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If keeping track of exercise, sleep, and nutrition is of utmost importance, this journal was created just for you. Co-designed by nutritionists and cognitive coaches, its focus is to foster a healthy perspective of food as fuel while offering accountability measures.

Fosters Undistracted Focus

Modeled after top military performers, this hardcover, leather-bound workout notebook helps you maintain focused accountability by recording your goals.

Workout Log

For an efficient and straightforward method to track your workouts, this journal is your answer. Record daily goals, meals, exercises performed and their duration as well as other health and fitness data like water intake and sleeping patterns while weekly checks provide insight into overall progress.

This dumbbell journal is ideal for individuals dedicated to improving their strength and physical fitness. You can set up to six fitness goals and record up to 100 workouts, noting tempo, rest intervals, and cardio.

This journal is the ultimate accountability diary for serious athletes. Conceived and used on Active Duty Special Operator deployment by coaches, physical therapists, and nutritionists of the Special Operations Command’s Active Duty Special Operators team coaches as an accountability journal to log soldier health and fitness levels to optimize performance and push them beyond their current level.


Running Journal

Get into shape with this journal that blends motivation and practicality. With prompt-driven journaling sessions that encourage thoughtful reflection and introspection, and its convenient size allowing it to fit easily in gym bags, purses, or pockets without adding bulkiness – not to mention it proudly being printed in America using soy-based ink for environmental sustainability!

This journal features black paper with hardcover binding.

Nutrition Journal

Nutritionists and cognitive coaches created this premium daily food diary and weekly accountability log to foster physical excellence. The journal helps users shift their perception of food as fuel, establish healthy nutritional habits, and help them become their best selves. With health tracking pages that include calories, proteins, carbs, fats, water consumption and supplements logged; plus weekly summary pages that track progress towards weight, wellbeing and diet planning goals – it helps facilitate physical excellence!

Proudly Produced in the USA: This high-quality professional-grade journal is made with acid-free recycled paper to minimize environmental impact and offer durability with repeated use; further enhanced with its tough leather-like cover and bookmark.

Foster Undistracted Focus: Replicating the focused accountability of top military performers, this planner for men and women encourages dedication to their goals by tracking progress towards them through writing out goals. Users can avoid digital distractions while practicing concentrated accountability with this hardcover leatherette-bound diet notebook equipped with a pen slit.

This journal’s mission is to advance understanding of human nutrition and fitness through novel surveillance, epidemiologic, and intervention research that reveals influences (familial or environmental) on eating patterns; associations between these eating patterns and health outcomes; and strategies for improving these patterns.

Self-Care Journal

This journal emulates the style of tracking used by Active Duty Special Ops soldiers to help users meet their fitness goals more efficiently and firmly. With daily doses of motivation, this journal mimics their tracking style – including writing prompts on every page to foster thoughtful reflection and creative expression – in order to meet fitness goals more easily and firmly. Designed as a portable and discreet journal that is discreet enough for travel use. 5.3 in. by 0.6 in. by 8 inches


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