Herbalife Tea Side Effects and Benefits

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We need to keep our body hydrated every day for proper functioning of the body. 8-12 glass water is a recommendable amount of water to drink. Though the food we consume contains water content, our water requirement must be achieved through the beverages that we consume daily.

Without proper hydration, people may feel lethargy, dryness of the mouth, headache, poor concentration, and dizziness. So, drinking the required water is essential for keeping the body fit.

People who live a hectic life feel out of energy and exhausted at the end of the day. They don't find the energy to interact with anyone. If you are also indulged in a very tiresome routine that you cannot change, you can fix it. You can bring more energy and more activity to your lifestyle instantly. The question is how you can do so without changing your daily routine.

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What Are the Benefits of Tea?

Adding a cup of tea to your everyday diet brings about many benefits. There are a variety of teas that not only are a source of energy but also helps to meet the hydration needs of the body. Moreover, tea is also a source of phytonutrients and flavonoids. Furthermore, tea is also an antioxidant, which adds health benefits.

Herbal Life Tea Benefits

Black and green tea have flavonoids, and both are extracted from Camellia sinensis plants. Flavonoids are a type of phytonutrients. It makes sure to provide support to cardiovascular and brain health and also fights against oxidative stress.

  •  Green tea is antioxidant because it contains healthy polyphenols, which are antioxidants.
  •  Black Tea boosts energy because of the presence of caffeine. Moreover, it contains theaflavins which is the unique group of polyphenols considered to be effective for supporting cardiovascular health.

Herbalife Tea Side Effects

Below are a few of the potential Herbalife tea side effects that people could potentially experience with use…

  • jitteriness (from caffeine)
  • nausea
  • Increased heart rate (due to caffeine)
  • skin flushing
  • Problems falling asleep (if Herbalife tea drunk too late in the day)

Remember, Herbalife tea contains about 70 milligrams of caffeine per serving. So, be mindful of when you drink it. There are people such as myself who have a hard time falling asleep if they drink tea too late in the day.

What is Herbalife Tea?

The question arises: What is the Herbalife tea? One of the many Herbal life tea benefits is that it keeps the healthy body fit and energetic. Also, it contains specially designed ingredients.

Herbalife tea side effects
Photo Credit: Herbalife

Herbalife tea is made up of orange pekoe, black and green tea. Herbalife tea's success is that it contains high-quality ingredients like caffeine. Caffeine works to naturally increase your body's metabolism. Thus, you are burning more calories throughout the day.


Though Herbalife is a low-calorie drink, it is known for its thermogenic and depressing effect, so it is recommended to take 1/2 teaspoon of Herbalife tea with almost 8 ounces of water for extracting the maximum taste out of it.

The Herbalife tea comes in the best of 50 grams and 100 grams, so you don't need to worry about keeping it fresh in your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, you can also place it in your bag and purse to add to your routine if you are a working person.

 Suppose you have a personality who gets easily bored by repeating the same routine repeatedly. There is a plus point about Herbalife tea which is that it comes in different flavors. So, you can change your taste whenever you need to. Among the various flavors offered by Herbalife, the tea includes Raspberry cinnamon, peach lemon, and chai. These flavors provide an effective substitute for ordinary Herbalife tea, which may seem to you like medicine. Hence, the different flavors perform a perfect job to let you Boost Your metabolism.

In addition to being available in different flavors, it also offers many benefits that can change one life positively if used regularly.

A Spotlight on Herbalife Nutrition's Tea Products

Herbalife nutrition understands the importance of hydration in a busy routine. For many years, they harness the power of plants to deliver high-quality products to their customers for a very convenient experience to enjoy in the hectic routine of life.

Herbal Tea Concentrate

Herbal Tea Concentrate is the signature product of Herbalife nutrition. It is an instant, low-calorie, and refreshing beverage that contains a special blend of ingredients, including black tea, Orange pekoe extract, and green tea. Moreover, it also has Malva sylvestris cardamom seed and Hibiscus flower powder. It contains almost 85 milligrams of caffeine; hence it allows you to boost your energy while going through a very hectic routine. Along with revitalizing the energy, it also provides essential antioxidants for the body.

The different flavors of herbal tea concentrate include the following

  • Original
  • Lemon
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Cinnamon
  • Chai

 Green Tea

The herbal green tea is prepared with green tea extract, containing almost 25 and caffeine per serving. It is a refreshing beverage containing a natural pomegranate flavor and uses the natural sweetener obtained from the stevia leaf. This instant tea has no calories and does not contain any added colors, sweetener, or artificial flavor.

The green tea prepared by Herbalife contains non-GM ingredients, and it also has antioxidants to support the body against free radicals. Hence, it prevents the body from oxidative stress, which is caused by the chronic amount of free radicals in the body and therefore may damage the cell and result in many chronic diseases

Relaxation Tea

The relaxation tea has a refreshing peppermint flavor made with a soothing blend of passionflower, lavender, and chamomile. This tea is named so because of its ability to cope with stress and provide relaxation to the human mind and body. This relaxation tea is gluten-free and is 35 from Kosher. It has no added caffeine and is made with non-GM ingredients. Remember, one of the Herbalife tea side effects is you can potentially have a hard time falling asleep. So, be mindful of when you choose to consume Herbalife tea.

N-R-G Tea (Nature's Raw Guarana)

 Nature's raw Guarana tea by Herbalife allows you to feel recharged by its blend of guarana seed extract, lemon peel, and orange pekoe. One serving of it contains almost 40 gram of caffeine, and hence it increases alertness of mind and provides it with a gentle pick-me-up feel. Again, one of the Herbalife tea side effects is the effects of caffeine. So, if you are a nursing mother, pregnant or have any form of medical condition, consult a Physician.

Tea Extraction Process

The Herbalife nutrition products are made up of high-quality products obtained from a well-established supply and manufactured by a team of experts. Discussed below is the whole process of extraction of herbal life in different stages. Let's dive into the details of the tea extraction process.

 The five stages involved in the extraction process are

  1. Sourcing
  2. Botanical identification
  3. Extraction and filtration
  4. Evaporation
  5. Drying 

1.   Sourcing

The quality of any product depends on the quality of its raw materials or ingredients. Herbalife tea extracts the best quality ingredients from the farmers who have been harvesting tea for ages. The most fertile and the oldest for extracting tea is the Fujian Province in China.

2.   Botanical identification

 To ensure the quality of the ingredients, all the ingredients are passed through the advanced Botanical DNA identification process. This is done to confirm the quality, origin, and authenticity of each botanical ingredient.

3.   Extraction and filtration

After botanical identification, all the dried tea leaves are mixed with hot water, which results in the formation of the extract then the extract is fitted.

4.   Evaporation

Then the concentrated native extract is created by evaporating the extract by using heat and vacuum.

5.   Drying

 Drying is the final stage where the native extract is dried and dry powder is obtained.

This comprehensive extraction process is a testament to the commitment to maintaining the quality standard on which the customers can have a firm belief and trust.

Benefits of Herbalife Tea

Herbalife tea is made up of different herbs, fruits, and plants in spices; therefore, they provide almost the same benefits as green tea and black tea, but the Herbalife tea Comes in several flavors. Some of the potential benefits of Herbalife tea are.

1.   Improved Thermogenic Activity

One of the most important benefits of Herbalife tea is that it improves the thermogenic activity in the body. It boosts up the metabolism and keeps the body active and energetic for a couple of hours. The impact of it might be temporary, but it is what your body needs right away after completing a hectic routine.

2.   Energy Boost

Along with increasing thermogenic activity in the body, Herbalife tea also greatly increases the energy level in consumers' bodies. Herbalife tea contains caffeine, so it boosts up the energy in making the body feel more active; hence it enables a person to be more active, confident and allows him to perform his job at his best.

3.   Antioxidant Support

Herbalife Tea also provides support against antioxidants in the body. The free radicals present in the body may cause serious damages to the body cell; therefore, the antioxidants kill the free radicals. Although Herbalife has not been scientifically proven for treating any disease. It can help your body function smoothly by protecting against antioxidants. 

Herbalife Green Tea Benefits

4.   Instant Boost

One of the Plus points of Herbalife tea is its instant capability to boost up energy. It is not like traditional body supplements and inexperienced tea, and hence it is not required to boil water for preparing it. You can even prepare it by mixing it in cold water instantly. 

5.   Low-Calorie

Along with its ability to enhance metabolism and provide antioxidant support, it is low-calorie. It helps you get rid of extra calories if you are interested in losing your body fats. It has only 6 to 8 calories per ounce.

6.   Skin Benefits

One of the amazing features to love about this day is its ability to enhance the health and beauty of the skin. The herbal content and the green and black tea allow the Herbalife tea to preserve your skin. It prevents the aging of the skin, especially when you enjoy your skin and have been exposed to the sun for long hours. You must instantly take Herbalife tea to preserve your skin from the harmful impact of solar radiation.

7.   Lowers Cholesterol

Herbalife Tea helps in getting rid of low-density lipoprotein, also known as bad cholesterol, and maintains body fitness.

8.   Reduction in Allergic Symptoms

If you are feeling any symptoms of allergy like sinus aches, running nose, or itchy eyes. You can get a cup of Herbalife tea, and this is all that can help you have relief from an allergic reaction.

How Do I Become a Herbalife Distributor?

The Herbalife nutrition product is sold through its independent distributors. Herbalife is not sold in stores. So, we as distributors and preferred members need to sign up under a sponsor. I will serve as your sponsor if you decide to join today. You can visit the about page if you would like to know more about me if you wish.

The distributors buy the nutritious products directly from the Herbalife corporation at a discount rate. The discount ranges from 24%, 30%, 42%, to 55%. The independent distributors can earn this profit when they sell the products to retail customers.

So, if you want to be a part of Herbalifeline distributors to earn a living, you are welcome to apply as a Herbalifeline independent distributor.

Closing Thoughts

Hence if you are also so busy in everyday life and cannot manage time for maintaining the health and fitness of your body, you even feel it difficult to keep yourself hydrated, then Herbalife tea is a gift for you. It not only keeps your body active, energetic, and healthy but also hydrates. It also helps you to get rid of excess weight in antioxidants. I hope this post on the Herbal life tea benefits as been helpful to you.

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