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Are you in need of more information about the wahoo heart rate monitor? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

TICKR is equipped with both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, making it suitable for connecting to GPS watches like Garmin’s, smartphone apps and bike computers. LED indicators on its top surface provide information regarding Bluetooth pairing status as well as heart rate connection status.

TICKR X models feature local storage to enable device-free workouts, Running Dynamics data (running efficiency) and cadence data for indoor cycling workouts.


The TickR is a chest-based monitor which connects via Bluetooth and ANT+ with various devices, including smartphones, running watches, GPS cycling computers and online training platforms like Zwift. The device itself is small and light with an adjustable strap comfortable enough for even intense workouts; unlike many competitors it features LED indicators which inform you if its sensor is functioning or not – an essential feature as many issues with heart rate sensors come from improper strap attachment or degradation over time.

The TickR X builds upon its predecessor with improved internal memory and advanced motion analytics to deliver improved run and cycling performance. Furthermore, its form factor, longer battery life (500 hours), connectivity features that all Wahoo products are known for (including 5m waterproof protection and removable/replaceable CR2032 batteries), as well as other improvements make this device an excellent addition.


Testing revealed the TickR X to be reliable and responsive. Connecting directly to my smartphone via Wahoo Fitness app was straightforward; though initial heart rate readings took some time before they appeared. Connecting directly to Zwift from either my MacBook Pro or iPad proved similarly inconclusive as they’d connect, yet heart rate data didn’t arrive until a few minutes into my ride or run.

Though the TickR X offers more features than its predecessor, it remains an easy and affordable solution for runners and cyclists who want to track their heart rate during workouts and maximize every workout session. Plus, this version weighs 48g (pod + strap), has improved Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity and weighs 10% less! TickR can now pair wirelessly with up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and its upgraded LED lights indicate their pairing status (slow for unpaired, fast for paired). Furthermore, its advanced motion analytics such as stride cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and treadmill distance estimation offer even more insight. Furthermore, its Wahoo Fitness app app now also counts reps during HIIT workouts.



Heart rate monitoring is one of the most valuable tools you can use on your bicycle to measure how hard and efficiently your body is producing watts for each effort put forth.

There are various methods you can use to measure your heart rate, with chest straps being one of the most reliable solutions. Wahoo Tickr FIT is one such product which offers a comfortable and accurate method. Utilizing an optical sensor compatible with both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ protocols, as well as being capable of storing all data collected internally as a standalone device, the Wahoo Tickr FIT makes taking your pulse easy!

The Tickr FIT heart rate monitor from Wahoo is an outstanding upgrade over previous versions in that it provides more comfort during workouts by fitting snugly against your chest with its comfortable strap padded with memory foam padding, providing snug support. Unfortunately, larger chested individuals may find difficulty using it.

This sensor may be expensive, but it offers features not found elsewhere optical HR sensors. The LEDs on the Tickr FIT display your current heart rate, battery level and pairing status (blue for unpaired and red for paired).

An added advantage is being able to sync your phone via Bluetooth with the app for analysis of your workout, showing average and max heart rates over time, cadence and ground contact time, and exporting this data as a CSV file for more in-depth analysis in other software.

If you want a simple and reliable heart rate monitor that connects easily to various training apps and devices, the Tickr is your ideal option. Easy to use, durable and with long battery life. However, for more features at an attractive price point the Wahoo Elemnt Rival might offer better functionality – and may offer even more for less!

Battery life

Wahoo’s latest versions of the Tickr have advanced both features and form since their predecessors. The updated Tickr X is smaller and lighter than its predecessor while offering class-leading connectivity and comfort in an easy design that can connect up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time, pairable with either ANT+-enabled cycle computers / GPS units or mobile phones; plus it collects heart rate data while running or indoor cycling trainer, transmitting it as well as metrics from running cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time back out to compatible apps or devices for analysis or further use.

The Tickr chest strap stands out as being exceptionally comfortable to wear during running and cycling – in fact, it may feel almost invisible! Snapping securely to the body, its adjustment button makes adjusting simple; its battery life allows up to 500 hours on one charge! Featuring an easily accessible rechargeable CR2025 battery (replacing older CR2032) on its side for charging convenience, its battery life can last for over one month per charge.

More Benefits

Wahoo’s Tickr X heart rate monitor is the latest version of their best-selling heart rate monitor and features many improvements over its predecessor. Most notable of these upgrades is its sleeker, smaller form factor; however, there is still plenty of onboard storage for workout tracking without external devices being required – recording up to 50 hours worth of heart rate and calorie burn data directly, synching automatically when connected with Wahoo Fitness app.

It can connect with up to two ANT+ devices simultaneously and is compatible with all popular brands of cycle computers and GPS devices. Furthermore, the Tickr X can be connected with treadmills and indoor cycling equipment in order to track heart rate, distance and speed data, with built-in support for popular exercise apps like Zwift, Strava and Runkeeper.

Nearly all modern cycle computers now feature optical sensors on the wrist that can monitor heart rate, eliminating the need for chest straps. Unfortunately, optical sensing technology is not as accurate or reliable as EKG-based data recorded via chest straps, making a chest strap an essential companion to many cyclists.


Wahoo heart rate monitors are an ideal choice for any cyclist looking to improve their fitness and boost workout efficiency. Their ergonomic design features a sensor pod that sits comfortably against your chest and straps that stay put even during intense training rides.

These sensors use optical technology to accurately monitor your heart rate, making them superior to traditional wrist-based monitors. Furthermore, they feature an accelerometer for distance and speed tracking as well as power meter compatibility that displays power output in an app.

TICKR X can provide Running Dynamics data to help you become a more efficient runner when used with Wahoo Fitness App or compatible apps, as well as indoor cycling cadence workouts when connected with Wahoo Rival bike computers or similar GPS bike computers. Plus, its built-in memory allows for training sessions sans smartphone before later synching them back.

Closing Thoughts

TICKR X is compatible with various third-party iOS, Android and Windows apps that utilize ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth H). A comprehensive list of compatible third-party apps is available within the Wahoo Fitness app. To pair TICKR with your smartphone or tablet device using Wahoo Fitness’ app pairing functionality and then selecting from their list of sensors once it has paired successfully you will be able to access its data along with live heart rate data displayed directly onto the screen.

To connect the TICKR with an ANT+ device such as a bike or other piece of exercise equipment, either use the Wahoo Fitness app to select it from a list of devices or use an ELEMNT RIVAL/ROAM bike computer to automatically detect it and begin tracking heart rate immediately when starting a workout. Both models feature dedicated buttons which quickly display current heart rates in their navigation panels so you can monitor effort as you ride.


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