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Are you looking for more details about the yeti backflip 24 cooler? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

YETI coolers have long been recognized for their rugged durability and convenient portable cooling capabilities, ideal for carrying drinks and food throughout a day’s journey.

These backpacks also boast wide-mouth openings with HydroLok zippers to prevent leakage, plus comfortable features like padded hip straps and waist belts for additional ease.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

The Yeti Backflip 24 cooler is designed to be used like a backpack, featuring an insulated interior to keep items cold while warming them back up again – ideal for picnics, beach days and road trips!

Backflip backpacks are constructed using 840-denier nylon fabric. This durable material resists punctures and abrasions while offering antimicrobial protection to prevent mold growth. Furthermore, its waterproof properties mean you won’t get sodden during rainy hikes!

Backflip also comes equipped with a Hitchpoint Grid, similar to a Molle webbing but running vertically with holes spaced further apart for attachment of Yeti accessories; though less versatile.

The Backflip features an ergonomic handle for easy carrying, and has been tested to handle weight and force beyond what would normally be expected from normal usage. Unfortunately, when carrying it for long periods it becomes stiff and angular, making it less suitable for hiking or camping trips than its competition. Furthermore, this cooler should only be used on short day trips or fishing expeditions during weekends; but can make for great picnic coolers or road trip coolers!

DryHideTM Shell

Yeti Backflip cooler is a premium model featuring excellent ice retention and features at an astronomically higher cost than most backpack coolers like RTIC Back Pack.

This backpack cooler features DryHide fabric similar to that used on white water rafts and other durable surfaces, providing superior puncture resistance, mildew resistance and UV ray resistance. Inside is lined with FDA food grade material and features an easy access HydroLok zipper.

Yeti has trademarked their COLDCELL insulation, an advanced closed-cell rubber foam which provides far superior cold-holding power than regular soft coolers. Furthermore, this cooler features an elongated rectangular shape to maximize space for beverages while remaining manageable when trekking over vegetation or sandy beaches.

Finally, the RF welded construction of this backpack cooler makes it much more robust than traditional sewn coolers and reduces any potential failure points. For instance, its reinforced top handle is capable of supporting far more weight than you’ll ever carry with this backpack cooler.

Yeti stands out by cultivating strong relationships with influencers across various niches that use coolers. These ambassadors not only drive sales for Yeti products, but provide it with additional exposure that other brands cannot match.



Yeti claims the Backflip’s HYDROLOKTM zipper is waterproof, and boasts it as the toughest, highest-performing waterproof cooler zipper in existence – not an average claim! Yeti clearly knows what they are talking about here.

YETI has done an exceptional job of designing the Backflip cooler. For example, unlike most large soft coolers, they have thoughtfully added a grab handle on top of its lid that makes moving or picking it up much simpler and makes an impactful difference in functionality. It makes a simple difference that makes all the difference.

As with other Yeti products, this Backflip features its signature hitch point grid to attach bottle openers and carabiners. This makes the Backflip more adaptable than most backpack coolers!

Inside, YETI uses ColdCell insulation that is thicker than most soft coolers to keep food and drinks cold for extended, perfect for your nutritional needs. This guarantees your items remain chilled for optimal cooling performance.

An effective way to make this cooler more useful is to include a large zippered pocket accessible from either side, perfect for storing valuables and extra gear. In addition, there are small pockets and an internal strap which help organize contents inside your cooler. Another excellent feature of YETI coolers is their padded hip-strap that supports weight distribution without straining your shoulders – not as comfortable as traditional backpack straps but still feels supportive without pulling your back.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Backpack coolers are an ideal option for outdoor adventures that involve frequent walking. While not intended for long hikes or camping excursions, backpack coolers make an excellent addition to picnics, road trips, fishing on weekends, and beach visits.

YETI’s insulated cooler boasts a spacious main compartment that can fit up to 24 cans plus ice. Constructed of durable 840-denier TPU laminated DryHide material that resists punctures and abrasion, as well as its trademark HydroLok zipper seal for leakproof refrigeration, you’re assured your cold or heat stays where it should.

BackFlip coolers feature a convenient grab handle on top of their lid for easy lifting and carrying, giving an advantage over many large soft coolers that do not include this feature. YETI conducted extensive tests on this handle to ensure it can withstand both weight and pressure without failing under stress.

Shoulder straps designed by YETI are thickly-padded to avoid digging into your shoulders like thin unpadded cooler straps can. Furthermore, they’re separated and adjustable so they fit anyone from tall broad men to shorter more petite women. Chest (sternum) and waist belts add stability while for additional storage you can purchase Sidekick Dry accessory from YETI.

Removable Chest Strap

The Backflip is the first soft cooler designed to be carried like a backpack, featuring an efficient distribution of weight through its padded back panel, adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt and removable chest strap. The Flip-top opening with 100% leakproof HydroLok zipper lets you quickly stash and retrieve items while its HitchPoint grid can help attach accessories like bottle openers or carabiners for even faster storage and grab.

This backpack cooler is equipped with a side pocket designed for securely holding keys or phones, along with an interior designed to keep food and drinks cold for extended periods of time. Furthermore, its Coldcell rubber-foam insulation gives this backpack cooler its rigid structure and gives the Backflip its name.

This backpack cooler’s unique RF-welded construction makes it more durable and reduces potential failure points than sewn coolers; furthermore, this model has been extensively tested against both static and dynamic loads for reliability.

Backflip comes in various capacities, from 8 cans (Flip 8), 12 cans (Flip 12), to 24 cans (BackFlip 24). As its capacity increases, so will its holding capacity; with each capacity upping your can storage capabilities; its elongated rectangular design maximizes volume while being relatively nimble when ducking between trees or under bushes on your way to that secret swim or fishing hole.

Waist Belt

The YETI Hopper Backflip 24 cooler is an easy and hands-free cooler perfect for outdoor excursions, excursions and events. Equipped with waist belt and chest strap support systems that evenly distribute weight distribution for more stable load carrying, as well as features to maintain cold temperature for an extended duration, these features help you stay outdoors!

The waist and chest straps are adjustable and padded, to comfortably fit most people from tall, broad men to petite women. Their adjustable design makes them superior to thinner unpadded backpack straps which dig into shoulders when carrying heavy loads; plus the waist belt can be detached when not required and there’s even a chest (sternum) strap to provide added security and comfort when carrying coolers.

Though costly, Yeti coolers excel in terms of ice retention and durability. Buyers generally find this product satisfying despite its steep price point; some users found the zipper difficult to open; there were also occasional leaks from either zipper or bag material – as expected from any premium brand; however, most customers rate Yeti highly overall. Furthermore, its handles have been extensively tested and found to withstand loads, pressure, and weight beyond what might normally be expected during everyday use.


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