What is Herbalife Liftoff Energy Drink?

What is Herbalife liftoff is a common question I get asked here at Nutrition Geeks. My aim is to provide some helpful information here. In addition, discuss some of the many benefits of joining either as a preferred member or as a distributor.

Liftoff by Hrbalife is a delicious powered energy drink perfect for athletes and non-athletes alike. Are you seeking that extra boost to get you through the day? Perhaps you are an endurance athlete seeking an energy drink to keep your strength up. Herbalife liftoff contains caffeine, L-taurine, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana and Panax ginseg. So, you will definitely have that needed enrgy boost to keep you going throughout the day.

Liftoff is a perfect drink for boosting your energy. One of the ingredients of Herbalif Liftoff, Ginko Biloba, has been shown to improve mental performance as well as boost energy.

How Does Herbalife Liftoff Work?

Liftoff is easy to use. All that is needed is to rip open the packaging and the effervescent tablets dissolve into your chosen drink. I recommend water but you can mix it into sports drink as well. What is great about Herbalife liftoff is it is a low-calorie drink that gets the job done.

The retail price for Herbalife Liftoff is $20.90 USD for a box of 10 tablets. Of course, once you sign up with Herbalife you get a lifetime, 25 percent discount on your future product orders. Thus, your price as a new distributor or preferred member is now $13.59 USD. There are additional benefits being both a preferred member or a distributor. A preferred member can earn up to a 42 percent discount on their products.

Prices will vary depending on how much Liftoff you choose to purchase. That being said, you save significantly via signing up as a Herbalife member or distributor.

Signing up with Herbalife is just smart. One, you get your Herbalife products at the cheapest price. Secondly, you are order Herbalife products in the safest means possible directly from the company via your distributor. Your sponsor is the distributor you sign up with. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to get started with Herbalife today. You are more than welcome to visit our about page if you would like to know more about me. Are you ready to get started with Herbalife? If so, click on the green button below. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID as shown below. You can also follow the easy instructions listed to the right of this post or on our sign up page.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Herbalife?

The price to sign up as either a preferred member (customer) or as a distributor is low. The one-time investment to get started as a preferred member is $34.95 USD. Herbalife will send you your preferred member product pack a few days after you sign up. Below is an example of one.

Photo Credit: Herbalife

You can sign up for auto-ship if you wish. Auto-ship is a convenient way to have your products shipped to your home automatically each month. Furthermore, you can start, stop, re-start, cancel or change the products on your auto-ship at any given time. Herbalife has also made it easy for preferred members to convert to distributors if they so desire. I have had a lot of preferred members on my team who later converted to distributors.

Herbalife distributors pay a one-time investment of $94.10 USD to start their Herbalife home based business. Distributors receive all the benefits of a preferred member but are also paid for sharing Herbalife products with other people. In addition, they can earn up to a 50 percent discount on their personal product orders once they make the rank of supervisor. The Herbalife supervisor rank is what you really want to focus on making. The reason being is you get this huge discount but you start getting paid royalty override bonuses up to 5 percent of your bottom 3 distributors.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Herbalife Business?

As stated above, only $94.10 USD. This is a one-time investment. So, the Herbalife start up fee is low.

So, the potential to grow your income significantly increases once you make the rank of supervisor and higher. Herbalife will send distributors their product pack a few days after signing up. It is filled with sample products to use and share, product brochures and other information to grow your business. Below is an example of what it looks like.

What is Herbalife Liftoff

Lastly, the company will provide new distributors with their own website. You can take a look at mine here. Yours will look identical once you sign up. You can share your website link with other people online or offline using your website link.

Here is the bad news. You have to work. Herbalife is not going to send you money for signing up as a distributor and you doing nothing. Obviously, this makes sense. That being said, here are the facts. The majority of Herbalife distributors make little to no money. Why? They do not build their business of customers and distributors. Remember, your role is to find the right people and they are certainly out there.

You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person and you cannot say the wrong thing the right person – Eric Worre, entrepreneur

Find Those That Want Results

I was one of those “right” people Eric talks about. Perhaps you are like me and don't need anyone to sell you on Herbalife. Personally, I knew Herbalife has been a leader in nutritional products since 1980. Herbalife liftoff is just one of many nutritional supplements Herbalife offers. The company also has their popular SKIN product line, weight loss as well as weight gain products to assist you.

Are you ready to get started and enjoy your lifetime, 25 percent discount on your future product orders? If so, click on the button below. Remember, all new distributors and preferred members need to sign up under a sponsor. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID. The easy instructions are listed to the right of this post as well as on our Sign Up page in the upper navigation menu of this website.

Can You Actually Make Money with Herbalife?

Yes but you also have to be willing to put in the heavy work to see your business grow. There are millions of people around the world who would love the Herbalife Liftoff product. In addition to that, are seeking out what Herbalife has to offer them. People like me who wanted to start their own Herbalife business as well as use Herbalife products.

Remember, this is a people helping people business model. The more you help others to get what they want the more they will help you to get what you want. The reason why so many distributors quit is they don't see income coming in. You cannot earn money as a distributor unless you find preferred members and distributors who are seeking what Herbalife has to offer. They are most certainly out there. You just have to be patient and be actively working to build your business.

Are you an employee? Well, you know you work for linear income. Income that only comes to you by way of you trading time (life) for it. What happens to your paycheck the moment you get sick or cannot work? Does it continue to come in or does it stop. We know that it stops. Therein lies the problem with most jobs even if you love what you do for a living. Your pay is tied to your time. The majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn't have to be this way. Herbalife provides ordinary men and women an opportunity to earn extraordinary wealth.

Benefits of Herbalife Preferred Membership

Not interested in starting your own Herbalife home based business? Your best bet is to sign up as a preferred member. Preferred members, like distributors, get their products at wholesale cost and at the cheapest possible price. They earn a lifetime, 25 percent discount on their products like Herbalife Liftoff and others.

Furthermore, they can earn up to a 42 percent discount on their products. Of course, this is dependent upon the amount of products you are consuming each month. That being said, the low price of $34.95 USD is very small considering the lifelong benefits. There is an annual membership fee of $15 USD both preferred members and distributors need to pay each year. Again, very small investments considering the long-term benefits.

So, what is Herbalife liftoff? It is just one of many products health conscious men and women around the world can use in their exercise routine. Are you ready to get started with Herbalife? If so, click the button below. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID. Have additional questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page which may be helpful. Welcome to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.

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