 10-year frame warranty and 2-year parts warranty, this smart treadmill stands out as one of the more durable and cost-effective choices on the market. Folded up for vertical storage space saving. Pricing may differ based on warehouse location – please inquire at your store regarding stock and pricing availability as this site is independent from manufacturer.


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