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Are you searching for more details about the sheng milo e-bike?  If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

The Sheng Milo E Bike is an ideal way to experience the thrill of off-road riding. Equipped with a powerful motor and impressive battery life, its durable yet comfortable ride makes this an excellent option.

It features a 500W 48V motor that has a maximum terminal speed of 40 kilometers per hour – something which may put you in violation of local laws, depending on how your country regulates speed limits.

Powerful Bafang Rear Motor

Sheng Milo E Bike features a powerful Bafang rear motor that offers exceptional power and torque, and features a high-efficiency design to minimize power loss and maximize energy conservation. Furthermore, this bike can be used on various road surfaces – even snow and beaches! Additionally, its simple handling makes maintenance simple.

This E Bike features a 48V17Ah battery with an impressive capacity, capable of covering 60 kilometers on pedal assist mode and throttle mode combined. Furthermore, its user-friendly super controller enables easy gear switching and headlight activation; and its durable battery lasts over 1000 charging cycles allowing for extended rides.

The Shengmilo E bike is an ideal solution for commuters or people seeking an easy means of getting around town. Equipped with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and fat tires designed to handle rough terrain, its powerful motor and extended battery life make this an excellent option for daily commuting or weekend adventures alike.

Shengmilo E-bike features an intelligent King-Meter display which shows important data about your e-bike. Its high-definition LCD displays speed, power, gears and battery status as well as being waterproof so that you can enjoy riding even in rain. Furthermore, overcurrent, overcharge and overdischarge protection help safeguard battery safety – dual hydraulic disc brakes and horn are included as additional safety measures on this bike.

Long Battery Life

The Sheng Milo E Bike features an extended battery life that makes riding for hours enjoyable. Its motor is powerful and produces plenty of torque to easily conquer hills. In addition, its special inner ring allows for improved heat dissipation and high temperature resistance, as well as minimization of magnet attenuation speed extending its lifespan.

The 48V/17Ah lithium batteries of an e-bike can be charged both at home and at work, protected by a waterproof case to safeguard it against water or dirt damage. Charging takes roughly 5-7 hours per time-charge cycle; its maximum lifetime charge capacity can reach 1000 charges!

Shengmilo M90 electric bikes boast powerful motors, along with high-quality suspension. Equipped with front fork coil suspension and center shock absorber suspension systems for the optimal ride experience on any terrain, making this bike suitable for mountain biking, commuting in cities or going on outdoor adventures.

The Shengmilo M90 electric bike features a double hydraulic disc brake system to provide superior braking performance and safety, along with a horn to alert others of your presence on the road, an LED instrument displaying current speed, driving mode, acceleration capabilities, hill climbing capability, and impressive acceleration making it the perfect e-bike to navigate city streets or off-road hills.


Easy to Assemble

The bike comes equipped with an easy and user-friendly manual that makes assembly quick and painless, including photos that demonstrate each step in its entirety. Minimal tools are required – assembly can take less than 30 minutes!

The Shengmilo MX02S electric bicycle is an excellent choice for multiple terrains and uses, including mountain riding, snow sports, beach cycling, commuter use and commuter commuting. With its 1000W motor it can power through tough roads with ease while keeping riders comfortable; plus hydraulic twin disc brakes and 21-speed Shimano shifter ensure safe passage along your ride.

Shengmilo offers its original owner a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and six month battery warranty, covering any parts found to be defective in materials or craftsmanship, but does not cover labor charges for changeover parts and frames. Their frame warranty also extends beyond normal wear and tear damage such as accidents, acts of God, neglect abuse commercial use as well as improper installation of parts not intended or compatible with their bike as originally sold and operator error water damage extreme riding – providing coverage against these situations too!

Versatile Working Modes

Shengmilo is an incredible e-bike that perfectly combines power, comfort, and convenience into a sleek package. Equipped with a powerful Bafang motor that tackles various terrains as well as fat tires to tackle multiple surfaces – Shengmilo makes an excellent option for everyday use and long distance rides alike – complete with adjustable suspension fork to ensure an uninterrupted journey.

The Shengmilo MX05 electric bicycle boasts a 48V 500W Bafang motor that provides ample power and speed for all your riding needs. With top speeds up to 25km/h and climbing capability up to 35 degrees, as well as powerful LED headlight and taillight lighting for added safety features such as rear rack lighting.

This e-bike features a removable lithium battery that can be charged in just 5-7 hours, offering up 720Wh of capacity that can withstand over 1000 charging cycles without damage to its casing.

The Shengmilo MX05 comes equipped with both an LED front light and warning light on its seat for low energy consumption and high permeability – ideal for rainy or foggy conditions. In addition, this bike features an internal horn to alert other riders of your presence; additionally metal fenders protect you from mud and rain while locking fork keeps gears secure when not riding it.

Comfortable Design

The Sheng Milo E Bike boasts a comfortable design that allows for adjustment of seat height and tilt. Using its 21-speed Shimano gear system is straightforward, and hydraulic brakes dissipate heat for safe riding. In pedal assist mode or electric mode it reaches speeds up to 40 km/h with removable batteries charging quickly both at home and office with overcurrent, overcharge, temperature and wire break protection measures in place for your convenience.

The Shengmilo E Bike MX03 was designed with longevity, battery protection and comfort in mind. Its wide 26×4-inch mountain tires offer better resistance and impact protection to keep you riding comfortably on any terrain, while the suspension features rebound and lock functions for all-terrain usage. Furthermore, all electrical cables have been concealed to avoid cuts and damage while its electrical lines are concealed for extra security.

The Shengmilo E-bike features a waterproof HD LCD display which displays your speed, riding mileage and battery capacity. Furthermore, there is a power button which lets you access its functions with one click and puncture-proof tires with LED headlight. Mudguards ensure no splashback while riding.


If you’re searching for an economical yet reliable e-bike, the Shengmilo MX03 could be the ideal solution. Boasting a 1000W variable high-speed intelligent motor and 17Ah automobile battery with six core protections, it features double shock absorbers and front fork spring shocks to minimize vibration on rough roads or rocky terrain.

This Shengmilo MX03 electric bike is suitable for a wide variety of individuals, including daily commuters and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its aluminum carrier and removable battery make it easy to transport and charge, while its adjustable suspension ensures a comfortable ride for every rider. Plus, safety features like hydraulic disc brakes and puncture-proof tires add additional assurance.

A key advantage of this bike is that it features a sturdy frame and lightweight aluminum wheel hub, making it easy to carry and move around, making it a fantastic choice for people with limited mobility. Furthermore, its powerful Bafang rear motor makes climbing hills effortless; battery charges in approximately six hours; theft protection lock is installed for added peace of mind; plus consumers who are new to e-bikes can return it within 14 days for a full refund – providing consumers a unique purchasing experience.



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