Why Network Marketing is the Future

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Are you wondering why network marketing is the future? If so, I'm glad you have made it here to Nutrition Geeks. Network marketing has been around for many years and is a great way to build residual income. Income that is not tied to your time like the linear income you have to keep working hard for a job. Of course, there are many benefits of working a full-time or part-time job too. That being said, employees usually have a ceiling on their income. There are 24 hours in a day and you are only paid for the work that you do. Your employer is not going to pay you for the work that your co-workers do.

So, why have so many people been taught to work hard for money instead of how to make money work hard for them? The sad reality is most employees are living paycheck to paycheck. What happens the moment the employee stops reporting for work? Does their employer continue to pay them regardless if they show up or not? Of course not right? The paycheck stops coming in the moment you stop showing up for work. So, why network marketing is the future is it has the potential to provide financial freedom to ordinary men and women around the world.

Why is Multi-Level Marketing the Future?

It provides time freedom provided the individual is willing to share a company like Herbalife with other people. Herbalife has been around since 1980 and is the worlds no 1 nutrition company. Who does not want to live a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle right? The company was founded by the late Mark Hughes. Mark was 100 percent committed to helping people all over the world become financially secure. Network marketing or multi-level marketing allows people to use leverage.

Leverage simply means doing more with less. Imagine working your butt off once and then continuing to be paid for years later. Passive income provides that opportunity for people willing to share a product or service with others. People that join Herbalife can start their own Herbalife home based business for a one-time investment of $94.10 USD. Where else can you start a business for less than $95 USD and grow it to 5 or 6 figures per month? Can you earn this type of income at a regular job? Here is the bad news. There are no guarantees. I, nor Herbalife, can guarantee you will make any money as a distributor. So, the amount of income you make each month is going to come down to how focused and driven you are.

Why MLM is Best Opportunity?

Network marketing provides many benefits to people who take it seriously. All new distributors and preferred members (customers) of Herbalife need to sign up under a sponsor. The reason for this is because Herbalife is not sold in stores. So, we all join under a distributor including myself. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to join Herbalife. You can visit our about page if you would like to know more about me. Once you join you will be able to login to Herbalife and order your products directly from Herbalife. You can click on any of the green join buttons on this page or click on JOIN in the upper navigation menu to get started.

Network marketing is a huge opportunity because you do not have a ceiling on your income as a Herbalife distributor. The beauty of the Herbal life business opportunity is you can still work your full-time or part-time job and build your fortune in your spare time. In addition, you can work as little or as much on your business as you see fit. People ask why network marketing is the future because they are searching for more out of life. They want do more than just live paycheck to paycheck.

Of course, you can treat your business as a hobby or as a legitimate business and earn life-changing income. Yes, it is a huge opportunity but it also requires work. The reality is the vast majority of Herbalife distributors are making little to no money. So, to crowd into the smaller percentage of people who are you have to be willing to share with as many people as you can. The good news is you can do this both online and offline.

What Are the Benefits of Network Marketing?

  • Time Freedom – the ability to eventually do get up when you want to get up. Go where you want to go without having to ask permission
  • Financial Freedom – eliminate debt with the additional income that you generate with your Herbalife business.
  • Free International Trips – these trips are paid for by Herbalife the higher you go in the business. Yes, it requires effort. Again, there are no guarantees. If you talk to few or no one online or offline you will make little to no money. That being said, as you become more successful the company will reward you with free trips paid for by Herbalife
  • Networking – the ability to work with and meet terrific people from around the world who are like-minded just like you and I.
  • Help Others – one of the most rewarding aspects of starting your own Herbalife home based business is helping others.

What is the Secret of Network Marketing?

Duplication. The success principle of duplication was never taught to most people who work a job, respectfully. I fully understand because I, too, was taught the same philosophy as you. I was taught to work hard, get good grades, get a job, work for someone else and collect a paycheck. Well, I am sure you already know that, that paycheck does not go that far for most people. So, the secret of network marketing is being able to earn a percentage of the work that many people

“I would rather earn 1% of the work of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own effort” – John Paul Getty, entrepreneur

The only way you earn income as a Herbalife distributor is if you help others get what they want first. Remember, the focus should never be on yourself but the good of your fellow man. Network marketing is brilliantly designed and why so many people never get started with this business model is hard to understand. Jobs are nice but they will never create the abundance that most of us dream about. People ask why network marketing is the future because they realize that the paycheck isn't going to provide the wealth and security that they truly desire. So, they go into multi-level marketing for the abundance that it has the potential to provide.

Is Network Marketing Better than a Job?

There are certainly pros and cons to them both. I will say from having worked as an employee that starting your own Herbalife home based business is the far better choice. The reason being is you are in control of the amount of income you can generate. You are on a fixed hourly wage or salary when you work for someone else. Worse, someone else has dictated how much your time is worth. The last I checked our time is priceless and should never have any amount of currency placed on it.

Again, the goal here is freedom. Freedom from a boss. Freedom to live the way you want to live. In addition, to not have to answer to an alarm clock. Again, there are no guarantees. The only thing I can guarantee you is this. You will become a successful Herbalife distributor if you share Herbalife and our products with other people. There is no reason in the world why you cannot start earning residual income with your business if you duplicate yourself. Yes, you will need to share the website the company provides to you after you sign up as a distributor. You can share your website on your social media outlets or offline with people you meet at work, on the street or elsewhere.

Closing Thoughts

Why network marketing is the future is because is can do more for you than what you can do by yourself. Remember, if you work a job you are only getting paid for the work that you do. Again, there are only 24 hours in a day. So, there is only so much work or service than you can provide in that period of time. You and I need rest. Can you do the work of 50 people? 5,000? What about 50,000 people? No way right? Who could. Well, your Herbalife home based business can. The company has already built the system for us. So, we as distributors have to use that system and put it into play.

Are you ready to get started with us? If so, click on the button below. I know you are making an extremely wise decision for both your health and potentially for your financial future. Welcome to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team. There truly has never been a better time than now to get started and go into business for yourself.

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