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This page specific covers terms of service information about our Herbalife products, testimonials and trademarks.

DISCLAIMER: You will always want to use Herbalife products along with a balanced diet. In addition, couple your use of Herbalife products with an active lifestyle. Herbalife products, by themselves, are not the overall answer to weight loss or weight gain. It takes a highly motivated individual to see great results. Herbalife products simply compliment your goals of living a happier and healthier lifestyle. Results will vary as it pertains to weight management. I, nor Herbalife, can guarantee you weight loss or gain results and are at the heart of our terms of service. Remember, Herbalife products are not intended nor designed to cure or treat any form of disease nor used to diagnose or treat one.

DISCLAIMER: Interested in becoming a Herbalife distributor? There are no short cuts. Anyone who wants to make legitimate monthly income will have to have a strong desire to succeed. I, nor, Herbalife, can guarantee you results. Your income potential will ultimately come down to your level of motivation, drive and willingness to talk with people both online and offline. You are more than welcome to visit the Herbalife.com website and view their Statement of Average Gross Compensation. The training and information listed on this website are for information purposes only. NutritionGeeks.com, in no way, is providing business, legal or tax advice. there are professionals one should seek out for these areas. I am not one of them.

About this Site

  • This website was created by independent Herbalife Active World Team distributor, Nathan Pennington. The content is my own and is created to help individuals in 94 countries live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle.
  • To contact Nathan e-mail him at nathanpennington at protonmail dot com
  • NutritionGeeks.com is the sole responsibility of Nathan and was not made or endorsed by Herbalife. Interested individuals seeking to become Herbalife distributors or preferred members must respect and adhere to Herbalife code of ethics. Do not sell Herbalife products on Amazon or Ebay. This is against Herbalife policies and procedures. Be genuine!

Trademarks and Copyright

All photos, trademarks and brand names of products mentioned on this website are the property of Herbalife International of America, Inc. Designs, trademarks and other intellectual property rights are the property of Herbalife and its licensors specifically used only by way of permission from Herbalife Nutrition. All content, images and/or source code is the property of NutritionGeeks.com website owner.

Legal Statements

Please review the following information regarding weight loss results and/or income potential used on this site.

Weight Loss and Product Results

Herbalife products can be effective when combined with a controlled, calorie eating plan. In addition, weight loss is going to come down to an individual's metabolic capabilities.

Herbalife weight programs are based on several factors such as routine exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet, rest, proper fluid intake and appropriate supplementation. Herbalife products are not to be confused with a cure for any disease. Lastly, they are not designed to treat or diagnose any medical condition one may have.

Herbalife Business Opportunity

Income potential will come down to an individuals' ability to stay focused and motivated for long periods of time. You cannot merely sign up as a distributor and do nothing and expect for Herbalife to send you monthly checks. So, building your Herbalife home based business takes time, patience and focus. Income earnings come from your ability to build a large team of preferred members (customers) and distributors (Herbalife home based business owners).

I, nor Herbalife, can guarantee you will earn money as a distributor. Herbalife is NOT a pyramid scheme. Building a Herbalife home based business is not easy. Yes, residual income is nice and attainable but it requires hard, up front work, especially at first, to start seeing monthly income growth. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a simple process because it is not. You need to be a motivated individual and be willing to think “outside the box” to start seeing legitimate, monthly income growth. Can it be done? Yes, but not without effort. This concludes our terms of service.


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